Hummingbird Power Animal Messenger Of Joy

Hummingbirds gifts include the ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth, endurance over long journeys, ability to fly into small places to heal, joy, happiness, love, timelessness,

The hummingbird brings special messages for us. It is a teacher of joy, and their lessons are many.

Hummingbird is the smallest of all birds. It is the only creature able to stop dead in its tracks whilst travelling at full speed. It is also unique in that it is able to fly backward and sideways, and can also hover, go forward, up or down.

The hummingbird also possesses an unusual hovering pattern, and is able to move its wings in a figure of eight pattern, a symbol for infinity. This holds a message for us – often we find ourselves stuck in time, regretting or longing for the past, or hoping that the future will bring better things, building castles in the sky. We are shown how to view the past and then let go, rather than be continuously caught up in it, we learn how to appreciate that the past creates are future, and that even at the time some lessons were harsh and hurtful ones, we wouldn’t be who we are without these lessons today. We need the past to create the future, but mustn’t dwell in it, yet we may reflect on it bur not in a bitter cant-let-go manner. If we become the observer of our lives by moving back a step, our lives will be viewed differently.

Hummingbird teaches us to go beyond time and to see that what happened in the past and what may happen in the future is not nearly as important as what is occurring now. Remember to hover in the moment, and to appreciate its sweetness. Drink deeply of the nectar of life.

As well as living off small insects, the hummingbird lives on nectar and it is always searching for the sweetness of life. With its long tongue it is able to get past the often tough and bitter outer layer only to discover the sweetness below. Flowers and plants love the hummingbird – as it sucks the nectar from the flower it pollinates. Because of this, many cultures link the hummingbird to the healing properties of flowers and herbs. In many traditions, hummingbird feathers have been revered for their almost magical qualities. It is said that the hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer.

The vibrating hum of this birds wings and their lightness seem to symbolise the subtle energetic healing which essences can provide. Their physical lightness is a powerful reminder for us to lighten up. When weighed down with worries, our spirits cannot soar. The hummingbird further deepens this message with its rainbow-iridescent feathers which have caused some species to be named after precious stones, such as the ruby-throated species.

People with this power animal, adapt easily to whatever situation they come into, and make the most of their new circumstances.

Also, they could never become addicted to any artificial stimulants, for they find joy in their own heart, and are happy and find even more joy in spreading joy, love and beauty to all around them. They also have the ability of taking their inner joy into new and different surroundings. They have a knack for seeing the good in people, and aren’t put off by a gruff or hard front, as they know that below this surface goodness and beauty reside.

They may also be naturals at working with flowers, perhaps growing them to share with others, or using flower essences for healing such as aromatherapy. If this is your guide, you have high energy and a spirit that must be free. If you become caged, restricted, your wonderful, free, loving energy suffers great depressions and feelings of uselessness.

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    1. Just as the hummingbird are you led to the door where the nectar of the the highest of the heavens rain the abundance of Love’s Life & Light in All Things…always and in all ways.

      1. I was meditating outside yesterday… my eyes were shut I heard and felt this vibration by my ear… I opened my eyes and right in front of my face less than 5 inches is s hummingbird staring me in the face? He hovered for awhile and then went to my other feeder… was SO BUZARRE! I LOVED It! ? Any in put on meaning here? Besides I feel BLESSED! ???

        1. Holy god! That’s incredible!
          I was just sitting by the window and one flew up to me about 5 inches from my face too…looked right at me, flew away and then came back and just hovered there again!! I’ve never had anything like that happen! So I looked up their meaning…it’s a really good sign! ??

          1. It’s a really good sign, these little birds are drawn to your happy,joyful Qi. Enjoy their presence.

    2. Early in the mornings, for the last 6 months or so, as I’m meditating fully awake, I’ll see in crystal clear holographic imagery, a humming bird flying and eating from a flower. It’s so beautiful. But I’m always perplexed, why do I keep seeing humming birds? I’ve seen Aliens, ufos, Demons, Angles, been to the subterranean, and other mind bending experiences….but this little bird keeps showing up so crystal clear? I get now. Thank you for this great page.


