Calico Cat Power Animal Symbol of Luck, Fortune

A calico cat has three distinct patterns on her fur: black, white, and orange. The vast majority of calico cats you have ever seen are all female, only 1 in 3000 calicos are male. This is due to the sex-linked nature of coat color for cats, similar to color-blindness for humans. Just the mere event of encountering a male calico cat required tremendous luck, hence the cat’s association with the trait.

That is why in Japan, the male calico cat is a symbol of fortune. Many Japanese storefronts have a figurine of a calico cat, and sometimes an actual cat, in hopes of good business. Japanese ships used to carry calico cats to channel good fortune at sea.

Calico cats are house cats, so their medicinal traits of wholeness, independence, curiosity, many lives, cleverness, love, mystery, and magic all still apply. Just expect a layer of luck and fortune, both good and bad, to be associated with all of those.

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