Black Panther Power Animal Symbol Of Astral Travel Feminine Energy Death And Rebirth

By Ina Woolcott

Black Panther’s Power Includes astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence, reclaiming Power.

The Panther is a very ancient and powerful spirit guide. Their power is lunar (moon). In Egyptian rites a panther tail was worn around the neck or waist to help protect and strengthen the individual. Panther has been a symbol of the “Argos of a Thousand Eyes,” who protected the heifer IO whom Zeus loved. After his death, the eyes were moved to the feathers of the peacock.

The name panther is frequently linked with a certain species of leopard or jaguar and sometimes the cougar. Black panthers are smaller but more fierce than lions and tigers. They are also brilliant swimmers and agile climbers. Because they have the ability to sprint with great speed, they hold the teachings of quick decisive action. Panthers are not the best long distant runners though, so those with this power animal should take part in movement therapies that improve endurance, e.g. swimming, martial arts. It is necessary to learn how to pace oneself, to not push to fast or hard on any one task.

Panthers are generally loners, extremely comfortable with themselves and are often drawn to other solitary people. Women with Panther, Leopard or Jaguar power animals frequently find themselves raising their children alone, whether it be through divorce or circumstance. People with this power animal can develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions. They must trust their thoughts and inner voice/visions as they are based in reality. This is an animal guide to assist you on your path, sometimes in the form of a real person such a mentor or teacher. The Black Panther is endowed with great magic and power, which will increasingly be experienced.

Panthers have over 400 voluntary muscles that can be used at will when required. Panthers are able to move gracefully in and out of situations, as well as freeze and not be noticed. This is a symbol of the ability to shapeshift realities, using all parts of the body to perform a task. The gift of Panther is the power of silence. They are near silent when hunting or stalking prey, and know when to make themselves seen and when to become unseen.

Panther holds the secrets of worlds that are unseen and are associated with lunar energies. Within the darkness of night resides the truth of creation. Black panthers have great mysticism associated with them. They represent the life and power of the night. They can show us how to welcome the darkness and rouse the light within it. Those with this power animal contain knowledge of a galactic origin, and have a responsibility to look after and respect this knowledge. Caution must be used when sharing it with others. When the student is ready the teacher appears, and vice versa. If the student isn’t ripe the information given could trigger negative consequences.

Panthers possess acute sensitivity. The hairs that cover their lithe bodies, especially on the face, pick up subtle vibrations. This is symbolic for those with this guide. It is an indication of a need to pay attention to their feelings and honour the messages those feelings transmit.

Touch can be a significant path to explore to awaken ones concealed gifts. The black panthers sleek, smooth and sensual coat has been linked to sexuality. If panther comes into your life it may be asking you to resolve old sexual issues, or to embrace your sexuality fully.

When experiencing the presence of panther, one of their most striking features is their unblinking stare. It seems to see right through the body. Those with panther medicine can use their eyes as a healing tool and have the potential to heal on a cellular level.

Panther is a powerful guide to have, always bringing a guardian energy to those to whom it comes.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and powerful knowledge of Panther spirit and mysticism. I have learned so very much from reading your words and feel such gratitude to Panther for such beautiful, loving and powerful support during my life to raise my son alone. And now to realize my gift for mysticism as I study the practice of Shamanism. I am so appreciative of such an amazing and incredible power in this Spirit’s support and embrace. Thank you for your amazing article.

    1. Just dreamt that I had a lion and a panther in this article the lion represents Sun the panther represents Moon I had been looking at the moon before I went to sleep I’m in a new state all alone I had a dream that I was a pornstar I’m a female this represents female energy and sexuality what a coincidence I was sleeping with the panther because for some reason I felt safer laying on him at night even though I collect lions and real life and sometimes feel they’re my favorite or an unconscious totem animal based on the fact that I collect them but I never said in my favorite animal my ex boyfriend is also a Leo I was trying to find someone to feed them and watch them while I was at a shoot in reality I’ve been wanting to climb trees be more active and figure out how to be on my own just got out of a 8 year relationship with a Leo but I am definitely taking this spirit animal to Heart considering I also had a Facebook status that I was observing lately and not speaking I also went to sleep with the intent of healing my cells in ny body. Ive never even read on panther animals & never even think of them much. I felt safe sleepu g every night with my panther. Which sounds like i am having no problem embracing what panther representa in waking life. Those who are fighting it in their dream most likely are resisting this energy and Waking Life Embrace female energy listen observe without talking prematurely really taking in everything

      1. Thank you this reminded me of a new lesson not yet implemented about listening only… and embracing the famine energies. I need my love to step up his masculine communication so I’m not the masculine communicator all the time.

