Ayahuasca Journey


By Carolynne Melnyk, www.AndeanTriangle.com

High in the Andean mountains
The vista of Cusco below,
Above the stars twinkling blue, white and gold,
Mama Quilla* in half-light,
Besides the Temple to the Moon,
How fitting for Wawa Quilla,
Child of the moon,
In a hexagonal temple to the Madre* Ayahuasca
We began.

Seven souls came together
To journey to other dimensions,
To look into their being,
To seek answers,
To know the connection to the Cosmos, Pachamama*,
to ALL.

It began with a pago to Pachamama,
An offering of the sacred coca,
An offering to Pachamama,
An offering to the Apus,
An offering to Viracocha*,
A connection to the Andean spirits.

Then the medicine began to dance
In vivid colours.
Purple, blue, green.
Shapes, designs of another dimension, another
Colours, shapes, and designs to anchor your
connection to ALL.
Why am I here again?
You are here to connect.
You are here to be activated.
You are here to know this place.
You watch and laugh.
Your heart filled with joy.
You know this place and feel the energy.
The answer comes, fleeting and quickly
You are on the right path.
You know! Why ask?

The purge is strong and forceful!
Cleansing and purifying.
Now the bodywork begins.
It comes on strong and in waves.
Sensations to numerous to describe.
To different for words of this world.
Tingling, pains, hot, cold,
Pulses of energy that shake and vibrate the
Sensations in your auric field.
Same sensations you have had all week.
I recognise this. What is happening?
Yes, you have been going through this, but we are
completing it more quickly.
Your vibration must be increased for what lies
Time to move further beyond the physical.
The only way to deal with what lies ahead.
Thoughts, to survive the change or to finally go
No answer!
Just a feeling of total and complete bliss.
Knowing once more that all is well.

Venturing outside
To talk to Mama Quilla and the Star People.
Stars blue and intense.
Radiating their message of love and connection.
Letting me know I am not alone.
Yes, there is home.
Connecting the energy of the Cosmos to Pachamama,
Pachamama to the Cosmos.
Feeling the two come together in my crystal heart.
Feelings of intense LOVE!

How can one person be so very, very blessed?
How can one person feel such intense love for all?
A whole life of blessings!
The body is about to burst with feelings.
A sense that my whole life has had the purpose of
Sharing love and calm with all who crossed my
A sense that this was all I was supposed to do
A sense that maybe my work is almost done.
A feeling of completeness, job well done.
How can one person be so very blessed?

The icaros strong, uplifting
Beautiful rays of colourful energy spiralling up
and connecting all to the ONE.
Icaros* of the Shipibo.
The Shipibo of the Amazon.
The Shipibo guardians of the medicine.
The icaros,
The language of the medicine.
The language of the elements; fire, water, earth,
The language of the Creator.
The language of the connection to ALL.

Connection complete.
Activation done.
The song fades.
A deep sleep comes.

*Mama Quilla =Grandmother Moon
*Madre Ayahuasca = Mother Ayahuasca
*Pachamama = Mother Earth
*Viracocha = Supreme God of the Andes
*Icaros = Songs sung during the Ayahuasca

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  1. That is exactly how I felt with Ayuascha and I never want to forget the lessons I was taught! Thanks for sharing

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