Rabbit Power Animal Symbol Of Creativity Intution Paradox And Fear

By Ina Woolcott

Rabbit is interpreted in different ways in different cultures. In China, it is one of the astrological animals and linked too good fortune and the moon. People born under Rabbits sign are believed to be artistic and sensitive. The Rabbit is also linked with the goddess Hecate. In some Native American traditions Rabbit is known as the Fear Caller, due to it projecting its fear of those wishing to eat it, and thereby attracting the predators it fears.Ever heard the phrase scared as a rabbit? Well, rabbits are well known as timid, shy and afraid creatures. We can learn from the rabbit that if we are always afraid of something then we may draw/create the very experience we are afraid of in to our lives. Fear sends out a certain vibrational energy that may attract the very thing we fear. Fearful thoughts reproduce (like rabbits) and manifest what we fear. Rabbit people may be afraid of tragedy, illness, and disaster, thereby calling those very fears to them to teach them lessons

If a rabbit lives in constant fear of being eaten by an eagle, then this increases the chances of this happening by sending out negative energy. The rabbit should dedicate his time and energy to becoming clever and cautious in order to outwit the eagle. If the rabbit finds you then ask yourself whether you are worried or afraid of something. Ask yourself what the best way to handle the situation is. Are you able to let go of your fears? Is there a friend who is able to help you, someone whom you trust? Whatever, living with fear is no good for you.

Rabbits are guides into the shadow world, where our personal fears lie. When the rabbit shows up it is time to examine those deep reflexive fears that hold you back from growing. Do you keep bounding for the safety of your old patterns every time something new or challenging presents itself? If the answer is yes, the rabbit asks you to face your fears with compassion for yourself. You must accept that it is part of human nature to feel fear at times, but also believe that our fears need not paralyze our growth and movement.

Rabbit medicine is also very positive, showing us how to attract love, abundance, health, and a warm, dry burrow. We are guided to move through fear, living by our own wits, receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages, quick thinking, strengthening intuition, and paradox. Rabbit represents humility, being quiet and soft and not self-asserting. If you see Rabbit or in any way feel attracted to him, this may be a sign for you to wait for the forces of the universe to start moving again, to stop worrying and to get rid of your fears. Rabbit always indicates a need to re-evaluate the process you are undergoing, to rid yourself of any negative feelings or barriers, and to be more humble.

Rabbits are vegetarians. Though they are eating, they are always alert. They eat the inner bark of saplings and shrubs as well as leaves and fruit, giving a perfect illustration of Nature’s balance. Their rapid rate of reproduction is balanced out by the fact that almost every predatory animal eats them. This power animal may be asking you to examine the kinds of foods you eat. Perhaps a vegetarian diet, only for a short time, can help you strengthen and heal. Generally rabbits are most likely to be seen between dawn and dusk. The sun rising and setting from horizon to horizon has an air of mystery surrounding it. This is the time when the invisible becomes visible and nature spirits are more distinct. Due to the rabbit and the fairy realms being active at the same time of day, rabbit has a strong link with the magic and mystery of other worlds. To enter these worlds requires but a leap of faith. Rabbits are highly sensitive with keen observational skills, granting them strong reflexes that help them dash to safety. In the time it takes to bat an eyelid, they can be seen, disappear and reappear. Fast, agile and clever, they teach us spontaneous decisive movement, always knowing which direction to go and when. When rabbit appears, this may help us to grasp an opportunity that may only present itself for brief moments.

Rabbits tend to move suddenly and unpredictably. They leap and bound their way through life. If rabbit has entered your life, you may find tat your endeavours also go in leaps and bounds. Maybe this is an indication for you to plan more or to check any plans already set in motion. Do not corner yourself. Pay attention to your personal movement. Growth is assured if one is moving in balance with what is occurring in their life. If one moves too fast or too slow an imbalance occurs and growth is stifled.

We are able to realise what a good teacher Rabbit is in showing us that we are the creators of our lives with our thoughts and emotions. Rabbit feels fear and projects it, creating in the external world situations reflecting the inner world of fear. For us, this is an important lesson. Affirmations, involve focusing on what you want in life and positive outcomes. Thoughts have a certain energy frequency, creating a vibration aiding them to become reality. Just as true when you think about and focus on what you don’t want to happen, a lot of the time we don’t even do this on purpose we do it automatically and even subconsciously, gathering strength unknowingly. This makes it extremely necessary to bring our fears into consciousness – into the light, treating them with gentleness.

