Albert Hofmann Father Of Lsd Dead

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Dr. Albert Hofmann, the father of LSD, and the man who launched a thousand trips died age102 on the 29th April 2008. I wish we would have gone to Basel this year now – ironically we did say that we should go this year as it nay be the last time we see Albert Hoffman, who first synthesized the drug in 1938 and then learned of its hallucinatory effects 5 years later, after accidentally ingesting it.

Dr. Hofmann called LSD ‘Medicine for the Soul, and although he took LSD hundreds of times, he saw it as a powerful and potentially dangerous psychotropic drug that demanded respect. The pleasures of the psychedelic experience were unimportant to him, rather it was the drug’s value as a revelatory aid for contemplating and understanding what he saw as humanity’s oneness with nature. That perception of union, which came to Dr. Hofmann as an almost religious epiphany while still a child, directed much of his personal and professional life. His love for life can be seen clearly in his face no matter what age. You can clearly see his loving soul shine through.

According to Rick Doblin, president of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Dr Hofmann died of a heart attack at his home in Basel, in a statement posted on the association’s website.

African Shaman Malidoma Patrice Som On Shamanism


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Malidoma Patrice Somé was kidnapped at 4 years old by French Jesuit missionaries, raised in their boarding school, and given a Western education. The missionaries were attempting to convert and train a legion of black Africans who might go back to their tribes and bring them to Christianity. He did not escape the missionary school until he was 20, by which time he had forgotten his native language, having been forbidden to speak it by the Jesuits. To be able to communicate with his people, he underwent a process of ‘relearning’. He took part in a month long Dagara initiation process. The Dagara believe we are all born with a destiny, and given a name that reflects that destiny. Malidoma means friend of the enemy. Malidoma believes it is his destiny to come to a western audience in friendship and tell them about his experience of being torn away from his people by westerners. His book, Of Water and the Spirit, is really an autobiography, and his attempt to describe his experiences. His life in the Jesuit school was not a pleasant experience – he describes it as a jail, he was repeatedly sexually abused by the priests there. Since returning to the Dagara, Malidoma has been initiated into the rank of elder within the tribe.

Malidoma holds 3 Master’s degrees and 2 doctorates from the Sorbonne and Brandeis University. He has taught at the University of Michigan. He conducts seminars and retreats in Oregon and throughout the world.

The words in the video are written by Malidoma Patrice Somé, and are read by Reid Baer.

‘Ritual is the most functional means by which archetypal energies are dealt with – indigenous people have been aware of that for eons. Ritual facilitates, and provides us with, a unique channel to access higher power. Certain issues don’t want to be resolved mechanistically. We don’t have to know how the power works, we just have to show up and let the higher forces deal with the issues. The trap we feel inside ourselves is removed once we enter into sacred space. The energies know how to push obstacles out.’

Maldioma’s website: :

To purchase Malidomas book, Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman, click below.

A Look Through The Circle Opening Of The Fabric In Our Dreams

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My Husband has always been a hunter. For a long time, I was envious of this passion of his and jealous of the time he took away from me. One morning, before light, as my Husband left to go on a hunt, I made a conscious decision to give him “as he put it” my blessing and wish him luck and hugged him. I went back to bed. Continue reading A Look Through The Circle Opening Of The Fabric In Our Dreams