Aries (Ram) Power Animal Symbol of Strength, Leadership

Ram is the representation of the astrological sign Aries. It is the first sign in the astrological calendar, signifying leadership. In the Chinese zodiac, the year of the Ram is a sign of prosperity and auspiciousness.

Ram, the male sheep, is a headstrong, sometimes violent, independent leader who follows no one else. Ram is endowed with typical masculine traits such as Action, Leadership, Strength, and Virility.

The bighorn sheep is perhaps the most well-known of all wild sheep species. During mating season, the males’ battles for supremacy are no doubt what inspire many to identify with Ram as their power animal. The winner of these battles gets to mate with every ewe he controls that season, with his genes leading the way for the next generation. worthy representation of virility indeed.

Should you come across Ram, it symbolizes an important male figure in your life. Perhaps that man is yourself, if you are a man! Pay attention to how that Ram behaves. If he’s agitated and about to charge, be prepared for an argument or fight with that important man in your life. If the ram is yourself, you may be facing some inner turmoil that needs to be resolved before things boil over.

Ram represents strength. One look at the dominant ram’s glorious rack of horns is enough to realize how true that is. Call upon Ram’s strength should you need to win an upcoming argument or debate. Use Ram’s steadfastness to stand your ground and stick to your principles. You may also need Ram’s bravery to help you through defeat, which may sometimes be necessary.

Rams are animals of action. Whether he’s fending off rivals during the rut or chasing away predators, Ram is unafraid. He aggressively chases or leads with his horns, butting aside his enemies. You may not want to go through life forever as the aggressor, but there are times when it would be wise to follow Ram’s example. It’s never good to waffle between two choices for too long, after all. Taking action and fully committing to a decision can only lead to good outcomes, either it becomes the right choice, or you learn from your mistake and know what to do in the future.

If you’ve come across Ram a lot lately, let Ram lead you down a new path. Whether that’s moving to a new place, finding a new job, or maybe even following a new leader at work. Maybe you have been newly promoted to a managerial position, or started your own business. Let Ram reassure you of your leadership qualities. Trust your instincts, you’re going to do great!

Ram’s medicine of Strength and Leadership is applicable in many situations, particularly when you are in need of defense or indecisive. Don’t hesitate to call upon his power should you need his support. Also, make sure to build or maintain good relationships with good Ram people in your life.

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