  1. Hello,
    I am currently in the process of writing a fiction novel and would like to include symbolisms of the hummingbird. Would it be possible to get permission to use some excerpts from this article?

    Thank you!
    Scarlett Braden

    1. I’m visiting my mother in sun city west AZ. The last 7 years of my life have been mentally and physically challenging. My recent test was loosing my home of 25 years. I am a single mother of an amazing 16 year old daughter. We have 2 incredible dogs that we love a spiritual Women very in touch with the beauty of nature. I came to Arizona as I was homeless. Yesterday I was enjoying myothets beautiful patio filled with a gorgeous variety of flowers, an orange tree and several varieties of cactus and succulents. I was enjoying the beauty and sound of her water fountain trickling. I became aware of a purple throated hummingbird perched on the fountain. Soon two more joined for a drink. The first one flew to a stand next to fountain and perched. The pair flew to a small flowering bush to the other side of fountain. I started to observe of course knowing the males are the more colorful. So the perched was a male. He sat for it seemed like hours. I was able to get within inches of him. The other pair were male and female just sat in bush and observed. I began video taping and took sev pics. The next morning I went out and called for my now friend and sure enough here he came. Parents I’m assuming were with and took same spots In bush. I video taped again. So after reading I feel so good about returning to Missouri as I have let the worry and stress go. I Feel rather confident he’s one of my animal spirit guides. What an amazing beautiful experience. I’m visiting till the end of June. So this will become my daily a.m. And early p.m. Ritual. I’ve named him po chez.

    2. I have also been visited by a hummingbird just hovering inches from my ear, I stayed very still until he/she flew away. I felt blessed to have this moment but am unsure as to what it means.

  2. Thank you for this description. I met my Power Animal last night for the first time and this description validates my experience, thank you again!

  3. I observed a hummingbird in a moment of despair. My heart was heavy, my spirit full of worry. I wondered why do I see this beautiful bird, I have never seen one so close. I knew to not worry any more, that all was well. I know to look back, but not ponder to long, as my journey is ahead of me and succeed I will, no matter the distance. Thank you for your article, it has helped to enlighten my path.

    1. Is it possible to use these beautiful, spiritual words in a note to a dear friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer?

      1. Absolutely. I lost my beloved grandmother to panciatic cancer. She was a dyed- in- the- wool hardcore conservative Southern Babtist. She definately did not give any credit to spirit animals. But she was a beautiful person, a life- long public school teacher& a preacher’s wife. She was a force to be reckoned with; loyal, hardworking, & fierce in her convictions. Although I lost her years ago, whenever I see a dazzling hummingbird I am reminded of her beauty, inside& out. And her strength & bravery. She was fearless, just like a hummingbird. Never giving up on love. I hope this comforts you. Be brave like our tiny feathered friend. Peace & love to you & yours.
        Cypress, Arkansas, USA

  4. Nice article.
    I just opened the drapes tonight and saw a little green hummingbird at the window. Looked at me for a few seconds then flew off. Awesome little creature.

  5. I recently listened to a guided meditation to meet my spirit animal. The humming bird was in my vision. The interesting thing is that the hummingbird in my vision acted hurt and after I had captured it to nurse it back to health it showed me that it wasn’t really hurt. It let me catch it. Another thing is I looked up what the hummingbird might mean and everything you have described here not only reflects exactly everything I recently went through but exactly how I seemed to handle it. Thank you and the spirit of the universe for this. 🙂

  6. So yesterday morning I was smoking my cigarette and looking at my phone about 7 o’clock in the morning all of a sudden I heard like a buzzing sound that was really close and it sounds like a big bee but I looked up and there was a hummingbird less than 6 inches away from my face when I looked at it it took off! It’s kind of crazy how much that sounded like where I’m at right now! It gives me hope in moving forward!!

  7. Oh my after reading this site you have been a help to me just the other morning I was sitting on my porch smoking a cigarette and this beautiful creatur flew in front of me just watch me for a moment I often wondered what that meant. Then it came back another morning . But now I understand the beauty of a hummingbird and it’s spiritual Being and life’s journey Thanks to all for sharing. Have a blessed journey.

