Bat Power Animal Symbol Of Rebirth

By Ina Woolcott

Bat’s wisdom includes shamanic death and rebirth, initiation, viewing past lives, pollination of new ideas, transition, understanding grief, the use of vibrational sound, camouflage, invisibility, ability to observe unseen, secrets.

Shaman initiates go through a ritual death, sometimes with the aid of teacher plants and/or fasting. Here they confront their fears and are reborn without their old identities. Bats help us to release fear and patterns which no longer fits within our pattern of growth.

Bat flying into your life signifies that transformation of the ego self is about to occur, the end of a way of life and the start of another. This transition can be very frightening for many, even just to think about. But you will not grow spiritually until you let go these old parts of you that are NOT NEEDED. Facing the darkness before you will help you find the light in rebirth. The bat gives you the wisdom required to make the appropriate changes for the birthing of your new identity.

Bats have needle like teeth and can sometimes be rabies carriers, an infectious disease of the blood. It can cause a person to go mad. Fears that are permitted to spread, unchecked will in the end saturate our system, and can create a kind of madness within our lives. Bats reflect the need to face up to our fears. (Has anyone ever seen Batman Begins with Christian Bale? An amazing movie AND an amazing actor!)

There are various species of bat, with widely diverse traits. There are small and large bats. With a couple of exceptions, large bats live on fruit and get around visually. Smaller bats mainly feed on insects, catching them on the wing using echolocation. This is where an animal makes sounds and listens for the echoes reflected from surfaces and objects in the environment. With their amazing auditory perception bats are able to navigate through the dark with great ease. They have built in sonar’s, which give them the ability to know what lies beneath the surface. Generally those with this power animal have uncanny abilities to discern hidden messages both from people and the environment. When one has mastered this medicine, intuitive and clairaudient abilities are accurate.

Studies have bee carried out on bats such as being put in a fridge. When this happens they immediately go into a hibernation mode. When taken back out and warmed up they are totally unharmed, unique for a warm blooded mammal. This shows that the bats life force is strong, and it regenerates it when needed.

If this is your power animal, you would benefit from all types of yogic practices, especially those to do with awakening the kundalini.

Bat are extremely adaptable. All that has to do with them from their senses, feeding, flight and mating to size is perfectly matched to their particular environment. The message for you here may be to assess your surroundings to see what bounty is there for you for the taking, and then adapting/changing patterns so you can receive it.

Unbalanced bats will get ‘scrambled’ and perplexed, flying into things. Are you coming up against obstacles as you try and get what you need and want in life? If so the message for you here may be for you to take a step back to re-gain your bearings and decide the importance of what you are seeking.

Bats are sociable animals which can indicate a need for more sociability or increased opportunity with greater numbers of people.

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  1. Hi there
    I had a profoundly clear dream last night that a baby bat was given to me to mother, nurture and feed. Very quickly gained the ability to fly. A vague sense of the death of my father was present and submergtion in water. Then clearly the words call upon a Chinese emperor came to mind.
    Upon waking I’m curious was this a message for me or my new client who I was blessed to share a reiki healing session with yesterday ?
    Can you offer any guidance.
    Blessing to you

    1. All your dreams are about *You* Jennifer! Call upon the chinese Emperor immediately makes me think of an essence of yourself, a guide etc… who is like … a Chinese Emperor! I think it sounds like a message to call upon your inner strength and balance… only you will know for sure! xx

    2. Hello Jennifer,

      The first two sentences of your comment describe word-for-word the dream I had last night. It was an odd dream and as I did my research this morning I found that to dream of a bat means that you need to be reborn or change your life. In my dream the bat I nurtured was a white bat. The Taino natives of my home in Puerto Rico envisioned a giant white bat when they went on spiritual journeys. I was pretty shocked to know that someone else has had the exact same dream as me.


      1. Yes, I’ve had the same dream. My ex ( who i still love ) and I found an ugly mouse thing. We fed it and built it shelter. It became a big beautiful white bat with beautiful wings. To be near it bought peace. It loved us and we loved it and each other. It’s energy was awesome . I was sad to wake up

    3. I had a dream that brought me here too. I was a magician being persecuted by Buddhists, which is interesting. I turned into a bat to flee persecution. I remember even the overwhelming sensitivity of flight as a bat and how I had really no choice but to attack anything I touched because it felt so sudden and instinct kicked in. I don’t really know how to put it into words. There were many layers to this dream.

