Alligator Crocodile Power Animal Symbol Of Primal Energies Survival

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Alligator/Crocodile’s medicine includes maternal protection, primal energies, connection to mother earth, protection from manipulation, understanding deceit, revenge through patience, initiation, understanding weather, access to ancient knowledge, power to survive.

The Alligator/Crocodile has inhabited earth for millions of years. They bare the unstoppable, untameable creative forces of All That Is, the force and fury of primal energies. They symbolise creation and destruction and are the keepers and protectors of all knowledge. In many a myth and legend crocs/alligators are known as the keepers of ancient wisdom. when one of these creatures enters your life, look for an opportunity to touch very primal energies. There will be an opportunity for new knowledge and wisdom.

Concealing themselves in mud and water, the alligator/crocodile will wait patiently for unsuspecting prey to come by and quickly snap it up! They eat any animal they can get their snappers on, and if unable to swallow it whole, will tear it into bite size pieces. YUM! In spite of this, they don’t eat unnecessarily. Waste is not a part of their medicine. If this is your power animal, be mindful over what you consume. don’t over eat, or under eat either. Listen to your body telling you when you are full or not. Digestive problems are not uncommon amongst those with this power animal. The alligator/croc digests its food slowly, and so must you remember to gather, absorb and digest all experiences thoroughly before moving on too quick.

The alligators/crocodiles eyes located high upon their heads, giving them the ability to stay pretty much hidden below water yet still see above it. Symbolically this suggests clairvoyant abilities. From these creatures we can learn how to be patient and appropriate timing, for the alligator/croc knows when to hide below the water, when to peak above it, or take action and snap. For croc/alligator people caring for the eyes is important.

Concealing themselves in the water links the croc/alligator to the emotional body of man. They contain the lesson of discovering and letting go of emotions hidden below the surface. In the wet season when water is high, the alligators/crocodiles dig deep burrows that in the dry season are wet alcoves to which they retreat. As well as this, the alcoves act as reservoirs from which other animals drink. Water is the giver, the blood, the nectar of life, and though the alligator/crocodiles may be regarded as fearless and fierce by most, the sharing of these reservoirs shows that the alligator/croc respect all life forms.

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5 thoughts on “Alligator Crocodile Power Animal Symbol Of Primal Energies Survival”

  1. In what is my second dream about crocodile, I was led to this website. Without saying a whole lot. Thank you for this very powerful awakening into my new life.

  2. The gator is one of my animal power symbols and I believe this animal is much more than what is listed. The alligator is a patient opportunist. He waits and waits until the timing is right and then lunges with such accuracy at it’s prey it is successful almost every time. The alligator has a tough, impenetrable hide making it invulnerable to anything that attacks it.
    Not a bad animal ally!

  3. A 4 foot has come to our Pond that was full of Egret and Ducks..He has really approached me twice and just sat and started at me..I looked this medicine up and I am having Digestive issues….So that part shocked me..Clairvoyant.and Wisdom I never thought about!

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