  8. I had been missing all my loved ones that had past on & started feeling a really depressed feeling like things could never be as they once would. I have so many beautiful memories with my parents & grandparents . I sat and pondered of life’s beauty & the smallest, tiniest most energetic hummingbird appeared in front on me as I looked outside my backyard . A feeling of peace & wonderment came over me. Especially since the night had poured rain and today was a beautiful sunny day. I wondered how beautiful hummingbird was and where did it stay or sleep as the storm passed?

  9. Well today it rained hard. Kind of like my mood. One of worry and unrest. I began my new Journey in April and everyday has been new and exciting. Both in a positive way and negative ways. Today as I was sitting on my deck a little humming bird flew up fast and stopped even faster and just looked at me . Then it flew into a tree where I could see it. Then it came back and did it again. Just looking at me then flew off. I knew right away a message from spirit. But not sure what it meant, I went looking. Found this message. Thank you for the info and to all that commented as it only reassures me, that I am where I’m supposed to be. Although I feel better seeing it, makes me wonder why it’s not flown south for the winter ?

  10. I have been ill for a long time, and I hung a hummingbird feeder on my balcony to bring more nature into my life. Now my hummers are so tame that they will come when I go outside and stand next to the feeder. Sometimes the stare at me while they perch just two inches from me.. They bring so much joy!!!

  11. I have been having to face my PTSD that has been triggering me and I have experienced fear of ‘floating away’ on a storm of tears, emotion, and not being able to breath. I reached out to the computer and for solutions with PTSD. I was instantly responded to by BetterHealth and guided to a therapist. This a.m I was in mt herb garden near my buddah when a Hummingbird flew just near my face, seeing his reflection in my glasses, circled my head, touched my hair, then flew down to look at buddah, circled his head and poof , was gone. Very calming for me as I let go the triggering power of my past. A wonderful feeling from the experience.

  12. Last summer I began sleeping outside in my hammock when camping. One morning I woke up to a hummingbird zipping around my head. It was the sweetest experience. After that encounter my life changed drastically. I had passed thru a dark night of the soul and hummingbird gently awakened me to the eternal present. Magic began to happen and many dreams have manifested. I am so grateful for the blessings bestowed on my life and consciousness by the spirit of hummingbird. Thanks for the beautiful description of hummingbirds gift, for it is so.

    1. I too just went thru that dark night of the soul in the recent past. The very first time was when I had my spiritual awakening. And in both times a hummingbird shows up hovering above or right in front of me! And since this had happened to me twice now under similar life/soul circumstances, I firmly believe that’s not a coincidence. The universe/creator/source is sending me a message. And the description for this animal totem is indeed a message of joy to me today.

  13. Everytime i go relax outside and chill i see hummingbird. Doesnt matter wherre im at and its always the same color one sometimes i see two but always seeing one and i stops looks at me somtimes hanging around for mins at a time looking directly at me coming going all the time but only when im connecting spirtuallly to the earth so random too brings a smile to my face but ive seen alot animals cpnnect to me squirals almost every bird cats 2 all the time cats mainly and then hummingbird but the cats pop out look at me mostly in the middle of. The night like as if im doing. A mating calll and ill b siiting in dead slience and its like a unspoken languages.

  14. I love hummingbrids the frist time that I had a close look at one was in May 2008 I alway as my mom and dad and friends would say been a free spirit I couldn’t be caged I love life and live it to the fullest if you have drama save it for your mom. I had a great man in my life that my two beautiful little girls love then on May15,2008 the doctors found a brain aneurysm that they can not fixs then I had everyone lookingover my shoulder 24 hour I was sitting on the pouch talkingout loud and I hard a buzzing sound and I looked aroundand that’s when I looked back stait and right in my face was a hummbrid it was like he was listening to me every time I tell some one the they look at me like I was crazy it sat on my finger then I move and they followed where Ilive know I have lots I just got a picture of one the othe day and my daughter said it not a meith they are tiny and it made her happy to see one finely thank you your article is beautiful that you wrote about them thank you sherri ryder

  15. Thank you I kept seeing hummingbirds every day for weeks and they would hover above me or appear right when I walk out my door. I was feeling a little emotional and I just prayed for a sign to understand the message of the hummingbird and you have helped me feel peace with in my heart and mind. I am so grateful thank you so much.