    4. Jennifer,
      I read your question and though it was written years ago I feel a call to respond, as I was so struck by the similarity to a shamanic journey I experienced. In the journey I was visited by the Hmong Shamans, who worked with bats (not a spirit animal I had previous experience with). They shared an experience and message about re-wilding ourselves and our planet, through light codes. The bat medicine was very much in alignment with Ina’s writings above, particularly the beginning paragraphs. In the same journey a Chinese Emperor/warrior came in, very clear and directive (both the Hmongs and Chinese emperor spoke in their native tongues, but from what I could discern the emperor was quite clear in his message of strength and clarity of standing in one’s own truth, not allowing any other to diminish the power of one’s center and self-sovereignty/self-authority.)
      Blessings to you and your client, and with deep reverence and gratitude for the Mystery.

  2. I love this article. I’m not sure if the bat is my power animal, but I’m a big fan of Batman. Ever since I was 4 years old I knew I wanted to be him. Obviously I’m not going to be dressed up as a bat and fight crime, but I believe in what Batman stands for. That’s why this archetype has served as a big part of my life.

    ” For about 5 years I’ve been emerged in the darkest corners

  3. Darkest corners of my own heart. Instead of a “rare blue flower that grows on the Eastern Slopes,” my rare blue flower was alcohol. It gave me the opportunity to face death and the unknown. It’s served it’s purpose, but I’m in a transition.” I believe that God or spirit, is calling me to help do his work.” Not sure what that is yet, but I’m open to hearing.

    1. Hi Lee. I am EXACTLY where you are. I’m on Facebook as “PunkalinaJones” if you’d like to exchange experiences

    2. Yrah .
      Alchohol is a very bad deleriant. Neurotoxin .
      What kind of echoes do you hear. Yo mine reverb like lightning fast. If not.
      It comes back n haunts me.
      I beleive if I had been medicated ida lived longer. And served more of my purpose. But yhos damn year of the rabbitt is ending in bio resonance.

      Theyre has actually bern a new finding humans are projecting energy like dolphons.
      Anyways. Ill take.
      Bee pollen and chamomile if itll help me. But
      For certian I know ill look like a druggy so I disassociate n go back into mu confusion .
      Its ok n stuff. But honestly.
      These are mental conditions.
      Accompanying physical limitatipms.

      And to be even realer.
      Alchohol has very dangerous tremors. Idk if it applies to you but I guess I ferl you

  4. Hello,

    I have came across several obstacles in my life from personal issues to work, money and home. Well, just yesterday I noticed above my front door of my apartment there is a small bat. Who knew, a bat. I had to look up the symbolism of a bat.

    Well here it is. I have my answer and it fits because I am going through a huge transition in my life. Some much needed changes have to occur.

    1. Wow Dee! As I was reading the article I was debating on commenting. I was surprised to find that your comment says everything I wanted to say, except my bat flew right beside my open window on my way home through the country for a quarter mile at least. One of the most intriguing things that’s ever happened to me! Best of luck with your changes!

  5. Jennifer,
    I pray this message gives you the best most loving blessing from your guides. I see the baby in your dream as your inner child that needs to be nurtured by you. Asking your inner child what is it I can do for you, often you will see signs around you of what you can do to help nurture the small child within. This allows you to carry through your life with no obstacles allowing you to reach all of the goals you have set for yourself. The death of your father represents what the child was hanging on to that is causing the difficulties in your life.
    The chinese Emperor you are ready to rule your kingdom.

  6. Just this noon, a bat was flying in circles around me.. at first i was afraid. but the longer it flew the more i came mesmerized.. until it went to its home. i dont know what this means. i need help. maybe it is presenting itself as my spirit animal?

    1. I’d say, yes…for sure. When we are in a state of change animals that show up do have messages and guidance for us. It is important to notice their behavior in the interaction..How does it give you clues as to what you are facing? Yesterday I broke my toe. On the way to get the boot thing we need a crow flew in front of the windshield. They are supposed to fly straight but ours swooped down in front of the car, and then swooped across which is virtually unheard of for this bird. The crow flies straight is a saying that identifies the birds typical pattern of movement. I took it as a sign to mean things will have different levels of energy and movement around us/me lately. I also saw a bat on someone’s porch that same morning on the way out to get the boot. Bat is my first chakra totem….so it was aboyt renewal and rebirth but through swoops and different movements of energy in my life. Hope this helps you figure out what your little bat and other animal guides mean in yours. ?

  7. Hi,
    I have had the honor to have bat in my life in few years now. It was black but turned white receantly. would love to know If there is any medicine in that ?
    Love your pages , thank you.

  8. Last night I watched a rather large bat fly super close tor then dipped into the pool for a drink. And flew around me and left.

