Mockingbird Power Animal Symbol Of Overcoming Fear

By Ina Woolcott

Mockingbird’s gifts include finding your sacred song, recognizing your innate abilities, using knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside, learning through experience, curiosity, attitude, territoriality, overcoming fear, intelligence, power of song, confidence, master imitator.

The Northern mockingbird is around 10 inches long with a long tail that twitches vigorously when excited. Their long legs are perfect for looking through dead leaves and undergrowth for insects. Their dull grey colour certainly doesn’t grab ones attention, however, their various calls definitely do! The mockingbird is well known for its ability to copy the calls of other birds – and even cats and dogs – they are master imitators. The mockingbirds song is a combination of the calls of many other birds. Usually they repeat an imitation a few times before going onto other songs in quick succession. They have up to 30 songs in their repertory. Mockingbird is Latin for ‘many tongued mimic’. This is one of the few birds who sing whilst flying.

Mockingbird teaches many things – the power of song and voice is one. It can assist in learning new languages easily and to speak them fluently. People with this power animal often make excellent spokespersons and interpreters. They also help you find your ’sacred song’, your life’s purpose and inner talents. You will be given the strength to act on these fearlessly. Never forget that your inner song is always there, it cant be lost. If you miss one opportunity, another will always appear and that is just how it is meant to be or it wouldn’t have happened! You should ask for assistance in connecting with your personal sound frequency, for then healing will take place on all levels.

Mockingbird people are more known for their talents than how they look. Appearances are not important to people with this power animal. They are heard before they are seen – if they are seen at all. The mockingbird helps you to leave people and events that hurt you behind by seeing who and what they REALLY are. Everything in life is a lesson to help you grow, and even if you were hurt, this is but another lesson to learn and grow. Everything that happened to us in the past builds our character and who we are today. You will hear the true song of others and will follow your own path. Take what you can from a situation but always in a respectful and un-spiteful way. What goes around comes around. We are all here to learn form each other. Apply your creative imagination and intuition to all you do and you will live a life of harmony. On a subtle level, mockingbird shows us how to imitate ourselves, what we imitate reflects back to us and helps us see who we truly are. This can be a powerful transformational experience.

The fearless mockingbird defend their nests and territory, diving at and attacking predators and those who come too close. They teach us to develop self-confidence, to speak our truth and stand up for what is ours by right.

18 thoughts on “Mockingbird Power Animal Symbol Of Overcoming Fear”

  1. This is too perfect. Divine timing proves to show up more and more. Thank you for writing and researching this. My body was covered with goosebumps. <3 xo Cholly

    1. I know right I have been going through something very powerful and it relates to all the birds and people I see thank you so much for this information I literally cannot stop trembling

  2. This is so timely. A mockingbird has befriended me in my yard. For the past several days, he is waiting for me and flies within 2 to 3 feet of me. Today he flew to me and hovered inflight in front of me while he looked me in the eye. We have also had call and response sessions. Amazing! I will learn and be open to him.

    1. Hi Julie- this happened to me today! A friend showed me this website so I can learn more about the folklore of Mockingbirds. I was meditating in the backyard when suddenly a vision of a man I know popped into my head but it was a welcome vision. I liked it. I looked up and noticed a mockingbird just staring at me! He was in midflight, about 4 feet away from me. Powerful! never happened to me before. I was wondering all day if this was a coincidence between my “vision” and seeing the mockingbird at the same time. It was quite amazing. ?

  3. I keep getting visit from the mockingbird bird as well.
    But I can’t put my finger on its message.
    Can anyone help me understand?
    Thxs in advance

  4. A grey mock inking bird keeps coming to my deck and going back and fourth as he sings to me. This has happen ended three days in a row at different times of the day.

  5. Amazing interlude with Mockingbird last night around 11 p.m. I taped the songs on my phone – couldn’t believe how powerful and entrancing they were — changing rapidly, minute to minute. Never heard such birdsongs before. Coincidentally, just wrote a piece of fiction about a manifested bird. Wondering —

  6. Loved your article. After listening to “Requiem” by Clare Stagg/Solarstone, I went on a hunt to find the deeper meaning in the lyrics. Came across your article and it beautifully complements the song lyrics:

    Silence killed a mockingbird,
    With no one left to hear,
    With not one eye set on her.
    She ceases to sing
    If a tree falls and no one’s there to hear it,
    Does it truly make a sound?
    Won’t you cup your hands beneath it?
    As she tumbles to the ground,
    Sing a requiem.

    Feathers floating on downstream,
    On the screaming rush of tide.
    If silence killed a mockingbird,
    There’s no body left to hide.
    Oh, how I miss her warble now,
    That gentle lifting swell,
    No, she only sings her requiem,
    In the silence that she dwells,
    Sing a requiem.

    My heart cries for her colours,
    And those dark all-seeing eyes,
    And if silence killed a mockingbird,
    There’s no morning surprise.
    And the clouds gather confused,
    Now she never writes the signs,
    But the ‘planes go on unfazed,
    And burn the sky with their lines.
    Sing a requiem.

  7. I’ve always liked mockingbirds and never put much thought to them but one day about a few months ago I found a mockingbird dead in front of my bedroom window. Nothing seemed to outwardly cause it’s death; no teeth marks, no visible wounds, it was just laying there. Then a few weeks ago I came home to find mockingbird feathers scattered about my front lawn and even some in the back without a body or any blood. What would this mean?

    1. A cat was stalking the mockingbirds and the first one may have died from fright actually because cat’s “play” with a mouse between it’s paws, wearing it out, causing it to be exhausted and die. I have seen this one time. I always thought a cat injured a mouse causing it’s death. Now, I wonder, after the mouse dies, then the cats eat it or leave it for a companion cat, or the “head cat” in a family of cats who are feral in the woods. Then, your other mockingbird was attacked or exhausted, I am sure, by a cat and then eaten. Sorry about that. A mockingbird sang to my brother and I in the one tree in the front yard outside of our apt. before he died. He loved that mockingbird song. After he passed, I never heard one again in the tree but it was December, Jan, Feb, and then March. Now, it’s April and I am buying a house. The mockingbird is back I just noticed yesterday!

  8. This gives me great comfort. I had a nervous breakdown and literally this article is so on point for me it’s almost eerie!! I have had a mockingbird sing outside all night long and welcome me when I wake in the morning ! I feel it’s a true sign I’m going to be better after so many months of fighting for my health!

  9. My Mom passed away six years ago, today I said a prayer in her intention, and during my lunch break I had to go and check my tires on my car, once I did open the car I noticed a bird inside my car, it was a mocking bird, I like to think that this was a message from her.

  10. Wonderful information.
    Could you please tell me if it is good or bad omen when
    If mocking bird flies into the house, sat on fan for few secs, then flies out sameway, backdoor.

  11. Today my husband ashes put into river. My daughter and I. Beside the river. Was. A sculpture. Of. A. Blue hEron that her art teacher had made. It helped so much. Then a mockingbird perched. On top of the sculpture. And stayed. My daughter. Got. Many pictures. Now I know. That. Bird. Knew. Our sadness. Thank you 💙💙💙💙💙

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