Ant Power Animal Symbol Of Team Work Oneness And Patience

By Ina Woolcott

When observing ants it is easy to see some of the special characteristics, or ‘powers’ they have. Ants are very industrious. There are ants that are solitary but most are part of a large community. Within the community there is a wide variety of activities and behaviours, with each ant knowing its place and fulfilling its duties with total loyalty to the whole. Each ant does his bit to ensure the survival of the whole community, no matter what role it has in society. Activities include gathering and hunting. They work hard, are patient and co-operative. An ant is able to carry a leaf, a crumb or a dead ant for miles – just to get back home to the anthill, requiring a load of stamina and patience. If an ant has to fight, it will, if an ant has to dig tunnels, it will, and if an ant has to carry leaves for miles, it will, all for the good of the community. As well as being extremely hard working they possess an extraordinary ability to work as a team – the power of their medicine – to build their homes, to feed and protect all members of their colony. There may be a social order in ant colonies, but all ants honour and respect each other and work toward their common goal – the good of the community. Worker ants are great architects and can show us how to construct our dreams into reality. They are also very persistent and can teach this skill as well. Queen ants have wings and are able to fly until they fall pregnant. Once pregnant they tear of their own wings sacrificing the ability to fly for the birth of a newborn.

If the ant has crossed your path then this may be an indication that you are hardworking, good at team work, working to help the community, or that you are patient and take the time needed to achieve your goals. Being tireless workers and hunters, ant teaches us the trait of perseverance and patience in ALL they/we do. These gifts can also be utilised by us. Those who have Ant as Power Animal, will find that many of their life lessons will involve the mastery of patience in some way. Ant medicine is powerful, yet subtle. It teaches us how to let go of our egos, aligning us with the uprightness of equality. For sure the world would be a happier place if humanity held and utilised the virtues of ants. Imagine what the world would be like if humanity held and applied the values that the ant expresses. Hard work and patience, which come with the power of the ant, make goals and dreams a reality.

If any of the above seem like your weak points, this may indicate that you need to work on this. Perhaps you need to practise the special qualities an ant possesses – co-operating, working with others or patiently working towards your goals. If you intentionally murder or maim an ant e.g. by stepping on it, question yourself why it is that you are deciding to destroy the unconditional love that the ant so freely gives and shares.

6 thoughts on “Ant Power Animal Symbol Of Team Work Oneness And Patience”

  1. I am being swarmed by ants. Whenever I turn on my AC, its just spews out ants. Trying to figure out why and where it comes from. Is this a symbolism or do I just need to get my AC cleaned?

    1. I would definitely take care of the AC…plus also bear in mind it’s the time of year. I’m actually looking this up because I found an ant on the bathroom counter while I was brushing my teeth…they’re everywhere around this time of year! But I still take the message into account, a little more patience, hard work and team playing never hurts!

  2. A big black army ant was on my kitchen floor! They scare me. I killed him cause I couldn’t catch him to let him out. I feel bad

  3. Since i started becoming more spiritual, stop eating meat, lots of pure water, these dam ants, bugs, animals wont leave me alone lol, even snakes….yes snakes they are not even scared, everything don’t see me as a predator nor a prey but as a neutral ground, now im not complaining but its the weirdest and most wonderful feeling at the same time, now the only problem is i became a organic veggie farmer and the leaf cutters are a problem and i just need to find a way to get them off the property as they are very cute and will never bite you, but as soon as they know that you will not harm them, its a big problem as they come with their entire clan for a feast…………but yea wonderful feeling never the less

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