Rabbit ability of being alert and aware of its surroundings ALL the time, can help us be aware that we ALL have the power to create with our thoughts and to be aware of them, to redirect them on a positive path and to be focused on our dreams, not allowing our focus to be distracted from our intentions with negative emotions, especially from actualising our wishes and dreams.

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  1. I dreamed of rabbit. She had full teats and was carring for a single tiny baby. In the dream, she told me where she wanted to go and we went there together and we sleeped together with me spooner her, my back to the world while she taught me with stories in a female voice.

      1. I’m going through a crossroads with my husband and a legal case. He is definitely living in fear. I pick up on these messages and the animal world always guides me. This morning directly in front of my car was a brown rabbit. Not fluffy and soft, he was wet and a little scraggly. This energy, I can see we are attracting and it’s not the beauty we usually do. The message is clear. Be decisive, move and don’t get stuck, don’t let fear move you, be alert to your surroundings. I feel blessed for this message this morning. Thank you!

        1. I’m in the same situation as you, a baby rabbit just appeared in my front yard little baby one. So precious!! I love animals!! It is so true what you are saying, I am feeling the same way. I have to take care of me now, can’t get stuck again……… Thank you my little baby rabbit!!

    1. I am n Eclectic Witch. I take it very seriously. I meditate as much as I possibly can. Today during break at work for lunch, there’s a spot in the woods in the back of my jobsite. Complete Nature for a break at work. I was really deep into it today, especially since I’ve been heavy at the shoulders this week. I just wanted to reenergize. My lunch break is only 45 min, so after about 30 I broke away from my meditations so I good gather my thoughts n try to put answers together. As I walked away I was at complete peace with myself. Listening to the birds the wind, looking up at the trees. As I was walking out back towards the jobsite, I caught some ting in the corner of my eye. I looked back in the direction and saw it completely. A brown rabbit. It had to b the biggest one I had ever seen in the wild. It was on my way back to the jobsite so I figured it would’ve immediately took off. It just sat there. So I stopped as I was walking by. I just stared at it. Eventually having to get back to the jobsite I started walking again, just amazed realizing that my animal spirit guide was a rabbit of all things. It just made sense with all of the personal issues I’ve had this week. Thanx for letting me share πŸ˜‰

  2. i see spirts. Human and animal. Like I mean ghosts. And lately I’ve been having this rabbit pop up everywhere on me. It’s not a bunny but a full blown rabbit. Sometimes white sometimes Gray once black. I have looked all over for why they are producing themselves so much to me but with no luck. I’m curious what their trying to tell me about…..

  3. I was fasting the other day and I went to a mountain to pray something strange happend to me I believe this was definately a sign from God. I came a cross one rabbit when I was going up to the mountain I saw another one (the second one) when I was praying and when I was done praying going down I saw the third one . Im wondering what does this mean

  4. I see rabbits on a daily basis. I am from lakota Sioux tribe. I do know there’s a reason and meaning by why im seeing so many rabbits cross my path everyday. But Im have a hard time understanding what it mean about my life or how to apply

    1. I saw a rabbit last night twice once in the headlight of the vehicle I was in second by the garage with the motion detector light. Rabbit wants to turn on my inner light even further but he’s quick I have to really pay attention. Sometimes it’s just that’s simple

    2. Have you considered asking the rabbit? Building a friendship with it, inviting it energetically to meals, making a place for it in your home . Sharing loved music, good times and laughter with the rabbit spirit; when you have these things in your life, think of the rabbit. This is a process that has helped me build friendship and strong comunication with my spirit friends. Hugs and tickles and blessings.

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  6. Hi,
    When I listen to a guided mediation I always have a rabbit come along with me. He is always the same rabbit. He stands on his hinds legs and has a vest on similar to a fishing vest with all things ready. He is always patient,quiet and just stays with me and guides me to the next place. He is patient and calm. I always thought it was my pet rabbit as a child, perhaps it is, but reading this I think it is my fears and lack of patience. thankyou x

  7. Last night I had a strange dream… I was in bed looking out of the window watching a couple of people have a gathering on a building roof. I removed the bed covers to find a rabbit camouflaged, eating a big hole in the bottom sheet. It didn’t look exactly like a rabbit. More a rabbit’s body and small dog’s head! It was slow moving but munching away! I was a little repulsed at the discovery! It turned out to be owned by the woman I was renting the room from. This was the dream! I’ve just started to actively try to recall my dreams. No idea what to make of it. Any ideas???!