    2. I encountered a black Panther where I used to live in Owensburg Indiana. on road 635 south.We lived in the hills of Greene county.. for 29 years. Had always heard they were living among us as well as the cougars..At first I thought it was my neighbor’s beautiful black labrador, “Jake”, when I saw him sitting at the end of the driveway, watching me and “Mikie” my lame bassett hound, as we walked to the end of my driveway with Mikie. with my back facing his direction, I had a sense of danger, that Jake might be a Black panther.. Ken Hawkins driveway extended across a creek to a ice cave. I feel in my heart this is where the black panther lived..I kept calling him by name Jake, until finally in one amazing leap high into the sky, we landed into the woods across the street from me..A month later my neighbor Sue had an encounter, first thought it was her dog Jake but when her smaller dog barked at the panther he turned around and looked at them. He had a big cat face and growled at her and her dog.. she quickly grabbed her little dog in her arms and backed up the steps of her double wide trailer.. never turning her back on the panther.. many people have had encounters with him. One was a boy who was riding on his 4 wheeler when turning corner on country road, he saw him standing by the side of highway 58, near Crane.. later I visited DNR in Bloomington concerned about the safety of children standing at the bus stop in the dark mornings of winter.. DNR was aware of the big black cats of Indiana, I shortly saw a article about them in the Bloomington Herald of the big Black cat roaming Indiana.. I saw the panther in our ditch slinking down low as I passed him in my car.. on the way to school, where I worked in the elementary schools of Bloomington In. Latest article was that he killed 30 pigs on a farm around Spencer In. Native Americans in Vincennes told Black Panther represented my life was to change in a big way and also was the sign of the shapeshifting.. all of this came true for me.. I became a shapeshifter my face changing as described by witnesses while doing energy healing at unity Church, or dancing with native friends at a drumming Corpus Christi Tx. .Pictures were taken of me showing me shapeshifting..

        1. As a writer I would say the original author cares and without proper attribution, this is plagiarism. So not right.

    1. The panther is in my meditations now, close and very much part of me 🙏 – and I am grateful that you wrote that the text was from Ted Andrews’ book, because now I ordered it.

  2. Last night i dreamed of having a black panther as my pet-animal. This panther really loved me, and i was having a hard time trusting that he would not hurt me. He never did.
    Looking at this article words as: Lunar, raising a child alone, embracing sexuality and the power, knowledge and mysticism really speak to me. I’m at a point in life where people are asking for my nowlegde to empower other women, and i have to trust that this is the right path and the black panther will guide me..

    1. I came here coz I had a dream of a panther st 1st I was scared and then the panther comes right next to me and happy to be laying next to as we a up on a tree branch then a notice it’s a mother as it had ‘breast’ and a smaller panther by her side but the mother had full attention on me. I’ve been a single mother of 3 children for 10yrs after leaving a abusive marriage that I was in for 10yrs and love being alone even though I live with 5 other family members

      1. That’s a beautiful dream, you are not alone and your animal totem is with you all the way . Offering you so much strength

  3. I have the black panther(black jaguar) animal spirit. The reason why I love cats so much when I was child. Plus I can hear spirit.

  4. I just has a dream in which I was walking through the woods, and came into a líttle cabin that was next to a líttle lake. It was night, and there was a clear moon, everything was lít with moon light. Suddenly, inside the cabin, I felt that something was about to happen, there was a sensation of something somewhat dangerous. Suddenly, lying on the bed with the moon light contrasting behind it, lay the most regal, beautiful enormous black Panther. It was still like a statue. All fear left me, I instantly knew it would do me no harm. I also knew it was a male Panther. I approached it, and it began talking to me, saying that I must be alert. While he spoke, the partícles of his face would tintillate in golden molécules, like tiny golden lights, or constellations, dancing through his face and neck. it was amazing. He was truly a messenger animal, of the moon and galaxies.