  9. l saw a bat in my apartment this morning when l woke up. there was no opening from where it could have come in. l live in africa

  10. Congrats on your excellent site. I initially came across your web presence a while back when looking for information through google regarding bats – due to a few flybys around me and my home in the preceding weeks. After reading the details on bats/rebirth symbology which really stuck a chord with me, I bookmarked the page for future reference and advise. Last month I had another interesting encounter with a bat. As an artist/painter working primarily during late evenings through very early morning (4am) I relate very well to the bat and other nightly creatures such as the owl and frog and come across them frequently. I find myself currently going through a process of rebirth/reinventing – so here I would like to share my story of that recent meet with a bat. I am including a couple of verses (the story is in verse form) – for the whole version I am providing the link if possible – the story makes reference to a couple of images that am not sure if they can be posted here.

    From the poem/story: A Bat Trapped in a Studio Tale

    …Heeding her suggestion,
    I proceed to dim the luster,
    behind the painted canvas,
    its courage begins to muster,
    he finds a way to slither,
    then start to fly around,
    and round the room in circles,
    and miss by much the door,
    it crawls again exhausted,
    and seems to kiss the floor.

    My compassion therefore swollen,
    it’s persistence I admire,
    I approach this hero fallen,
    entangled in its desire.

  11. I found a small brown bat dead or unconscious in my bedroom closet this morning. I am creeped out by this but I like the positive messages it brings.

  12. A little brown bat flew at my head before settling in to my porch rafters for a midday nap here in Idaho. I felt blessed and charmed and set out some water. Lil guy is still there a couple of hours later. I’m grateful for the medicine.

  13. I seem to have this reoccurring thing, that Everytime I go outside onto my balcony at night a bat will fly past me without fail. This has been happening for months now and I’m really not sure what this means but it happens Everytime?

  14. A month ago I was walking in rural northern Maryland in the late afternoon. A bat flew up to my face on the left, paused for second, then flew off to the right. The very next morning I was sitting on my stoop in very urban Baltimore and a bat did exactly the same thing. I was in Panama two weeks ago and a bat bit me on a knuckle of my right hand near Nvidia cave in broad daylight.

    Bats are trying to tell me something! And yes, I am undergoing rabies shots. Round two tonight….

  15. Hello, thank you for this article. Last Sunday I was inaugurating my business and indoors we have roof curtains that fall beautifully from the roof to the floor. Suddenly a small bat flew by and started to climb the fabric until it reached the roof and started walking all over the roof fabric, you could see his little feet through the curtain. It was the same evening as the blood moon. Lots of transition and change symbolism in one night.

    1. I rescued a baby bat from the pool filter… he is alive and well flew back to his forest..
      as I graved him from the water I patted his little back and whispered it OK buddy I’m helping you ..
      Am I crazy?
      do I need help?

  16. I had a dream recently in which a bat flew out of my wife’s mouth. In the dream, she was freaked out about it (obviously), but it didn’t seem particularly bad for some reason. I seem to remember consoling her about it and we were just both like “whoa, that was gross, let’s get out of here.” We were in a barn for some reason.

    BTW, please see my other comment I left on the Lizard page. It’s long, but I think it’s interesting. Hope I’m not wrong because I don’t want to bore you to death. 🙂

  17. I have always noticed the animals around me and recently realized they are speaking to me. I was relaxing and almost in the sleeping state and I saw myself walking into a cave. As I entered the cave there were bats hanging everywhere. I continued to walk through the cave and as I exited from the other side into a grassy meadow, a snake was laying in the grass sunning himself. As I walked through the meadow a horse was running full gallop in the distance and I could hear a wolf howl. There was an eagle soaring on the breeze above all of it and when I looked down beside me a white tiger walked on my right side. I know the spirits are talking to me and teaching me because I am a transgender man and have recently started the transition. It was amazing to me to see how many spirit animals assured me that I was on the right path of rebirth. Of course the fact that the first animal to speak to me was bat and then to see transition and rebirth right in the beginning of this description really calmed my spirit. Especially being as for the past 2 summers and falls bats have become more prominent around me. I can sit on my deck and they will dive down almost touching me chasing their insect meals.

    1. Hi Stephen! Your comment just made me grin ear to ear. I dreamt about a bat and eagle last night and upon searching the meaning of the two together brought me here to your comment. I dream about animals constantly. Sometimes they’re not pleasant, but that is life. Be it for animals, and especially us humans. Congratulations on your transition! I hope you’re well!

  18. I recently saw a bat in my office building of all places! It seems to have gotten trapped on my floor and was flying frantically to and fro. Someone from another office suite stepped out of his office at the same time and it nearly flew into his head! I immediately went to get the security guard downstairs but by the time we got back up it was gone. The last 3 years of my life have been turn upside down. I went through a divorce, lost my job, lost my home, my godfather (who practically raised me) passed away, and most recently I found out that my car is pretty much done and my purse with everything in it was stolen the same day I got the news about my car! Needless to say I am physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted! I’m slowly trying to put the pieces of my life back together. From what I have read bats symbolize death and rebirth. So shouldn’t I have seen this at the beginning of the 3 years? Does this mean that I will spiral down even further? I honestly feel like I can’t take much more.

