Robin Power Animal Symbol Of Growth And Renewal

Robin’s medicine includes understanding the power of song, happiness, guide in the wisdom of change, growth, renewal.

Robins have a powerful significance in ancient myth and lore. One tale has its origins in European mythology, in which the bird of Spring is linked with the New Year and symbolises divine sacrifice and the rebirth of the spirit.

Medieval Europe lore often depicted the robin attending the Christ child, an emblem of the Passion to come. The tiny robin flew to Jesus’ Crown of Thorns, striving bravely to pluck the thorns away with his beak. Unfortunately, the bird only tore his own breast on the thorns. Since then it was thought that robins wore red feathers on their chests as a badge of honour.

The robin is a bird of divine service. Robin people often have past life ties to the Christ energy and would make excellent missionaries or priests.

Robins are good parents like many birds are. One facet of this power animal their ability to nurture themselves into true adulthood. This is signified by the robin’s red breast – it symbolizes the activation of creative energy, inciting growth. This is also linked with the Robin’s traditional connection to spring – the season of renewal. When we let go of our past – a lot of which stems from childhood experiences – we are refreshed and renewed, thus unburdened and free to nurture and serve ourselves as well as others. If the robins gifts have not been learned and utilised correctly, you will be continually challenged by the prospects of change with difficulties cropping up as well as emotional disharmony. Let go of the past…move on……

If there is an abundant food supply, robins will live the year-round in an area. This can show us that when our heart and soul feels gloomy and cold, we are able to thrive if we possess sufficient inner strength, courage and trust. Therefore, the robin is an especially good ally to have through the winter months.

One part of growth is learning how to deal with conflict in a mature manner. Male robins immersed in territorial disputes sing to each other. This trait upholds the creative aspect of this bird’s energy. To become truly mature, we have to learn to trust our intuition and our unique creative expressions.

Robin will incite new growth in all areas of your life, areas that have become stagnant and out-dated. You must believe in yourself as you move forward for if you do, barriers will disappear, and confrontations will be for show only. Robin will show you how to do this with joy in your hearts. Their song is a happy one, reminding you to let go of your personal drama and learn to laugh with life.

The robins eggs are powder blue. This colour is associated with the throat chakra in man and is also linked to heavenly inspiration. As the throat chakra’s main function is use as an expression of All That Is and the egg is symbolic of new life, you will be taught how to express yourselves positively in all you do. You will be lead to new beginnings without fear by restoring trust in yourself and your soul. Meditate on Robin and the right path will be shown to you.

The red colour on the robins chest is linked to the kundalini in man. This is the life force that resides coiled up within the base of the spine. When sufficient spiritual growth has been reached, it uncoils and moves up the spine to create heightened awareness. This will enhance psychic vision and leads us to enlightenment. If robin is your guide, you will most probably be a dedicated spiritual seekers. Although growth can be slow and testing, with patience, compassion and proper focus spiritual ideals will be fulfilled.

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  1. I had a dream on strobe Tuesday, I’d been to a funeral then on to a soul event, went home award’s still day time it was a new home as I didn’t recognise it in a place I don’t know as I was going in two ladies from the sensory team turned up and asked me if I was alright did I need any help with anything, as I told them I didn’t need help I’m sorted ta , a robin flew over my right shoulder towards the door way , turned round as I put my right hand up it landed on my finger then nestled in my hand,, l stroked it’s chest then it flew on to my left shoulder and left me a gift down my back ,, then I woke up thought to myself what the **** was that about ,, iv been struggling with depression and been very low but since the dream I felt lifted and different in myself,, iv worked most of the dream out because it keep pestering me until I did ,,

    1. this is so cool especially that it left you a gift on your back. If you’re suffering with depression the spiritual life will definitely help with that. So the Robin in your dream according to this page giving you a gift on your back might have something to do with what it says in the last paragraph. Good luck

    2. Have you ever heard of Theta Healing therapy. I had bipolar and since this therapy my whole life changed and I’m finally getting to know me and why I am who I am. You do this by connecting to the Creator of all that is and literally changing your life. A true blessing and I’m now able to more clearly see and understand the universes messages! Best of luck to all!!

  2. Hey there, every morning staring at 6am a robin spends 3 hours trying to get in our home, tries different windows, he is relentless, we never let him in because we have cats, but he comes everyday and runs feet first into different windows…

    1. Hi
      WOW The same robin must be at my house because he is trying to get into the house through windows that I sit at and my sliders to the deck.. One is in the from of the house and the other is in the back…. He is persistent and knocks on the glass with his beak .. big and beautiful……My dogs went outside and he never even flew away.. they just stared at each other and then he left…..??????

    2. We have a Robin who is consistently trying to fly into a window on the north side of our home. I am wondering why this robin is so persistAnt and if this is symbolic of something that I should know

  3. I have had this before with another bird, I cant remember the type of bird it was, but every morning it continually either flew into the closed windows of our bedroom or pecked at the glass, waking us each morning.

    For months we couldn’t work it out.

    Then one day we saw the bird returning to the gables under the roof over the bedroom with scraps of food in its beak. Later when the bird had flown off we took a look at the spot where we had seen the bird go to and to our surprise we found a nest with young birds eagerly waiting to be fed.

    We then figured that the bird was trying to ward us off, get us away form its nest of young, so we moved bedrooms but kept an eye on the comings and goings of the bird. We never saw or heard the bird hit the window after that.