  16. Hello. I was curious to find out what it means to periodically see real life hummingbirds? My whole life, starting fr when I was an infant, I have been regularly surprised to have a hummingbird fly right up to me & hover then fly off. Sometimes it will return & repeat behavior a few more times. I’ve even had a hummingbird build it’s nest right outside my window every year for 4yrs in a row. They don’t seem to be afraid of me for some reason. It’s pleasant yet fascinating to always have these beautiful creatures be so brazen around me but I don’t understand what it means,if it even signifies anything at all. Your input would be much appreciated, thanks ?

  17. My beautifuldaughter 32 died by suicide from her eating disorder and associated borderline personality issues. After finding her and cleaning out her apt I stopped one last time on her balcony where I was told she would stand and gaze out . A lone humming bird landed in a tree and put on a gleeful show for me flying back and forth . My daughter it suggested was now free and happy

  18. Hi good afternoon I have a question I’m always been surrounded of hummingbirds yesterday afternoon I was able to have a hummingbird in my hand he or she is very attached to me what is the meaning…. She/he is very very calm around me.. it likes my index finger the most and my hair.

  19. These beautiful little creatures tends to come around me a lot also the dragonfly. I can’t help but wonder what messages they bring me. Can you enlighten me. Thank you. Tatianna El

  20. Today is the date of birth and date of death of my by baby girl. It has been 23 years and every year is just as hard as the last one. This morning when I woke up and realized the date, I broke down and all the pain, sadness,and memories overtook all my emotions. I finally got myself together enough to make a pot of coffee and while it was brewing I went and sat on the front porch. Still in tears, I asked the Lord to please help me make it through today. About one minute passed and out of nowhere a hummingbird flew up right in front of my face and stopped for just a few seconds and flew away. Peace rushed over my soul like never before. The tears stopped. The pain in my heart eased up. I had never experienced anything like this before. So I started looking up the significance of the hummingbird and came across your article. Thank you for your enlightening words. Now I understand.

  21. I just had a hummingbird come right up to my face and stay there one of the coolest gifts ever! After she left I knew she came for a reason. Looking up her meaning I knew I have lived my life in the moment and always in kindness. Yesterday I was reminded how cruel people can be even when family. Instead of being angry at the situation I am know saddened for this person. Thank you hummingbird to remind me to stay on this path with you for you are wise beyond your years!

    1. this is so timely Laurie….i was recently thinking about the things and words being said that were so unnecessary…negative and i thought how sad that they are so ‘sad’…i deflected the hostility and upsetment and ‘felt for them’…yes the hummingbird is magical. and so is LOVE

  22. My 1st of many visits to AZ, I had a hummingbird brush my cheek while I was hanging a new feeder full of home-made nectar. What an experience…. and after research…. I know it was the introduction to a spirit animal who’s with me all the time. It’s been years since we first met and I’ve learned much but even today am still learning about the healing and joyfulness of these magical little flyers and their unique abilities. Hope I see one today!!

  23. Last week I was sitting on my back deck among many plants and flowers . A hummingbird came nearby and sipped some nectar from some flowers . Next thing I knew , there were two of them circling just above my head within reach for what seemed a lengthy time . It brought tears to my eyes and l still am in wonder about it .

  24. My beautiful humming bird came to me about a week ago. Lookn dwn I heard him/her thinkn it was just a bumble bee. It stayed there so long it made me look up. N sure enough it was right there in front of me,hovering. Then side to side up n dwn once. Then flew off. I’m mad I just thought to look up what this means. So thank,this beautiful passage has given me very specific in detail a confirmation I have been torn about. God bless

  25. Hummingbird has been visiting me frequently since I put out a feeder. Ive seen it several days in a row when I leave for work.
    This morning was no exception, except I didnt go to work during an Ice storm in the PAC NW
    So I decided to take a few minutes and meditate on Hummingbird.
    the Xmas song JOY TO THE WORLD popped into my mind within 10 seconds…blasting the message of Joy.
    I couldnt help but get a big grin on my face about Hummingbird bringing joy into my life

