Badger Power Animal Symbol Of Aggression Self Expression

Ina Woolcott

Badger symbolises aggressiveness, reliance, self-expression, holding ones own, link to the underworld and the magic and mystery of creation, link to plant and animal spirits, fearlessness, boldness, braveness

The power of the badger lies in is its aggressiveness and the readiness to fight for what it wants. On the flip side, the badger is also about healing – they are the keeper of Earth’s healing herbs. Badger will persevere in finding a cure. People with this power animal are often healers and have the guts to use unconventional methods.

Badger’s are a member of the weasel family. They grow 2-3 feet long are around 12 inches high. As they have poor eyesight, family members often mark one another with scent. However, their sense of hearing and smell are excellent. Those with this power animal could do well in jobs that use sound as a healing tool. You may also need to develop clear sight, psychically and physically and not only depend on your other senses for survival.

People with this power animal also usually :

* are leaders and bosses and will get the job done.
* quick to express their feelings with concern for the consequences.
* likely to be solitary but comfortable and happy with themselves and their own company.
* are self-reliant

When used correctly, this is a powerful power animal to have on your side!

The badger is very domesticated – they keep their dens very clean and neat, replacing their bedding frequently, going backwards into their dens dragging the straw so they don’t make a mess. Badger bestows on you the gift of organisation and neatness. If they have entered your life then maybe you should focus on being orderly and neat in your daily life. You may also be shown how to handle your time better.

Badgers are very compact and well muscled, but they have loose skin which on the surface gives the a misleading look linking them to illusion. As the age old saying goes – what you see is not always what you get…. They have mightily strong jaws which symbolises verbal prejudice. Words can be like a double sided sword, negative or positive – sharp, harsh, cutting, crushing or the pole opposites – soft, encouraging, kind, gentle, uplifting…. Badger people can do either or.

They are fearless and fierce and if driven into a corner badgers will go at it tooth and nail and fight to the death! Very unsociable badgers are, so those with this medicine may find it hard relating to others, sneering at authority and holding their own in any given situation. One of their biggest tests would be being able to express themselves clearly.

Being amazing diggers, badgers are able to get below ground with no difficulty, linking them to the underworld. This is where the mysteries and magic of life and creation is held. Also, this is symbolic of a powerful link to animal and plant spirits, and can show badger people how to get in balance and alignment with above and below ground.

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