  19. I was reading this article and I have decided to share my story. I was worried about my life and what is going to be like. I’m currently pregnant at this moment and I made the stupidest mistake ever. I sit down and I prayed to the Almighty God in heaven and ask him to see me through because I was so depressed and stressed out. I cried and I begged the Lord to changed me and changed my life completely. I talked to him everyday. However I was there meditating and it’s like I heard a voice saying read ecclesiates 4. Immediately I started reading it. After reading it, I saw a big bat came into my room. I’ve never saw one came in before. Can u tell me what that bat symbolized.

  20. Hi, I have a question about bat. One is what exactly do you mean as plant teachers? Because I’ve been working on a friendship with a tree for awhile now, is that related?

  21. I had a bat in my house a little while ago. After a week or so if night time appearances, sadly, I found him dead on the floor near a window. Now I have another bat friend in my house who is more active and sociable. This one doesn’t seem to have a place to return to at the end of his day (night) so I find him sleeping in the folds if my curtains in the morning. I’m very happy to have him as my guest but I do wonder what his presence means. I had a psychic reading recently and was told that I haven’t scratched the surface of my intuition and should develop my spiritual side more.

  22. Hi!
    Need ur guidance .. I have small temple looks like shape of Thailand temples in my terrace of apartment .
    Last year I found unusual poo at the entrance of temple.. Than we came to know , bats r in the dome of temple .
    We took it out . Again after one year., bats started coming in the temple dome and made their home.
    What does this signifies?

  23. I recently was pondering if a new guy in my life was a twin soul. I asked for the sign of bats, and my mind was wrestling with whether this was a ridiculous sign as I was riding a white horse at the time.
    A few minutes later, the guy organising the ride, told me to dismount, then took me into a cave that was filled with bats.
    It’s given me a lot to think about/ feel

  24. I have been on a spiritual journey for 1 year now. I also started my physical journey a few months ago. I recently saw a eel in my dreams. I closed my eyes to go to sleep and it swam right to my face. I opened my eyes because it freaked me out at first. When I closed them it swam back, it was inches from my face then gone. A little while ago I saw a bat fly from left to right horizontal and fast. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling really bad. This explains alot. I felt like I was dieing. Any thoughts?

  25. This has blown my mind it makes perfect sense. A bat has religiously flown above me everytime i go out side at night for months now and i wondered why this was happening and this has hit a few key points in my life. Great article thanks

  26. Hi my names ffion
    At 4.30 this morning myself and my daughter woke up to find a bat flying around my bedroom what does this mean? As me and my family have gone through a really difficult time recently. Many thanks

  27. During a healing session yesterday I saw lots of bats, like a swarm leaving the right side of my head, the vision was very black and smoky…any ideas on the symbolic meaning of this?

  28. I am visting budapest and rented an appartment for 2 nights.
    It is 4am and i woke up seeing a bat flying above me.. i was so intrigued yet afraid and perplexed
    I have been going through tough times with money and work and love
    What does this visit means…

  29. I was sleeping and it was night. All off a sudden a bat fall over my pillow. I dont know where it came from in my room despite being no windows and door closed . Can anyone tell me what it means?
    I m fearing it.

    1. You manifested your spirit animal. Of course you would fear it. Its telling you to not fear 🙂

  30. Thank you for this insight. I decided to research it after two bat encounters in two days. One was flying in circles in my apartment and then other was flying up and down the hallway to my apartment. I was fearful, but now that I understand their presence, I am grateful for the encounters.

  31. Last night I went for a walk at 11pm after a feeling of dread came over me following the Dallas attacks on 11 police officers. A coyote came up to me and my sleeping baby and I screamed at it loudly and harshly to stay away. It stared at me, and very slowly crossed the street, all the while looking at me but walking in my direction on the other side of the street as I ran home. As I ran home, a swirl of small bats surrounded me, flying in a cyclone formation, perhaps about 4 or 5. There was a street lamp above me, but they were not attracted to it, and I felt them swirl repeatedly around my hair.

    Last night my husband of 16 years tried to fondle me, perhaps to be intimate or to comfort me in my stress for raising the children here. I felt cheapened, and have hated being intimate with him since 2005. We married in 2001. I love him, but like a brother. I want to continue raising our 6 children together and don’t feel divorce is fair to children for the happiness of the mother, as my mother did this to me and my dad and she abandoned me to attend channeling sessions. Of course this has left me hostile to alternative and “spiritual” lifestyles because she has not been involved in a motherhood capacity since then.