  26. Love these beautiful beings. Please tell us what is meant by: “The ability to heal by using light as a laser from the mouth”. Thank you

  27. Thank you so much I now understand why I was visited by the beautiful hummingbird not once but three times the first was at the age of 13 when I was staying the summer with my aunt and uncle. The second time was after my father passed away I was in a deep depression and scared the third time was recently because the love of my Life is battling cancer and I’m afraid of loosing him like my dad to it each time they pecked on the window to get my attention and hovered there for several seconds

  28. A few years back I visited a dear friend of mine. As I walked up to her front door and was about to knock I noticed a hummingbird on the floor. I assumed she was injured and picked her up. She had a faint breath and in that moment nothing else matter and all my surroundings vanished. I carried her in side and nurtured her. Few hours later as I sat with her out side she gained her strength and flew away.

    Just yesterday I was in a deep emotional state. My life has fallin in what seems every way possible. I’ve lost nearly everything I have. Everything is gone. After getting of the phone with the water company.. Trying to negotiate so I can have my water reconnected… I ran outside so my children wouldn’t see me cry.
    From the moment I closed the door behind I looked in front of me and in my front yard there were so many humming birds flying around in what seems to be only my yard.
    I was stuck
    I couldn’t move…
    I’ve never witnessed something so beautiful in all my life.
    As I stood there frozen 1 hummingbird broke away from the others and flew to me. She stayed right in front of me. Just hovering and looking at me.
    In that moment I broke down
    Tears filled my eyes and love filled my heart.
    All I could hear in my mind was “it’s going to be OK, things will get better”
    As tears ran down my cheek, a smile broke way and filled my face.
    The hummingbird joined the others and then they all flew up and away.
    And with a blink of and eye all was back to its usual appearance.
    24 hours have passed.
    And I can still feel the love in my heart.
    Idk how I’m going to fix my life or where I’m going to begin… But I do know that everything is going to b OK and I will get thru this.

    Thank you for your time and for reading about my hummingbird experience

  29. At the exact time this came up in my feed, a hummingbird appeared in my window. I had already taken the feeder down for the season when it started to get very cold and I thought they were gone for the season.
    I immediately put fresh sugar water in the feeder and put it back up. Either it was saying goodbye, or telling me it needed food. Either way, I love my hummingbirds and they return each spring ❤️❤️

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  31. My brother just passed at the age of 55. I was worrying about how the family would react especially wanting no conflict between us to help give him an honorable service. I went outside and there was a white hummingbird in my white begonias who hovered a few seconds and then flew off. I believe it was sent as a message which your article confirmed for me. Thanks

  32. Wow! Thank you for this wonderful article and comments. I also had two encounters with a hummingbird hovering right in front of my face while housesitting for a friend that has cancer. I immediately thought of her and wondered what message was being relayed. This had never happened to me before but l felt such a strong angelic presence in her garden, hundreds of white butterflies everywhere. I was praying for her under the full moon and stars, and a white butterfly passed right in front of my face after 10pm, and just kept on flying around me as l prayed! All of a sudden, l felt peaceful and thanked God for answering our prayers. So strange and wonderful, these spiritual visitations. Thank you soooo much:)

  33. Just pulled the shamanic tarot cards, “The Jaguar” and “The Humming Bird” for myself today. The Spirit guides showed me this beautiful message, for which I am grateful.

  34. Wow this is So Great cause a few mos. Ago I had just been at the end of Dark Night of the Soul I was on the back porch smoking, mind you it was near Christmas (12/19/18). I was upset about something and ofcourse no feeders or flowers in a long time. When BRIGHT SOLID RED hummingbird with black eyes and beak hovered 5 inches from my face while I blew smoke in its face ( i was in a Foul mood) and angrily asked “what do YOU want?”…it didnt waver just stayed smothered in smoke staring Straight in my eyes!!! For a couple mins.!!! While i asked it questions….i havent been able to even find a Red bird like it Anywhere ive looked everywhere!!!! Changed me!!!

  35. Hummingbirds gifts include the ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth. Can you explain this thought? Much Appreciated.

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