    1. Being alert is the key to enter the now which stands beyond personality, past and future. So to discover the space of now is true freedom which is beyond time and person, which is your very self. Your very self is present here, now already and always.

  5. One night i was staying at a hotel and woke up just as a big rush from my feet to my head, as I roared like a cat, it was intense, and I never fogot it. That was five years ago, and since then I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinsons. But that was my first, and I continue now to have nightmares occasionally although not with the rushing just screaming. Anyone had similiar experience, or can I call upon the black jag or panther to heal myself? No one seems to have had this before, I don’t know much about Shamanism, so please share what you about it. Thanks Suzii

    1. Dear Suzi, what I know is that the medicine of the black panther is considered the shamanistic amazonean and andean roots soup called Ayowasca. Please search and study the process it is exactly what the Black Jag has conveyed to the shamans.

    2. Hi Suzi….I also have not found any information about roaring like an animal except something I read about Kundalini rising, but I dont know that much about it. I have experienced roaring like a big cat about 4 times and each time it has happened, I have woken from a nap with the feelings I get when I am able to leave my body to have an out of body experience. Sometimes I can leave but the times I have roared I have been unable to leave my body and my head seems to be stuck on the pillow while the rest of me can move. I then would roar involuntarily and at the end of the roar I can even feel the back of my throat vibrating!

      After the huge roar I feel a little better, maybe from feeling frustrated that I could not leave my body. The last time, while it was happening I was thinking “gee I hope my housemate downstairs cannot hear me” and at the same time I was roaring my cat was asleep next to me on the bed and he did not move or notice at all. It is such an intense roar but it seems to be coming from my astral body maybe as my physical body does not move, otherwise my cat would have jumped off the bed I am sure.

      Sometimes when I dream I cannot run so I go on all fours and it is so much easier and I use the ground to pull myself along. It is all very weird and I have no one to talk to as no one understands. I wear black clothing most of the time as I feel the most comfortable in it. It is a strange world and I feel quite alone.

  6. 4 years ago I was in bed and felt a presence. I looked at the foot of my bed and there was a black panther with yellow eyes. I was scared and didn’t understand what was happening. I am a Mom of 5 kids and have raised them mostly by myself due to my husband’s job. My life has transformed so much since then.
    The meaning of the panther really fits my life. Thank you, you have no idea how much reading this has meant to me.

  7. Last night I had a very vivid dream that I was at a farm my friends (they don’t have one in real life) it had all these exotic animals on it and we were walking through a large feild of golden grain to get to this enclosure to look at some of the animals but when we got there I turned around and saw this black jaguar with red around its pupils and yellow around the rest of its eyes it was roaring or growling and it was surprised I had turned to find it so it attacked me I was somewhat afraid but not terrified as one should be and as it jumped to attack me I grabbed its head and forced it to the ground and beat its head it with my bare hands. My friends that were with me were able to escape out of the enclosure as this happened and so I shiwed them i was ok and showed them the cat but they were still worried and then my friend’s father pointed out into the grass behind me and there was another black jaguar and so I started for the fence my friends had escaped through i was nervous I wouldn’t make it through the barbs in the fence but I did and made it to the otherside and watched the jaguar kind of veer off and walk away from the fence. Anyway I would like some imput on what this means If anything.

  8. Hi,
    I have recently started meditating and after clearing lots of noisy thoughts I see a dark sky with a bright white moon surrounded by stars and then this black panther is staring right at me (not aggressive) from the darkness, slowly heading towards me. Has anyone any ideas what it means please?

    1. Are you positive that the panther was real? I ask because I had a similar experience, however, the eyes did not reflect as I shined a light on the figure…Somehow this “animal” could see in the dark without the most basic biological trait for that…it was then when I became afraid. My mind could not fathom what was stalking me and possibly chose to make it out as a panther… or it was a messenger taking form as the panther. I could only make out the outline and the shoulder blades moving up and down as the “animal” moved slowly towards me… it did not chase me when I ran. I do not think it was there to hurt me. I believe that, looking back, it was watching my boyfriend and I the entire time we were star gazing…in a field with tall grass, in Oregon. My boyfriend also saw what I describe…but I am thinking the messenger showed themselves to both of us so my vision would be validated by him. Two months after I realize my path was not with my boyfriend, I am now wanting to pursue shamanism.

      Has anyone had similar experiences of creatures appearing?