    Hopefully we put its mind at rest and it found peace enough to be the parent it wanted to be.

  4. How awesome, to hear about the story above with the nest under the gable. These birds are a very cheerful bird, For the last week we have had a Robin perch on our trees in the garden and sing its heart out all day. The song is beautiful joyful sweet and delicious. We started to wonder if it was a sign or a message of some sort. One evening, my partner said, Lets go out and listen to its song, it was approaching dusk and it sat isolated singing its part of the evening chorus. As we listened I said, its offering its praise as birds do every morning and night, and at that thought, I thought I should offer my praise to give thanks for all that I have in a gesture of gratefulness, at that moment the bird flew off, as if to say you have got the message at last. It was appropriate as a few weeks earlier we had our car stolen with lots of our personal belongings inside. It was a blow and left us quite down, and upset. This little bird came and reminded us to give thanks for the things we do have and not to get too down, but to stay positive and things will be alright again. It is still there this morning continuing to encourage us and keep us inspired to move in our new direction. Blessings to all.

  5. I understand that the first Robin one sights upon a New Year symbolizes and depicts the overall “mood” for that given year. Hence,… ideally in flight!

  6. My husband and I for no reason took another way home. It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t talked about. We just took a right at a fork instead of a left. A short distance later we saw a Robin in the middle of the road. It didn’t fly away when we drove by. We turned around to try and help it. As we approached it cars were clipping it . I couldn’t run fast enough. It was still alive. It never moved as I picked it up. Still in one piece I held it gently and brought it home in the country. A few hours later it gained energy and we set it free. The reason I am sharing this is…I drive a school bus. Early in the morning during my inspection I look up. There is a single Robin..sitting on a branch 10 feet from me watching every move I made. I noticed the right side of the Robins wing was sticking out more than the other. It really made me wonder. I took a picture of it. Then I found this site. I never knew Robins had a spiritual history. Gives me chills. I work 15 minutes from home.

  7. Im so happy I found this page. I have been on a spiritual journey and it’s taking more depth recently. I had one of my teachers help me with some healing using a peace eagle wing. A week later I was gifted a robin. In his tradition he knows how to preserve the wings properly to be used for light energy healing. I am excited and thankful for the next phase font journey, and everything I read in the excerpt above touches me completely. Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Hello to all of you , my soul brothers and sisters , I’m so glad i google this subject. My mother past two years ago. A week after her pass I was working in the garden and a Robin flu next to , his charping was so laud and directed at me that I had this feeling my mother was trying to come true it. I ask him is she was my mom spirit and its charp more. In the singing I understood my mother was telling me she was ok. The Robin is around me all the time and every were I go, his around singing every morning. God bless all.

    1. wow what a beautiful story! I’m sorry for your loss. I truly believe we will see them again and that they’re always with us. My mom passed away two years ago also in May. I have been praying for her to connect with me and not only did I have a dream about her on Mother’s Day, but also the birds have been singing extremely loud lately. Waking me up annoying me lol but there are also some birds slamming into my windows because of nesting season they see their own reflection and are trying to ward off other birds. That is what brought me to this page But after reading about the totem, I believe it also could be a perfect message for me because I’m working the 12 steps and because I have been going through a ton of spiritual growth lately. thank you for sharing your story

  9. Yesterday, after a day of doing household chores, I sat in back with my dad, talking. I looked over at the fence and there was this single bird; a red breasted Robin, who kept watching me. I looked back and admired him. And he just sat there watching. My dad asked what it was and as soon as I identified him, he began to sing beautifully. Turning side to side as if he was proud of it. The whole time I just watched and smiled until he, swooped into the yard, and flew into the tree.

  10. Hi,
    My mum passed away 22nd may 2016, she was diagnosed with lung cancer on the 11th may, and was told she had 3-6mths to live, she lasted 11 days, I’m desperate for signs as I miss her so much and I’ve seen a robin in my backyard on my child’s swing staring at me through the sliding doors also yesterday on top of my fence, so all these comments have made me feel really good, I do believe it’s mum saying be strong and that she’s with me.

  11. I have been feeling pretty low this last week & was laying in bed this morning & heard a birds wings flapping against a big round window in our breeze way……I went out side and there was a robin that thought he could fly thru & I got him on my hand and pointed him in the right direction & he flew away! I have saved several hummingbirds but never a robin. After he flew away I turned around to see my little dog & 2 cats watching me….they heard it too!

  12. While my mom was pregnant with me my name was Kimberly Jean. She called me that for 8.5 months. I came into this world 3 weeks early and fast 3 hour labor. She told me I was screaming on entry to the world. When asked what she was going to name me – Surprise after 8.5 months of being a Kimberly I ended up Robin Elizabeth. The sisters misspelled it as it was supposed to be with a “y” not an ‘i”. After all these years I don’t see a mistake I see cosmic ordering in action… and believe it or not I can relate to “Robin’s” in most ways.. This was a great article.

  13. I went out this morning and saw hundreds if not thousands of Red breasted Robins around my house flying to and fro from tree to tree. I have never seen so many Robins at one time. they were chirping loudly and reminded me of a mass flock of Black Birds I see that occasionally come by while I suppose are migrating. Is there some type of meaning or significance in seeing Red breasted Robins in an extraordinary large number?

  14. Was sitting on the back porch when a hawk swooped down and grabbed up a robin. I just KNOW that the universe is trying to tell me something….please help me figure this out as I have reached a fork in the road of my life and I believe that this sign is attempting to guide me.

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