    But I have known for 11 years that I’m not romantically attracted to me husband, and I feel violated every time we are intimate. I’ve been to marriage counseling and individual therapy for years, and always the advice has been either to ‘fake it ’till I make it’ or leave. These are oversimplifications. A military marriage counselor also advised me that if I “love” my husband but I’m not “in love” with him, I have unrealistic expectations of the excitement of romance. That’s just not true, however, as I feel this problem is that I can’t fall in love with him again and I feel like I’m being molested every time he touches me. But there is no one else I’d rather raise kids woth, and adultery for either of us reduces us to our impulses and makes us the most lowly of our animalistic desires. He is a good father, a good husband, and a good teammate. Also, my family adores him, so raving him for any personal reason when he is truly faultless – which he is – will breed resentment and isolation from my family.

    Every time I sink into this depression, bats appear, snakes, or hordes of swallows. I also have had many huge black horned beetles appear about 3 inches long, and they don’t run away from me no matter how I stomp the ground. Large tobacco moths also cling to my clothes and let me hold them. I’m beginning to find more solidarity now with night cretires than with humans. What do I do?

  32. Hi, I just went outside to the garden at 10.15 pm and looking at the night sky asking my deceased father which past away last week to please give me a sign to let me know if he is here with me, then all of a Sudden I see a huge bat flying above me. Should I take this as a sign or should I make nothing of it. Please help me. Veronica.

  33. I couldn’t keep this story to myself and I had to share. Tonight is a full moon. I recently started a course at a local metaphysical shop for self improvement and spiritual growth. In this class we learned about writing a letter of intention to remove people, situations, etc. That we wanted removed from our life. I joined this course because I have been battling severe depression and anxiety and this was another attempt to help improve my overall wellbeing. So I listened, I wrote my letter of intention asking for removal of any negativity in my life that was going to hinder me from finding my highest self. I asked for removal of my fears that are holding me back and also asked that I stop isolating myself (this is due to my depression). I burned my letter on a plate in my fireplace and took the ashes outside to spread them. It was so peaceful out with the full moon rising and the lightening bugs that I sat down just to observe and take everything in. I looked above me and what do I see flying?? 2 bats. It is summer and I live in Indiana so it is not uncommon, but I have never seen any out in the 3 years I Ave lived here. This was most definetly a sign….I also have to add about a month ago before joining classes I had a spiritual healing. The lady told me the bat was on of my spirit animals showing up. This just validated that. Anyway, I had to share my experience because I am so awestruck by how clear and quick this message came to me. Hang on even in dark times & you will make it through. I know I am going to be ok now. ?

  34. Amazing visitation last night from a bat flying in figure-eights around my living room. At first, i was taken aback, thinking, “Are you a vampire?” half-expecting it to morph into Vlad Dracul, but after a few minutes, I knew it was a profound visitation with a needed message. I still wanted to get it back out into its natural environment. I have two cats and they were going crazy, crashing around trying to get–which was what initially aroused my attention–so, that was one reason. I locked the cats in my bedroom, and grabbed the net used for our hot tub, to use like a butterfly net to catch and whisk him out of the house. Sounds simple, right? Not! I nearly broke my leg standing up on the back of the couch swinging that net at him as he flew figure eights and knew exactly to a millimeter where my net was being swung. After I fell off the back of the couch, I pulled my energy back and let him be as I tried to come up with a “gentler” way to capture the little guy. He hung upside-down high on the wall (I read that this has very good auspices, conferring a message of rebirth and transformation for the receiver). I then taped the net to a longer pole, and by this time was telepathically and verbally talking to it, saying, “I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to get you back outside”. Well, within 2 minutes of that, he flew right into the net, and I took him out in the backyard and let him go. It was profound, and I do feel strongly that this bat was there with a spiritual message. He could not have gotten in, as all of our windows are screened, there are no holes from the attic into the main house, etc. Today, I looked up bat medicine in one of our books, and every single word rang true. I have never in 44 years had a bat inside one of my dwellings until last night. And, there were so many synchronicities lining up with the bat medicine description, I was bowled over. Nature has personalized messages for us, if we will only listen and thank the creatures that deliver them!