      1. I saw a black panther when I was a little girl 2 or 3 maybe I was sitting in the floor by my grannys chair when I felt it watching me I looked up from my coloring & there it was standing in the hallway looking at me it was beautiful & had big green gold eyes all I could do was stare back I wasn’t scared just awestruck & then it was just gone it didn’t fade away or walk away it was there one second & the next it wasn’t I saw this twice as a child & I’ve always wondered what itmmeant then I had a dream about a panther a couple years ago it was night & I was walking down a country road it followed at a distance I felt like it was protecting me if anyone has an idea of what this means I’ve been wondering for forty some odd years love to hear it thanks

        1. I can’t believe that someone has experienced the same, i was 3-4 years old when it happened to me. Very significant resemblance that it happened while my grandparents were watching TV in the evening and i was playing on the couch sitting beside them, i saw it looking at me from my room and then i saw it again when my grandma took me to bed. I will never forget those yellow eyes, on the one hand i was scared, but something told me if she was meant to hurt me she would have already done it. Now i’m 25 and i was taking selfies with my friend a month ago, and on every picture there is the same panther’s eye and a little bit from her face. What does it mean?

      2. I had this same exact thing happen. I lived out in the country in michigan no houses or light in sight. Very very dark. me and a friend were walking to the graveyard at about 12-1 at night. Sky FULL of stars. Its the graveyard my grandfather is buried and its 5 miles from my house at that time. We were maybe 15 years old. All of a sudden right before we get to the graveyard (we were super super close) we BOTH saw a large black shadowy figure with bright glowing eyes. Remember i said there was ZERO light pollution at all in any direction. There was nothing for the eyes to reflect EXCEPT maybe the stars. In fact it was so dark that i couldnt see anything but a faint outline of the creature and bright eyes. We saw it very slowly creeping towards us, in a stalking position. Slowly. Silently. Low to the ground. Very much what a jaguar would look like stalking prey.

        We immediately grabbed each others hands and eyes immediately filled up with tears. Not crying but just such an intense feeling i cant even describe. Somewhere in between extreme amazement and extreme fear but throw in a strange feeling of comfort just to totally throw you off.

        We held each other and slowly backed away not turning our back to the creature. We got to the point we felt we could safely turn around and RAN as fast as we could. We were so scared we knocked on the next door we could find to frantically try to get a ride home.

        I dont know why we BOTH saw it. I honestly wasnt even that close of friends with the girl. I dont think we ever hung out after that honestly.

        For some reason i had and always have had the feeling that creature and experience was my own and she was just a witness for some odd reason. Its still hard for me to believe it was a real experience and im not just crazy. But no it was real. A black panther at a graveyard in michigan. Maybe she was there just for me to justify that i really saw it and am not crazy. Ive had a couple different “is this really happening!?” experiences that feel like that. Almost 20 years have passed and ive never seen it again however. But ive always felt protected for some reason even though ive been through some terrible things.

  9. Completely astonished to read this !

    Almost all the characteristics written here, I have been observing in myself from last 4-5 years.

    Thank you so much Shakayla Stewart, my Healer from California, who has done my session.

    I will always be grateful to this great tradition of Shamanic Healing to re-establish my confidence in mine goodness.

    Thank you so much.

    Ankit Gupta
    M.Sc. Yoga Science

  10. Last night, I had a dream where a friend told me “look, it is your spirit animal”. All of a sudden I have a huge black panther laying in my lap, purring, and I begin to pet him gently. He loves my touch, and so I feed him a treat, and feel his massive jaws and tounge on my hand. I hold him like a baby, and gently rub and kiss his face. Then, I stand up, because he begins to lick my bicep, and him being quite larger than me, I got a little nervous. He must have felt it, because as I stood up, I couldn’t help but to pet his face as he regally sat in front of me. As I pet all over his soft face, his giant blue eyes stare directly into mine, and I see my own reflection. I have never seen myself in a dream except through this dear panthers blue eyed refectory seers. I feel love every time I remember.

  11. They call me kitty,not just because I love cats and they love me,but because I’m a panther.I used to have ‘dreams’ of being a panther,then I found out that they weren’t dreams they were real.I have so many abilities, and so much more to explore.I feel like the last 10 years I’ve fallen behind and have so much catching up to do.(at the same time I know everything happens for a reason) and I’m so happy that I found this information,there are a few things I’ve learned from it that make so much sense now and am very greatful!