  8. I live a criminal life style where i can’t trust no one & on 3 separate occasions witch is always around 2-330am early mornings, i see a white rabbit to clean & maintained to be were i am coming from & surly if its a pet the owners wouldn’t let it run around in the middle of the road a T intersection. Wots this mean, any ideas???

    1. The white rabbit serves as a guide to steer you in the right direction. You have been called to reevaluate your life. You have been called to be a man of peace.

  9. I had a dream that I was rising out of the mud somewhere in the amazon and I was a glowing color that I can not describe. This dream came to me several times in my life and just last week I finally bought a plane ticket to Brazil. I plan on spending time in the jungle hiking and just being open. That said…….recently I can’t stop thinking about a white rabbit. I started researching and feel extremely compelled to buy a rabbit to have in my home I feel so drawn to it…it is strange to me…I just want to make sure that things are going to be ok.

  10. I have a friend that lives way out in the mountains. One day as I was driving out to see her I realized I was out of gas. I thought to myself, “I’ll just fill up on the way home.” A few hours later when I was driving back home I hit a rabbit. I was devastated. I stopped the car immediately looked down with tears in my eyes. My heart was breaking, and when I looked up I saw my gas tank was completely empty. With a heavy heart I turned the car around to head back towards the gas station, and the rabbits body. I was physically ill thinking about driving past this poor helpless beauty I had unintentionally harmed, but I also had this feeling… I had this strange intuition, that maybe the rabbit had jumped in front of my car to prevent me from running out of gas on these crazy long mountain roads. With out this horrible accident, I would not have made it home. When I approached the scene of the accident, eyes full of tears, I was expecting to see the body of the lifeless rabbit in the middle of the lane. What I found was INCREDIBLE!! The rabbit was sitting up, looking at me. I put the hazards on, put the car in park, and got out. I began comforting this wild rabbit. Petting it, whispering softly, telling this lucky rabbit how sorry I was, and how I would protect it. I wrapped it in my jacket, and carried this stunned saint to the side of the road. The eyes of that rabbit told stories of compassion and trust. There was no fear present in that gaze. I dropped a few drops of Lavender oil on her back and gently stroked her coat, praying that she had no broken bones. Just when I thought I would need to take her home with me, and to the vet in the morning, she looked at me with eyes full of love and pranced off into the still night.

  11. Thank you for a very comprehensive article on the spiritual/metaphysical meaning of rabbit.

    I work as a light rail train operator. (It’s a commuter train.) This isn’t the type of job I envisioned myself having, especially at 57. But after having moved to to new city and being alone for the first time in 30 years (divorce and empty nester), I needed work so that I could have a roof over my head.

    Anyhow, as I was operating the train past a an urban wasteland adjacent to the “big boy” train tracks, I saw this critter running towards me on the edge of the trackway (but still far enough away from the train itself). As I drew closer to it, I saw that it was a grey and white rabbit.

    Because it was coming at me, I thought that surely this is a message for me. Thus, after I got home, I started looking up rabbit.

    I must say that the message is extremely fitting on many different levels, and in ways that I was not expecting.

    Thank you very much!

  12. For more a really wild story about a rabbit popping into your life out of nowhere (literally), check out my book Otherwise Known. A Book About Death, Disease and Dreams. And A Very Odd Angora Rabbit…

    Look for it on Amazon! And prepare to have your mind blown. Seeing my deceased father a year after his death and being able to prove it to my mother by using my dog made some sort of sense, as animals sense things most of us can’t (although I guess under the right circumstances I can). But having an Angora rabbit land in my bed while I was laying down for a short rest before an appointment? I still haven’t figured that one out.

  13. in hindu mythology you will often see defferent
    animals as their vehicles. different animals
    serve different purposes . and in brief rabbit
    symbolises agility and to some extent
    underground life ( as they live in burrows) .
    its also connected with moon.

  14. I was disabled two years ago. I mean not to brag; but, I was a success in my hacking career with the government. This morning my cat brought me a baby rabbit. I spent a painful day captureing the little one from the clutches of a playful cat. Eventually I was able to simply pick him\her up. No kicking, or biting. Returned the five inch cute one to where I knew the burrow was and laid some fresh vegetables at the enterince in hopes of fortifing the little one after such a traumatic experience. I live in a palace where rabbits are rarely seen. Only twice in my 43yrs. The last one came at a time my life profoundly changed.

