Beaver Power Animal Symbol Of Group Mind Master Creator And Builder

By Ina Woolcott

Beaver’s medicine brings you the wisdom of creativity, maintaining the ability to be productive in all ways by not limiting your options, being persistent, using available resources, finding and using alternate ways of doing tasks, master builder of all things, not damming the flow of experiences in life, achievement through completion of tasks, understanding the dynamics of group work, protecting, cooperation, fertility and new promise.

Beavers are good at teamwork, and work together cooperatively to construct their homes. From beaver we can learn that we can create and make things a reality most effectively and powerfully when all involved appreciate every individuals talents, and work together harmoniously.

Im sure most of you will have had many grand ideas, and for most of you the getting idea part is easy, but the problems have begun only when you have thought about actualising these into physical reality…and then the ideas have faded, just like dreams often fade when one wakes up. This is where you will find beavers medicine to be of great assistance. The beaver is one of the leading creators in the animal kingdom. They get an idea of what their home and also dam should be like, then fell trees with their sharp teeth and build intricate structures with several entrances and exits.

The many entrances and exits signify the importance of pliability when in the process of creation. Often when we imagine something we’d like to materialise in physical reality, we focus only on this vision. By doing this we forget that creativity doesn’t finish, but begins with the vision, and that in the course of making something real we too change and grow. Often improvements are thought up whilst making a dream/vision reality. If you push these thoughts aside, you may find yourself stuck mid creation. Instead, bear these thoughts in mind and if you find it an improvement restructure your design accordingly, as the end product may be more awesome than you ever dreamed possible.

Another lesson to be learned is that beavers possess a gift humans often lack – they use teamwork and cooperation to build their homes. Some refer to this as a group mind, a harmonious balance of communication and purpose, possible only when individual egos aren’t meddling with it.

A group mind is extremely close to the spirit of Oneness, reminding us that we all come from the same source, and that each individual in the world – no matter what species – is a unique expressions of the original creative energy. This does not mean an individual doesn’t have contributions to make to a project, but working together in this way means appreciating that the coming together of minds creates a unification that for many creations is far more effective than individual efforts.

The Beaver reminds us that we have to act on our dreams to bring them alive – it is time for action. If beaver has entered your life, it may be wise to ask yourself whether you have been neglecting your dreams? Are you lost in your dreams and not acting upon them?

As before mentioned, beavers are expert builders. Their dams are built extremely strong and secure. If beaver has entered your life, you are being asked to strengthen the foundation on which you stand or to build a new one. If you continue to stand on old foundations, new opportunities may be missed. This is also linked to letting go of old, narrowing belief systems and allowing for refreshing change and new adventures.

Because of their expertise, the building skills of beavers have been linked to ancient masonry. Often, people with this power animal have past lives associated with this magical art. Studying masonry can uncover deeper, hidden but not forgotten, insights about who you are and who you have been.

Beavers are master engineers and transform environments. Their dams consist of wood held together with mud and leaves. Streams are changed into lakes with their dams. When they vacate an area, the dam gradually decomposes leaving a fertile meadow where the lake was. As well as working in harmony with each other, the beaver also knows how to work in harmony with the environment and can show us how to do the same.

The large incisor teeth of the beaver are the most distinguishable feature – very symbolic. People with healthy incisor teeth usually have a balanced inner nature, obviously if unhealthy an unsettled inner nature is frequent. If Beaver is your power animal, do not neglect your teeth. Also, if don’t already have it, you need to develop a sense of inner peace. Meditation and quiet contemplation are useful tools to achieve this.

Beavers are also fabulous swimmers, and can stay under water for up to15 minutes. They are good at controlling their breathing. If this is your power animal, yoga would suit you well, and any other breathing exercises.

Beaver people often find they must work hard to fulfil their goals. Don’t forget to be kind and loving to yourself.

5 thoughts on “Beaver Power Animal Symbol Of Group Mind Master Creator And Builder”

  1. Very measured, thoughtful and inspiring writing. It brought great a deep sense Spiritual comfort to me while recovering. Had recently been challenged to refocus my energy on a spirit animal found it. Thank you!

  2. While walking along the river today, I experienced a lot of awareness of myself, my life path and my current situation. I was fully present and learning, a state I have found rare recently…. Towards the end of my 2 hour journey, I came upon a beaver skull. While I had never seen one, I knew by the teeth, that it must be beaver. I realized I had to integrate this animal into my life immediately. Hours later, I’m doing some research, and reading your words, so much resonates for me. Thank you, deeply for helping to awaken this spirit within me! Much gratitude!

  3. Well hello!
    I like this beaver article. One my my friends sent it to me though Instagram, and I could not click on the link so I had to google search it to find it again.
    Wow, this message sounds like the spam I get on my website all of the time….
    Anyhow, my nickname that everyone calls me is ‘Beaver’ because I am from a town called Big Beaver, Saskatchewan. I am a travel journalist and I stay pretty busy. Anytime someone comes across something such as a street sign called Beaver Street or a video of a busy beaver, they always send it to me. And a friend found this (I suspect she reads your blog often as she is very spiritual as well) and sent it to me for the same reason. You Beaver guide is great, and I am going to run this though my page.

    I hope your website is doing well and you are happy and mentally very happy yourself. Keep up the writing, insporation and guidance. It is great!

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