  12. Thank you for a well researched and informative article Ina. I did a totem meditation in 2001 with my Reiki Teacher Rachel Lunt. The panther roared, I read this evening this unique quality of this cat. A confirmation of the experience. 1st was the Kingfisher, then seeing through the eyes of a Fox, then the Panthers head appeared out of the forrest and roared. Rachel suggested letting the Panther energy take 1st place in future to be more authentic.

    1. How old is Robert Peterson Jr Panther on my arm that will tattoo at 1 and I want to know what it really means is it means strength that energy civility I want to exactly what the Panthers dance floor because it a lot of people that talk s*** on Panthers and not enough on f****** wolves so I need to know

  13. So what if you dreamt YOU were the black panther? I was the animal and it looked and felt like I was meditating while releasing some astral energy around my body. The panther has always been my favorite animal, so much I got it tattooed on my thigh (my strongest muscle). This dream seemed like it’s telling me something…

  14. I had a vivid dream last night. I was laying in bed and kept seeing a black figure in the corner of my eye to my left in the spot where my partner should’ve been laying I saw black covers.. I was then laying in his spot somehow and the black jaguar walked up to me. Didn’t hurt me and I woke up… I kept waking up constantly last night and had a few vivid dreams..

  15. I’m a dancer and it this animal has called me from inside, everything you explain fits within my inner dance nature.

    Thank you for putting it a clear perspective.

  16. Last night I had a dream that I was staring at a large cat that appeared half cheetah half panther. I noticed the spots on it and that it was a hybrid of the two. The panther turned to me and had three enchanting green eyes!! The third eye was in the shape of a triangle in the center of his forehead. A man’s voice came with it that said I need to be careful not to trust everything that is shown to me in the year to come and to make decisions for myself. It also said “you are a part of the orbit, this is why I am here”. I felt like there were others in the dream with me that were also part of this orbit, because I could hear their questions too… like being in a classroom of a sort. Then I woke up.

    1. I had a vision of a half cheetah half black panther this morning. I really hope having found this response from you that I may gleam something useful. I tried looking up the meaning of both animals but found conflicting information. I think I’ll meditate more on the meaning but it’s nice to know it has been seen before.

    2. Tracy from this I’m guessing you’re pretty experienced with spiritual things. The third eye is of course the 6th chakra, and there are spiritual people who teach classes in the spirit world and others who attend during sleep. My friend was teaching classes and I saw her 🙂 It was pretty cool. You must know best what the rest means to you. <3 Peace.

  17. I had a dream last night that I was looking at a panther in a cage, I was in the cage with her, and she was snarling at me, with her back up to the cage. I thought to myself, “she is just afraid”… and then I was laying on my back with a panther curled around my head, with her head resting on my head. I was terrified. Then a bear came and the panther ran off. I feel like I am the scared panther in my dream, in the cage. And I need to be set free.

  18. The last 3 nights I’ve been having horid dreams of people being violent to me very dark stuff waking up then going back in to another violent dream about 3am last night I woke from another violent dream on the sofa when I opened my eyes I was eye to eye with a black panthers face against a dark background just visible we stared at each other for a few minutes then I moved my head and it vanished the feeling was so intense I had to get up and go outside. Anyone know what this mite mean

  19. I closed my eyes to meditate and I have a black panther laying across my chest. Later I dream of one and I’m not frightened. A bit confused as to what it is trying to tell me

  20. This is a brilliant overview and illumination of the panther energies. A striking “dream” has now gained a number of deeper levels of meaning and power . So many of the qualities you describe are utterly relevant and resonanternet. Thank-you

  21. I had a black & gold panther come through to protect me in a journey…anyone know the symbolism of that?

    1. I’d like to know… I had both come too, but I was scared of the black one but not scared of the gold one. I don’t think it was necessary to be afraid. They didn’t want to hurt me… maybe I was avoiding something in myself… I saw one thing that said the black panther comes when it is time to remove masks and be more authentically yourself.

