Wisdom Will Bite If You Ignore It

Submitted by Deniz Keller, İzmir,Turkey

As a seeker of wisdom and truth I have been drawn to visit the ancient sites and temples in Turkey.

November 9,2011, I had the opportunity to travel and visit the amazing site called “Göbeklitepe” located in Urfa. Just before 11.11.11. The discovery of this place has changed the course of history. It is said to be 8000 years older than the pyramids in Egypt. There are videos on youtube if you wish to check it out or check the archive of National geographic…

I will now tell you about my journey to Göbeklitepe and the Spider that brought me wisdom with a bite.

It was a beautiful sunny day which gave us the opportunity to stay longer at the on going excavations . The Feminine energy there is very strong so I wanted to take the opportunity to meditate, connect with our ancestors and receive any wisdom that may be gifted to me that day.

I sat beside a wooden pole and rested my hand upon it as I began to prepare for meditation. I realized a spider crawling towards my right hand in between my thumb and pointing finger. I Moved my hand because I thought it might bite me. However,I felt that this spider had a significance since it fully caught my attention. After a few minutes I went in to meditation and right after continued to go around the site. An hour later our tour guide came over and told me that it was time to get on the bus and travel to the next city which we would be sleeping overnight. By that time,I had forgotten about the spider.

We arrived at the hotel, had dinner and went to our rooms to sleep.

In the morning I woke up with a light burning and itching sensation on my right hand. With a great surprise, I realized that I had been bit by a spider exactly at the same place where the spider at Göbeklitepe excavation was about to crawl on to. The spider sure was insistant to give me a message and this time I could not ignore it!

I began searching for answers. I sat in front of my computer and googled power animals. A site popped up on “Shamanism” and I was guided to ask for information. I wanted to ask someone that would give me insight about the spider but I also wanted to know if there would be an additional message.

As they say: “Ask and thy shall receive”.

Here is Viola’s email response to me:

Hi there Deniz

“Thanks for your mail and for sharing your beautiful story.

If a spider has entered your life, it’s showing you something and it has come to teach you something about the web of life. Spiders are very delicate and detailed. Have you ever looked at a spider web properly? Isn’t it just perfect and precise?

It sounds like as if there are changes to come in your life or you may already be in the process. Funny enough, I too have a spider ‘issue’ right now. I see them everywhere, in all sizes in and out the house, my car, shops, friends. There is a big message there for me as for the things that are happening in my life right now. The message the spider brings is personal and only you will understand what the message is. I am sure you have read our article already, but just in case here is the link.”

I read the article about the spider and reflected on Viola’s words that guided me to focus on the web of life. I imagined a web of light around the world and a spider connecting all parts of the web together. People, information, energy fields, etc. At that moment, I knew I had to meditate and pray to receive further wisdom by asking what does this all mean for me? What is the missing piece of the puzzle? What is the message? I then thought of the bite and started laughing. Was I to turn in to Spider woman? Perhaps I should call spider man in Hollywood and tell him his female companion has arrived ha ha ha! Silly me!

I then took deep breath and began meditating and calling my guides to help me receive answers to all of my questions. Below is the wisdom I have received:

“The sacred places I have been visiting is reactivating the sacred spots within me causing me to embody the sacredness and I am to share it. Combining the old with the new and weaving a new web of life like the spider(many changes are coming and very quickly so must be prepared). Blending the old with the new and making it more digestible and appropriate for the now…creating a new web by “RESTORING JOY!” (confirming for me to keep sharing by raising the vibration of joy and laughter. (One of the things I teach is stress management and Laughter Yoga). Coming full circle in balance of the masculine and feminine. Through love, joy and wisdom all differences, separateness etc. are dissolving.

We who witness the love and gifts of spirit, witness them with our words and life. That this may be for the joy and encouragement to others in faith.”