  35. Hello my name is,Sheila. Couple weeks ago a Bat was in the our house and I was in the bedroom it was about 1am and had the light on. I was standing barefoot and in flew this Bat and landed on my foot seemed like it was pretty comfortable there til I kicked my foot and he flopped off. Then it proceeded to climb on the bed hissing and swattiing then climbed on our head board was all over it from side to side then got my curtain rod hung upside down and opened it’s wings and was hissing and swatting at us. Finally caught it and tossed him out the door. Can you tell me what does this mean. Landing on my foot and being so aggressive.2 weeks later my Brother passed away…. Thank you Sheila

  36. A little female bat was crawling on the sidewalk by the front door of my shop on Main Street. Drunks from the bar two doors down, were screaming. She was a obviously sick. I picked her up and brought her inside Since it was over 100° out I gave her a shallow plate of water. She crawled over to it and drank deeply. She backed away and died about 10 minutes later. She was not afraid of either me or my daughter (a Vet Tech). What is the significance of her coming to us to die?

  37. Hi,
    I had a dream last night that a bat came into my home and my dog got at it. I was trying to take care of it and call an animal shelter to fix its wings and while I was on the phone a family member came up the driveway and ran over its wings and severed one of the wings right off. And in the past 2 sumers I have had 5 bats come into my living space. What could the dream symbolize?

  38. For a long while I have been working on going deeper into myself and letting go of all that no longer serves me or those around me. Three days ago as I went to wash my dishes, in the sink I spotted a bat that was having trouble. My boyfriend and I helped it outside and placed it in a safe place and hoped it would survive. We kept an eye on it and went to check on it a few times, by the third time it was gone. I meditated and asked if it had survived. I got the answer that it had. One day later as I walked across a filed I saw a bat that came very close to me. There were no others. Of course I can not say it was the same one but I certainly felt so connected to the bat. I had no idea what bats symbolized but as I read about what they symbolize I know this is my animal guide and I am honored. It seems that it is a tall order to have this amazing entity as my guide but I am so ready for it. Ask, go deep, listen and things will be revealed.


  39. I dreamt last night that , I thinking of a bat to ameliorate my situation, suddenly as I was walking I saw a bat on a tree nearby, I walked pasted it, the next thing I saw was that the bat flew towards me ,landed on my back skull , as I was struggling to detach it from my head, I pasted out, by the time I woke up the bat was dead as I have smashed it with my hands, but I felt some thing inside of me. please help me with the interpretation. thanks

  40. A week or two after the birth of my daughter, a wild monkey looking animal which is known to be in deep forest was found holding unto the iron bars of the window to my daughters room. I realized my lil girl was seeing it from where she was sleeping. She will be 1yr on 19th september. Can you please help me with the meaning.

  41. Hi. i. Have been going through a huge change in my life and realize I am what people would call an Indigo child. But I’m 19 so I guess Indigo adult now. I can see things in other dimensions and it’s been increasing very much lately and I’ve been having very vivid dreams and visions and wake up early usually betwee 3-4 and don’t need as much sleep as I used to. A lot less actually.

    But what I wanted to ask you is really intriguing me as it could have meant many things.

    Monday night I was thinking in my head and praying to my guardians and guides to protect me and said I am open to any beings of light love and spirituality to visit me anytime. Later that night I was trying to sleep and I heard bats wings flapping around me and felt something small land on me. While half asleep, I grabbed it in my hand and I heard a screech like a bat so I let it go. I opened my eyes to see a small blur move across my bed. I am positive it was not a dream though.

    What could this mean? It could mean so many things. Maybe that it is my spirit animal or that my life is going to change and have a spiritual rebirth.

    Can anyone please tell me?

  42. Both bedroom doors of our two bedroom home were open. The rooms are beside each other and were wide open so that i could see inside both. There were 2 gigantic bats with wings spread out hanging upside down on corners of the room facing me as i looked in.they werent scary, the calmy and so steadily hung upside down. When coached to leave bec we were to occupy the rooms , no fuss one gathers itself quietly to fly out. Dream stops. What could it mean?

  43. I am one to have very vivid dreams. I did a hypnosis on the spirit animal before going to bed. I woke up remembering my dream that I had the power to turn myself into a number of bats and fly together as one being. It was exciting. There was also death in my dream. The very friendly man who stands outside the local grocery selling papers and who dresses up for every holiday, was wearing his Halloween wizard costume and had jumped off a bridge in front of my moms car… he landed on his head and crinkled his pointy wizard hat….????

  44. Recently I started to hear bat noises in my hallway and room. (There are no physical bats, thats the funny part)
    I also have a very stupid nyctophobia wich doesnt allow me to move on with spiritual practices. Now I understand why the bat came into me.
    Butterfly. Frog. Bat.
    João Saraiva, Lhasa

  45. Hello. When I go out at night for a jog bats have been crashing into me. The first one crashed on my hip the second one crashed right into my face the following day. Anyone know what that might mean?

  46. I dreamt I was at my family’s house, and saw a bat crawling across the fence outside. I also saw one hanging under the porch. Not sure if it was alive or not. Then two bears started to try to break in the front door. I was holding the door shut with superhuman strength, yelling for help but nobody came. Then I decided to let the bears inside, and they became men. Immediately we were all emotional and I felt bad for them. They just wanted to be sheltered. What does this mean?!