  22. I have always loved big cats and as a child would have dreams I was one running on all 4s. But recently I had a more intense experience. I was in bed with a boyfriend of mine at the time. We were extremely tired from lack of sleep but we just couldnt pass out so we started to mess around a little..I won’t go into much detail but during I kept going in an out of awake and sleep and every time I felt extra good I’d wake up it got so intense and the extra good kept happening. Which is not the normal I started to become animalistic and at one point I swear I had an outter body experience where I was watching me flash into a black jaguar and then when I was in my body but I was still the jaguar I let out a load growling roar….it was the most realist trippy experience in my life even my boyfriend was blown away and said after that had to be some crazy sex magic even tho there was no intercourse…after that for a few min I felt as tho I had all the knowledge of life there ever was I can’t even describe the amazing power and mind blowing feelings I had but they were real and it shook me to my core. Never found anything about the experience I had but i like wut this had to say about the panther. Thanks for letting me rant 🙂

  23. I journeyed and saw Panther & then looked up the Panther’s totem meaning here. Funny thing is, I’m a single parent & this has been the key issue I’ve been struggling with & worrying about recently. Thank you!x

  24. What if the panther was not black… how much of this symbolism is strictly about black panthers rather than panthers in general?

  25. I saw a black cat at 2:00 am last nite. I first thought Panther but I’m in northern Ontario so it must be a cougar? It had piercing blue eyes. I learned a lot in this article. Thank you

  26. I had a dream last night and it was that I was looking out a window not sure if it was my own home but there was a screen in the window my granddaughter was stNding beside me I know the present of my daughter was there but not seeing her as I looked out there were 2 panthers walking around back and forth to the window it was dark out as they keep getting closer I got scared a little I shut both windows but only leaving a3inch opening does anyone know why there were 2 panthers in my dream or what this mean?

  27. I just had a dream of a black panther following me in a house. I was so scared and tried to close the door on him but he pushed his way in then played on his back and started playing. I stepped over him and ran downstairs which he got ahold of me and said “be calm”. I was shocked but still scared. We got down to the living room where he sat on the couch and I yelled for my mom to call someone to come get the panther out of the house. Then I woke up, what does it mean?

  28. Very interesting article, comments, and good website! Your article’s points are legit, how ever way you have obtained and put together all this knowledge I appriciate it as it brought tears to my face.
    you are a truly stunning person.
    I too had a black panter dream 4 years ago. The dream and its sense still sits in me as vivid and clear. In my dream for the first time as far as I can recall I was
    NOT in a human body. I was a black panther!! I was sourrended by my colleagues and professors. They were afraid of me, looking at me with the way I can’t describe. I was SCARED that they were all looking at me and had me uncovered. I was exposed…! I was very nervous and “irritated” or even scared … Maybe extremely bothered ( best I can describe that sense) I ran away to some where, into deep dark, because I was gonna go back “home”, to my area. I always wondered about the message of that powerful dream since it got stuck with me despite all the ‘storms’ I was going through in my life at the time. I even brought up this vivid experience to a psychologist, and he had no clue what to tell me.
    After that dream I looked up the black panthers characterstic and realized it matched with what I felt and exprienced in dream.
    Tonight, I was taking a couple of random facebook tests that analyzes your profile. ( lol I know… Why would anybody take those) It was called which animal you turn into when you get angry. It was oddly enough related to an experience I had during the day. My animal was Jaguar and it reminded me my old dream. So I looked them up and I found your articles 🙂 thanks

  29. I thank you for this immensely informative article about the power of the Black Panther as a Spirit Guide and also its Mysticism.I have been constantly dreaming about it too and now I get to understand my life and how I could figure out dark things done by evil people to try stop my life from progressing

  30. On 9-11-03 i shapeshifted into the black panther on a vision quest. I profoundly mourned the global pain of one year earlier as well as marking my journey into becoming a spiritual healer.
    In April of 2004 after 2 weeks of cleansing i found myself at the San Diego zoo 1 day before i was to fly across the country to do my initation ceremony when a black panther much to my surprise came and laid down in front of me and my 5 mo old daughter.
    There have been other experiences with jaguar & cat energy with the most recent triggered by a huichol art jaguar where i again had a shape shifting experience. I am so profoundly moved by this energy & these experiences that i put a tat of my sacred spirit animal the black panther on my heart today. Thank you for this information & these post. I feel as if i am celebrating with my peeps.

  31. I had a dream in which I walked alongside a black panther for a great distance. I never feared the panther and it felt like we were connected. The panther went out to feed and I stayed behind and waited for it to return. When it returned to me, I saw that blood had saturated the fur around it’s mouth and then I realized that I had blood all over my own mouth. Almost like when she hunted, so did I. As if we were one. What does this mean?