Footnote: Thank you Viola for sharing your wisdom about the spider and guiding me to focus on the web of life. It helped me to receive more awareness for my life purpose. I will not ignore another animal that comes my way. They bite me if I do ;-). Can u imagine if I encounter a tiger or a bear??? No! I shall not ignore them!!! 😉

Happy to connect in the web of life and unity! I appreciate your light and wisdom.

All for Love and Love for all to RESTORE JOY!

Deniz Keller İzmir,Turkey

6 thoughts on “Wisdom Will Bite If You Ignore It”

  1. I-Joy. ..funny today I took a paper towel and escorted a spider out the door but did not see what happened to her after I shook the paper towel. Hours later…my leg began to itch. Two extremely red marks were there on my leg. What constantly comes to me is keep the conversation those of Joy. ..I asked and gave thanks this morning for those who know the blessed value of Joy -ing. I came on the web to find out about a spider bite..and found more Joy..merci

  2. Having a sleepless night and came across your site. I was googling the symbolic meaning of a spider bite. You probably won’t believe me, but I have been bitten by a spider 3 different times. One just recently. Very interesting information, thanks for sharing. I’m going through a lot of changes…

    1. Lol …its funny I tell you.
      So 3 days ago I was bitten by a spider on my upper lip. Mind you I kept seeing spiders for 3days. I didnt make a big fuss about it because I thought id be ok. During this time I was having communication issues with my partner. Contemplated on the beauty of a spider as I felt my relationship heading towards a dark path. I thought of Charlotte’s Web, and the emotional connectuin I made as a child to Charlottes character. I thought of the beautiful intricate creations spiders weave with such tenacity and perseverance. The strength of the web in itself as well. I felt a warmth in my heart but went on about my day. Stull with negative emotions about my situation with my partner. I began to feel a numbed sensation all over the area where the spider bit me, my face and neck began to swell. But I still thought it cure itself. Today the third day I decided to see a dr as it got progressively worse. Before I left to the dr. My partner and I finally spone and moved in a more positive direction without me holding anything back. But making myself responsible for my own joy. Weaving my own web of lifes joy. Dr perscribed some meds and told me to head to emergencies in case it turned dark, or I got a fever. I went online looking for spiritual meanings of spider bites.and came across this….at 3:33 pm further confirming my self accountability for beinv my own joy and not holding others responsible for my feelings and that life will be what I weave within myself. Tha k you all for all of your stories. I took the meds already and swelling and numbing sensation is going down. Along with my internal conflict with my own sadness. Look forwad to painting a spider and her web in appreciation of its beauty.

  3. Hello, I was bitten a couple of weeks ago I honestly though it was a massive mosquito bite but later realise it was a spider I’ve been going through a lot through the years and and always remaind strong but recently I’m not I had a feeling I should look up about it as really felt like it was telling me to sort myself out giving me a good kick up the butt

  4. I know what this sounds like and believe the remarks to your spiritual conquest and the spider. I am one of two unicorns that inhabit the earth as we speak. I am very intuned with what’s going on, but have many questions of the spirituality of things. Because I am what I am I have recently battled satan! A true vibration shockwave of a warrior that he is I can tell you that he is personally scared of spiders like a little girl! Right before I met him a huge wolf spider entered the building. I am as well not fond of spiders but this one I could tell was protecting me. Or showing me my totem was the spider at that moment and that I would battle him the right way! Battling isn’t always as we think. Most the time it’s kindness with wit and charm to dominate the opponent! Thank you for your wisdom?

  5. i have been seeing a bunch of spiders in my room recently, al lot more than usual. I also have been waking up with multiple spider bites the past 2 or 3 weeks. my mom told me it may have meaning to it, overcomes I’m not the best at connecting these messages to my life. but u do think that the spiders want to tell me something. it could also have something to do with my aracnaphobia (idk how to spell it) but i see spiders crawling on my walls, but when i look closer their not there. i really wonder what they’re trying to say…

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