  47. Hello, I was planting tonight and all of a sudden I heard this loud squeeling and then what looked like a bat fell on my lawn about 2 ft away from me. All of a sudden something flew out and away from it (I’m assuming another bat?) The original bat (or what I think was a bat) was still laying there. Then about 5 seconds later it flew away too! Does this happen? Is it normal?
    Thank you!

  48. I just lost my job on Friday – a job I enjoyed for itself but loathed for managerial lies and awful pay structure. No real loss in itself. Only a financial worry due to lack of severance and the above mentioned pay issues.

    A weight slid off my shoulders. I lost the tight knots!

    Then last night (Sunday) a pipistrelle appeared flying around in the living room! Fitting.

    We caught it and got it back outside – we put up a bat house 2 years ago – but how the little cutie got in, is a mystery.

  49. This actually gave me grate insight…. I have always love bats. My little story happens today 8/13/17. It was so unreal, if it didn’t actually happen to me I don’t think I’d believe it. I was driving to work early this morning, dawn was just breaking. I had my drivers side window down, my cruse set. It all happened in a split second, I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye coming at me quick. I somehow was quick enough to get my passenger window down. Just then a bat ? flew right in my window and out the other. It about gave me a heart attack, along with excitement and disbelief. I am glad I got that window open I woulda hated it if the bat got hurt. You see this blog all makes sense to me cause I’ve been going through some difficult times, it gives me hope for my new transformation. Thanks again.

  50. I have had some strange things going on in my life. My life experience has been tumultuous. I have been told by quite a few people I am on a shamanic journey.

    The other morning I stepped out onto my deck. My attention was drawn to the sky and as i watched, a cloud formed the shape of a bat! Blew me away so I had to look it up and boy does it fit!
    I had a similar experience and the cloud became a horses head.
    I am in the process of becoming a Reiki Master and I have been working a lot with horses.
    I love the way God works! ❤️?

  51. I know that this sounds like a dream, but actually it’s not. About two months ago I stepped out the front door of my house one afternoon in Florida. As I looked up at the sky to the left I saw a hawk chasing something that looked to be a small sparrow. As I looked closer I noticed by it’s flight pattern that it was a bat. Then two crows approached and also went after the bat as the hawk then drifted away. I didn’t think that the crows could touch it due to bat’s radar system etc. However, one did hit the bat but it kept flying. The crows then left it alone and flew away, as did the bat. I told a couple of people about this at the time and then didn’t think much of it except that it seemed very strange and unusual, until I read about all these bat dreams and experiences on this website. Now I think that all this must mean something.

  52. This is a useful and thought provoking article! Today was an emotionally charged day moving my only child moved away to college. After much deep thought to the new home life ahead of me, I retired to bed and discovered a bat in my bedroom. It has since escaped but the healer in me sensed it’s bigger purpose. Thank you for the confirm!

  53. For the last 3 years I have had bats visiting my countryside home. It happens when I’m going away and on my return I find one dead but intact . Just found my third one. The previous 2 are still in a very good condition. I feel finding a third one I ought to do some kind of ritual to connect with all of them. I think this is significant more than ever.
    I would appreciate any guidance
    I thank you

  54. So I was waken up around 3 am by a flapping sound only to find a bat had found it’s way into my bedroom. Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.

  55. I just had a dream that I can not shake. Leaving out the bits that seem unimportant..

    I was walking alone along the shore of a great body of water in day time. The water was covered in a thick layer of black oil or tar. The waves were washing the oil unrealistically up over the edges of a container of yogurt that I was eating with no utensil, I was drinking it. There were many birds trapped in the oil drowning and attempting to get free, I did nothing but kept walking the shore very uncomfortably. I noticed a large hawk trying to unsuccessfully break free from the oils grasp and stopped in fear when a gigantic bat appeared from above and pulled the hawk free. The bat was grotesque looking, almost like the actualization of a cartoon character, or the imagery similar to ancient Chinese or Japanese art (I have not been looking at anything related to such for a very long time), ugly face, large teeth, etc., and had the number “76” on both of it’s wings. I originally thought the bat was attacking the hawk, I think out of my own culturally western conditioned mind, but since I’ve been remembering the dream nothing about the act was violent. The bat simply came from nowhere and pulled the hawk from the oil.

    Much of my own research on the symbolism of the number 76, the bat, the hawk and of oil reveals to me pieces of a puzzle that go eerily well together but I would really like to get an idea from a third perspective.