  32. Had my first vision of my spiritual guide, beautiful glossy black panther with very blue eyes…..we were walking in a forest ☺

  33. I had panther Medicine, she was the fourth of my initial guides to manifest on my journey to my World Tree. But recently I used my world tree as a beacon to heal another. This I feel pleased Panther, who felt they had accomplished thier goal. Panther left me on freindly terms, but is always near, and is welcome in my life at any time. I told Panther they and thiers are always welcome in my sacred grounds, and at my world tree, and she acknowleged me and slinked away into the cool, shadowed forest beyond the edge of the sacred ground wherein my tree stands. Wolf came to replace her. Wolf medicine will fuel the next phase of my awakening into the shamanic path. I embrace the crossroads with Wolf as my guide, and the spirit of Panther watching over me.

  34. Thank You for sharing this POTENT insight on panther, kuga, jaguar energy. I hav been aware of this energy alongside me for a couple of wks now & in todays guided meditation the black pather showed up for me – i Feel it, i honor it’s protective spirit & look frwd learning more from its metaphysical medicne.


  35. I was half asleep and could see a panthers face in particular his/her eye ball just staring straight at me, it was so amazing, thanks for the story.

  36. Thank you so much for making this article.

    I recently had an astral projection/OBE or whatever you want to call it, in my astral projection there was a south american shahman looking down at me and making chants in a south american language. As i tried to respond to him I wasn’t speaking with words, I was growling like a panther. I also felt like someone was holding onto my right leg. This experience was very very real to me, it wasn’t a dream, i was conscious during the experience and i was also aware that i was sleeping in bed. I cannot over emphasize on how real this felt. After the experience I was shocked, something like this has never happened to me before and I no way have any connection culturally to south america.. After doing some research I connected the dots and realized that I was a panther in south america, and shamen were holding my feet and chanting at the same time. This was so real, I could even see the small details on the shamans face and the birds in the background. Every time I tried to ask them what was happening all I could hear myself doing was growling. The really really strange thing that happened seconds after that was experience was that i received a notification on my phone from a youtube channel im subscribed about the Quetsecotal/Mayan culture and langauge.

    I dont know what this means exactly, was I a panther in my past life? Who knows but that was very real, and what happened after was even weirder.

  37. Peace to you, and thanks so much for sharing all this!
    I had a dream with two panthers: a black one and a gold one. I came out of my childhood home and they were lying in front of the steps. I was not scared of the gold one, but I made sure I kept the black one behind the gold one so it would not see me, and I ducked into a store to avoid it. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  38. This is me to the letter. I received my black panther tribal tattoo, 8 years ago and have been guided by Black Panther for a long time now. Very accurate.

  39. Last night I had a dream
    I was standing on the balcony of a white house overlooking what it seemed like an orchard when suddenly I spotted a large creature. Its movements seemed almost in slow motion but deliberate. Its poise was upright in the likeness of a man wearing all black fatigues. However this creature would leap from place to place. It was a muscular creature much like a large bodybuilder with the head of a jaguar, mostly black pigment and vaguely visible orange stripes. This scenario in my dream felt vaguely familiar, almost as if I had had that experience before. I know I recognized the head, because I have had two dreams a few months ago, in which I was confronted by an almost emaciated dark jaguar with the like orange stripes.
    In my prior two dreams, I remember waking up with a sense of invincibility because both times I had outwitted each jaguar by moving faster than them and by not feeling fear. However last night in my dream I was overcome with fear the moment I spotted the large creature as it was bounding closer and closer towards my location. My first reaction in the dream was to run for safety inside the house in the hopes that the beast would not get to me before I made it through the door, and right there and then I woke up. When I woke up I was wide awake and my heart was racing fast. The time was 12:30 a.m. so I picked up my phone and I wrote down the details of my dream.
    Any thoughts?