  15. The reason I came to this post looking for white rabbit meanings is because the other day I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up in the middle of the night I saw a child in a white rabbit suit peering at me. I saw him twice, so I suspect he wanted me to see him.

    Anyone know what this might mean or symbolize?

  16. I dreamed about a wild rabbit. Twice he came in my dream today. Both times he wiggled his whiskers. It was a twilight sleep, in the morning(half awake).

    What does this signify?

    Thank you

  17. For the past 3 nights I’ve been seeing 2 rabbits almost like twin rabbits in my yard and they aren’t as startled as normal rabbits they just sat there they are both brown rabbits I saw them once didn’t think anything of it and I saw them again I’m thinking it’s more then a coincidence then a third time now I get a weird feeling something is wrong or they are trying to tell me something. Any suggestions??

  18. Hi all,i emigrated alone in germany from a poor country , when i arived 3 rabbits runned to a house that i was looking for , in 2 weeks i saw all my fears i got in different situations.
    I think rabbits alert you that you need to change how it was in your plan,if no you will see consequences.
    Thank god now i’m in safe and i understood thard hard and serious lesson.
    P.s.sorry for my bad english ^_^

  19. My husband was recently paralyzed after an elective cervical spine decompression surgery that went terribly wrong. He had only been home for a week and a half when we decided to go to a concert against my better judgement, just to get out of the house for some musical therapy.
    On our way home I needed to relieve myself on the side of the road so I pulled over and angled the car just so. When my husband and I looked up we saw the cutest little black and white bunny staring back at us!! He was soooo close to the road, and me being an animal lover that I am, I decided to try to get closer to him. He just stood right there and let me walk the 20 yards to him, until I was close enough to pick him up!!! I, nor my husband could believe it! I think someone must have set him free in the wild because they couldn’t care for him because we were out in the woods in the middle of nowhere and he definitely isn’t a wild bunny!! After having read up on the meaning of rabbits coming into your life, and when they do, I can’t help but think this particular one was sent to us to let us know that my husband will walk again and not to fear or try to control the future and the unknown. I am going to build or buy a rabbit house for him tomorrow and keep him!!!!
    Thank you all for sharing your personal stories, they are all heartfelt. Please pray that my husband recovers and can walk and use his hands again?
    Love, Peace, Hapiness and Hope!! That’s my new bunnies name, Hope!!

  20. I am going with the flow of the universe. I had a coffee date with a friend. Being a spiritual person, I walk everywhere I go. Much like the Rabbit I am always aware of my surroundings. On my way to my coffee date. I saw a rabbit on my way. He didn’t run when I came close. Normally they do. Just sat in the spot he was in. So I kept on going. Had my coffee with my friend. Left and the rabbit was still there. I walked by stopped talked to him. Then he went on his way I went on mine. Get half way home. When I get an impulse or a pull to turn around. I have my reiki level I. So I do get pulls to do things because I need to. On my path of spirituality perhaps even on the path to becoming a shaman. Anyway. So I go with the universe is telling me. I knew where the pull was coming from. So I head towards the direction of the pull. I get to the reiki shop and crystal shop also my favorite store. So she asks me if I need anything. I say no and I look around. Then I see this Chinese bell. I’m drawn to it. So I ask her about it. She didn’t know much about it. So we start talking about reiki. She tells me everyone has a different abilities. For her it was tarot reading. Everything then clicked. But it was the deep connection we created. I told her about feeling that I needed to be read of tarot cards. told her a few of my reiki experiences. It gave her goosebumps. That talk was what I needed an affirmation and a confidence boost in a way. That what I am doing and feeling is right on track of my path. I apologize for going off track a bit. I feel it had to be told to fully understand the rabbit. So last thing that happened I spilt my coffee as I was putting it into the microwave. It looked exactly like a rabbit. So I said ok that’s it I’m looking what the rabbit means. Everything is crystal clear now.

  21. So I have recently moved to a new apt complex which is full of rabbits everywhere! So much so that it is quite cute and funny to see them hopping everywhere, especially at Easter time. ? I accidentally ran over one the other day and cried so much. I believe in the law of attraction a bit so this is interesting in the fear arena and how we manifest what we think. I have a lot of turmoil going on and wish for peace, I am between places and the next one is all about falcons, hawks, eagles, ravens and all kinds of birds. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts for me? Thank you in advance. ?