    If you’d like, please offer your own interpretation. I have Native American blood though my blood is dominantly European and I am a very spiritually centered person without any need or care for religion, however my interpretation relies heavily on the divine and might even dabble with the “Holy Spirit.”

    Let me know what you think, thanks.

  56. Hi, I’m very curious of bats because since i was young i tend to see bats and being mesmerized on it. The weird thing is that wherever i was going it happened that there’s a bat, well you can think its normal… But for me it’s not, cause one time when we have a program inside a gymnasium as i look at it’s ceiling at first i thought it was a bird but as i look at it again it was a bat. Then the other day there’s a black colored animals came flying inside our house, due to my curiousity i want to catch it but at the second thought it was weird as i look at it flying inside our house. Then my eyes widened as i realize what it is, it was a bat…

    Can anyone answer me what is the meaning of it?, I will be glad

  57. Thank you for this article. I’m hoping for some clarity about a lucid dream I had. Truly hoping someone may help interpret this in an unbias manner.

    I stepped outside into dusk, and heard a strange noise. I looked up and noticed a single bat fly over me and up into the sky. Soon many swarmed in the same route the original bat had; loudly. I noticed a MASSIVE one too, in the midst of the many. I played witness, unafraid the entire time, but more marveled.

    Soon following this huge swarm of bats flew into the clouds; causing the sound of thunder. The sound rattled. And then they disappeared..

    I’ve been absolutely going through many changes; embracing Self-Love and working to change the overall perception of who I am in a more positive light. This article may have answered my question, although I’m curious if this may be perceived differently through another’s eyes.

    Any insight or opinion helps.

    Many thanks,

  58. I went outside the other evening just before dusk and realised there were some bats above me in the sky. They were easily recognisable from their wing shape. The sky was still quite light but with an eerie overcast glow. Then I realised that there were hundreds of bats. They just kept coming across the house from the west to to the east. Eventually I went back inside even though there were more of them still coming.
    I have lived here for sixteen years and have never seen bats here. I sometimes think there may be one close by but it is always too dark to tell.
    Each time I thought there could not possibly be any more bats, more would come across the sky. It was not a normal thing for me to see.

  59. Bat visiting your dreams has several meanings. It can represent uncleanness, personal demons and annoyances. Bats in dreams also represent rebirth and unrealized potential. It is time to let go of old habits that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Bat is trying to let you know that the path you are currently traveling is not in your best interest. It is not helping you grow or obtain new goals. It is possible that you are entering a situation blindly. It is a good idea to take some time to evaluate the facts more carefully before accepting a deal or entering into this situation.

  60. Hello,
    Two nights ago I had a dream I was a teacher teaching a class I suppose about philosophy or philosophers because the word Plato was on the books. At the time I knew nothing about Plato so I asked the class to help me Teach it so that we can all learn from each other. So soon after the lesson was over and it was time to leave the class it was getting close the Sun set. So the students Hurriedly gathered their belongings and rushed out the class one person called to me for me to hurry out so that we could get to the dining hall before the bats came. Just before we reached the dining hall we could see and hear the bats coming I began to get scared. We finally made it inside and everybody exhaled with relief. I will be happy if someone could help me understand this dream and why we were running from the bats. Thank you in advance

  61. I dreamed that there was a bat on my windshield, outside, then it was actually inside, when I opened my car door to let it out, it flew and landed on my lower back, so real I felt myself brush my lower back. Never had any experiences with bats in my practices, wondering what your thoughts were about this dream?

  62. Your insights inspired me!
    Last night, I woke up to the sound of movement in my room, near the heater. I tried to be sneaky and to notice what may be causing the sound. I tried for sometime and every time it would become quiet again. At first I thought it may be a rodent. Anyway, I fell back on my bed and moments later, there a small bat hovering under the ceiling in circles! I could hear its wings as it whizzed above me again and again. I lay covered under the blanket digesting what was happening and thinking of what I should do! It was the last thing I thought would happen.
    It is so interesting now to note that this is happening at a time in my life where I’m actively taking the responsibility of being ME, of learning to embody a healthy, well-rounded masculinity. Since two weeks, I have begun meditating everyday and serious changes have started manifesting.
    I did not know what to make of the occurrence of the bat, but I like what you had to say about it in this article.


  63. Hi all!

    Twice this week a bath has crossed my path. I didn’t think much of it besides noticing it the first time (Sunday) but today (Wednesday) it made me think how I’ve never seen them before and now twice this week. I know we have bats in my city, but these two came to find me. I’m going through some things in my life that are hard to let go, it’s so interesting they would find me at this time.

  64. Hey there!Thankyou for the great article!!
    Tonight when I pulled my change from my pocket I pulled out two courters both with the same picture of a mom and baby bat on one side of each courter,could this mean bats are my spirit animal??

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