A Look Through The Circle Opening Of The Fabric In Our Dreams

Submitted by Anonymous

My Husband has always been a hunter. For a long time, I was envious of this passion of his and jealous of the time he took away from me. One morning, before light, as my Husband left to go on a hunt, I made a conscious decision to give him “as he put it” my blessing and wish him luck and hugged him. I went back to bed.

Before he came back , I dreamed I was looking through a circle and down onto a frosty field with a line of bushes to the right. It was dark out. I saw my husband and his hunting partner, pushing the carcass of a deer along in the frosty grass. Next, I was standing out in the field , 10 times my normal size, naked, my body a blueish moonstone color with a thin line of blueish electricity around it. I looked over my shoulder and saw a male deer, a buck, laying on the grass. He lifted his head towards me, dropped it again and did this three times, blood running from his nostrils and blood running down the inside of my leg. I was just coming out of menopause and so was finished bleeding that month.

When my husband came home, I asked him not to tell me anything about the hunt so that I could tell him the dream without any prompting from him. I told him that the buck had run out of the bush, slowly running with head down, towards the other side of the bush after a doe. He was also running from another hunter. My husband verified that before they shot the buck that was exactly what happened and that the buck did indeed lift his head three times before he died. I can only say that It was a gift given to me to “see” and be at the hunt with my husband.

A while after that, we were walking on a country road and my husband pointed out the hoof prints of a big buck on the road. That night I dreamt that I was back on that road and the big buck was walking beside me looking me in the eye. We went back there and the buck from my dream came out from a line of bushes and stood some 200 metres away long enough that we could get a good look at him.

I don’t know why I am so lucky to have these experiences but I know that I could never bring them on, they only happen and I look forward to another one.

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