  22. I love every experience shared before me, all of your rabbit occurrences are assuring me of truth.
    While sitting on my porch and listen to my universe a rabbit suddenly appeared. It stopped directly across from me approximately 8 ft.away. I couldn’t breathe for a moment and whispered without sound a thankful “I see u” message. The rabbit sat still and observed then turned and went in the direction it had Walked to my spot. I am experiencing these messages daily with different animal, yesterday it was a single red Cardinal bird. My current journey has been so transitional! Everything has change because I need to save myself and my 2 boys from a chaotic unsafe family dynamic. I have been fearful. I want to let go a be held by my universe and its spiritual nest. My adversity hurdles have been
    paralyzingly stagnating to my soul. I needed that totem message and the gift it gave me. I am comforted

  23. I just read this whole article with wide eyes.
    I recently had a huge nervous breakdown, went “crazy,” and was admitted to the hospital for a while.
    When I was “going crazy,” I was telling my husband that my Spirit guide is a rabbit. I have no idea why.
    Now I’m like… Whoa.

  24. I’ve had lots of dreams about rabbits, but one of my latest dreams was this one:

    I was inside some house, and it was raining a little. My dog, Abby, wanted out so I did the usual check of the surroundings. (It makes sense that this would be in my dream because every time we let the dogs out we have to first check that it’s free from snakes and hawks flying overhead. We live in the country).

    While I was checking for any dangers I noticed two rabbits in the yard. (Also not uncommon even in my waking life. We have one bunny in particular that’s always sleeping inside the fence at night). Not wanting my dogs to chase or frighten them, I try to shoo it away. I tell it that it has to leave for a second because of my dog needing to go out.

    As I’m talking to these rabbits, the larger one comes into the house. It hid underneath a little stove or something, but eventually it started to come back out. As it does, I pick it up and kind of toss it back into the yard. As I do so, it DISAPPEARS.

    It disappeared into some kind of portal, and later on I (and some man as well) see a quick flash of white light. (Which reminded me of something my mother and I both saw – actually saw, not dreamed – a long time ago, but…. that’s a story for another time).

    Rabbits are pretty tough and protective, by the way. We’ve seen one try to kill a copperhead in our garden once. We had to keep shooing it away to keep it safe. (It was MUCH braver than I when it comes to snakes. I think she was protecting her babies).

  25. I found a rabbit’s tail on my morning walk today.
    What does that mean? I’m familiar with the “luck” of a rabbit’s foot but do not know what, if anything that finding the tail could mean. Thank you.

  26. I am in a transitional period in my life, going from a rent free situation to a communal living situation, I don’t have any real reservations about it, but yesterday the wasp was trying to get into my car, and later that day another wasp actually stung me, I know the wasp has to do with communal living, then tonight a large turkey vulture was in neighbors lawn preying on a rabbit, any interpretations?

  27. Hi, can I check. I dreamt of two huge rabbits biting my fingers. They do not have teeth and both are black and white. What would this mean?

  28. I was sittin outside earlier this evenin w/my “ex”. While we were sittin there talkin, a rabbit appeared out of no where, and stayed a little while. I also see 1, sometimes 2 rabbits in my backyard frequently before I go to work. What, if anything does that mean

  29. Hi thanks for the article I defiantly feel a peace knowing my little visitor came to calm me. I was just sitting on my porch actually very upset over a recent medical diagnoses an i was about to go in an something caught my the biggest most beautiful white bunny rabbit. I did take a pic cause we dont see a lot of those around mostly snakes an lizards. Anyhow as i was snapping pics i did get kinda close an i noticed this rabbit wasnt to scared of me which also brought me peace so i was able to get a lot of cool pics so it hoped off stopping along the way to graze an i just stood kinda in awe like really I believe in signs an messages an especially that the bunny came along in a time of worry an me feeling very weak oh an powerless. Just left me thinking what the significance of seeing a bunny rabbit a very beautiful one an in my front yard at that so thats why i stumbled across this piece an thank you i def know what my visitors message was an i feel so much better an a sense of peace..