  40. I am the black lion but I see a black panter we were going to fight but instead stood still what does this mean????

  41. I came across this article while trying to figure out a experience I lived through as a child ! When I was about 4 years old I was watching tv ? and it was storming outside! A transformer blew outside which caused me to look out the window being curious and when I looked I seen a black panther as clear as day walking ! It looked at me through the window and roared ! It then began to proceed and walk around the side of my house !! Heart racing and pounding I ran to the front door ? opend it looked for a minute then walked on the side of the house where I had seen it but it was completely gone !!! I walked back to the spot where I first spotted it at and noticed a peculiar black smudge in the same exact spot !! And yeah I forgot to mention I live in Miami Florida and there was no woods or wild life where I lived ! Because I live in the city !!!! I told my mom but she didn’t believe me !! I mean looking back I probably wouldn’t have believed a 4 year old with that type of speculation or allegation but I can never forget that day !!!! I’ve been trying to figure out and fathom what my encounter meant my whole life and this article gave me a bit of insight and closure thanks

  42. I had a dream years ago that I was a vixen and the black path er was circulating me and I felt he was protecting me

  43. I had the most amazing dream last night about a black panther and then the same type of dream about a white panther. They were both so gorgeous and affectionate. I will never forget these dreams. Also, does a dragonfly have any connection to panthers?

  44. I had a dream last night that someone was trying to kill me using poison that they injected into the top of my head. They told me it would stop my heart but be painless. I could feel my mouth foaming and my energy draining from my body, but I was determined to defeat my foe. I looked them in the eye and felt a white light rage inside of me. I slowly placed one hand in front of me and then the other as to help myself get up. My foe was astonished that I was no longer dying. I told him that I would not let him stifle my life force and noticed that my “hands” were actually extremely large paws. At that moment I began to growl as my body transformed, then I jumped high in the air and as I landed, a roar bellowed out of my chest and I could see myself from above as a GIANT black panther. I haven’t been able to get this image out of my head. Another interesting aspect of the dream were that is was Night (which is uncommon for me) and my mystical abilities. Before transforming, I could fly and cast spells to help others fly. In the end, I cast a spell that decapitated the one trying to kill me. I also had visions of a past event in which I did not attend. Thinking back on it now, Panthers were my favorite animals as a small child.

  45. I went to a shamanic workshop last night. whilst meditating on our animal totum a black majestic panther stood beside me on my right hsnd side. It had the most beautiful yellow eyes that glowed like the night light.. I just looked up the meaning of this and found the articles on here …I was also advised last night to read the book that some of you have mentioned as i would like to learn more about the ways of the shaman in greater detail. Thank you for sharing as it resonates with me so much and I to have brought up 3 beautiful children by myself and my spiritual gifts and healing are now coming into fruition more and more and my faith is being strengthened . I have had some dark energy recently trying to come in but always knew my guides were loving and protective and am guarded against these energies..thank you..stay blessed everyone .

  46. Last night i had dream of so many wild animal leopard, lion, deer they all are in my house way and I entre my house door suddenly I saw one cub panther went to came inside my house I was closing the door but he jumped n came inside I feel he harm me but not he was so cute .( I live with my husband I am all alone
    In another country. one and half year for my marriage .my English is not good if I write something wrong pls ignore pls reply my msg i feel good.thank u so much!

  47. Ok so I was visited in an astral travel by a panther but it wasn’t a black one it was more a cheetah looking panther. Can anyone tell me what that means?

  48. Yesterday I saw two black panthers side by side in crouched positions facing the highway I was traveling on. It was broad daylight and I’ve never hallucinated before about anything. I was very clear. There were also a number of dead dogs lined up along side the road. They looked identical. When I returned through the same area a few hours later I saw one more dead dog. He was identical to the others. It was a four lane divided highway.
    Is there a meaning behind this other than I need to see a shrink?

  49. Thankyou Ina I love what you write, it resonates deeply.
    I will share my experience here I was asked one night to join 2 friends on a healing mission to heal part of the coast from past trauma that was stuck. When we arrived I was the only woman, the only divine feminine, which they needed to complete the sacred earth healing.
    The 2 divine masculine protected me with stones and herbs laid in front of me, then left me to stand on the cliff overlooking the ocean, on a dark new moon night, as they had work to do on the adjoining cliff. I stood for one hour chanting, connecting, singing and pounding a large feathered staff I held in my right hand … the healing was deeply sacred women children and whales with their calves appeared to me. A deeply sacred night that will stay with me forever.
    The photo taken from the adjoining cliff showed me as a speck, the cliff resembled a black panther drinking fromthe ocean and i was riding its back.

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