  30. I have been seeing rabbits a lot lately. One day while walking around the park, I came across a brown cotton tail rabbit. As I got closer to the rabbit it didn’t move at all. I stopped and it let me get closer and closer to it. I sat and watched it for quite a few minutes. I saw another one a few days later in the park, but it ran off. A few weeks later I was driving home one evening I drove close by the park where I walk and there is pond close by. As I drove a black fat fluffy rabbit ran across the street in front of me and I almost ran over it. I kept thinking it had to be a house hold pet. I kept thinking about him. A week later I was driving down the same road and I saw a dead animal on the side of the road. I knew it was the rabbit. I slowed down to look and it was him. What does it mean!? Does anyone know?

  31. This morning on my way to my next job site a rabbit charged out from the tree line and ran under my moving car. I am always so very careful and pay so much attention because I do not want to hit anything with my car but this time I couldn’t stop and save him. He ran out at just such a time that there was no way I could stop or swerve… There was nothing I could do. I immediately pulled over to see if I could find him and at the very least take his little body off the road but he wasn’t anywhere I could see. I drove back up the road and pulled into a parking lot where I had a complete break down. I’ve never hit anything. I try to be so careful. But I still took his precious life from him. I don’t even kill insects but today I killed a rabbit whether I meant for it to happen or not. My Mom told me (and I believe) that he sacrificed his life to give me a lesson/message. I have blessed him and thanked him for his sacrifice and now I seek to decipher what his message for me is.
    Bless you Rabbit. I love you. Thank you for your sacrifice.

  32. Think of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. There were a few versions in which Alice in the end, left from an asylum.

    Alice meets many strange characters and she never would’ve found them out if she hadn’t chased that rabbit down the hole without once ever considering how it was she would get back out.

    All of the peaceful or neutral characters in Alice in Wonderland were in hiding from the queen and those who were hostile are in service.

    The reason I bring this up is this… Alice was a teenager who was a big daydreamer. The queen and Alice are all one in the same but only one can exist at the same time.

    Alice cannot daydream all day like she wants to while being an adult who runs things.

    Alice symbolizes the part that needs to change, the rabbit symbolizes the call to change, and the queen symbolizes the force that seeks to destroy the childish.

    If you’ve found yourself dreaming and chasing rabbits or learning from them… you should consider rethinking what it is you do or think of.

  33. I had a dream a few months ago where a huge rabbit came out of the garden in my parents home, i saw the soil moving 1st like a tremor and then suddenly , a giant came out and leaped on me with his big teeth. i woke up a bit shaken, and since the rabbit has been present every i go or look, saw it at my dragon boat practice 1 week after the dream, turned on the tv a commercial with rabbits, my colleagues offered a children book with bunnies for my little girl. Personally i believe there’s a good sign, i have love this animal and i believe it is to bring us something very positive.

  34. I used to converse with rabbits as a child. I was a bit of a loner because other peoples energy used to unnerve me. So I’d hang out at the creek behind my house and spend hours chatting with them. That behavior ceased once I became an adolescent and thought it would be better to be “normal”. I’m a Pisces so I have strong intuitive skills and have precognitive dreams. I often know when people will transition, can feel the energy of a big shift before it happens. I hated it. I hated knowing things about situations and people, especially the bad stuff. So i try to ignore it, not act on it, pretend it isnt happening. As a result in my 30’s up to my 40s I’ve been harassed by rabbits; real, in dreams, and the ones that roam in between. I’m a mom and a very protective one at that, and I harbored so much fear regarding the well being of my children. We had a family history of young people tragedies and as my kids entered adolescence my fears were to the point of extreme neurosis. I wasn’t sleeping, had developed an autoimmune disease, lost my health. One particularly stressful sleepless night I was floating between sleep and wakefulness when an angry large (like 5 ft tall) brown rabbit appeared before me. I was terrified and figured I’d finally lost my mind. I wanted to stop seeing it but it just kept staring like it was waiting for something. So I finally sat up and looked it straight in the eye for a long time. After a while I was like, I’m awake, it’s here, might as well accept that maybe I’m crazy. So I just talked and talked about my kids and that I was scared to death. As the day started to break I was super sleepy and the rabbit kind of just faded. I think it wanted to be acknowledged. But the rabbit harassment stopped. When I see them ahead of me while walking or running early in day near the lake, they’re much friendlier.

  35. i dreamt i was walking along a cute soft white rabbit down a pleasent albeit mysteriously foggy wooded road than I saw a light and woke up.

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