Dove Pigeon Power Animal Symbol Of Peace Love Maternity Gentleness Spirit Messenger

By Ina Woolcott

Dove/Pigeon’s gifts include – bringer of peace and love, understanding of gentleness, spirit messenger, communication between the two worlds, maternity, femininity, prophecy.

The Dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried and troubled thoughts, and enables us to find renewal in the silence of mind. In these moments of stillness we are able to appreciate the simple things in life.

The myths and legends surrounding the dove links it with many goddesses and it is renowned as the embodiment of the maternal instinct. The dove’s brood consists of 2 eggs. 2 is a symbol of the creative and feminine energies. Home and family are very dear and meaningful to those with this power animal. Life lessons will be most prevailing in these areas.

This bird is linked with the transitional periods in the day’s cycle. The dove’s singing is its most distinctive characteristic, to be heard throughout the day, as well as first thing in the morning and last thing at night. According to mystical and magical traditions, the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are then at their thinnest. Their coo sounds mournful, possibly reflecting hidden emotions within those with this medicine. How you perceive its sound often mirror the energies that are present in your life.

The precious stone amethyst is purple in colour. Sometimes at sunset and sunrise the sky is also this colour. The thing of interest here is that like the dove, amethyst relates to peacefulness. Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals used, and a comfort to those living in a world, which seems to be filled with stress, tension, and major changes. Certainly more peace is needed in the world and in some of our lives. Together with dove and amethyst, this may just be achieved. Particularly when we are going through or are facing big changes and transitions.

Dove’s are members of the pigeon family. Both symbolise the qualities of home, security and maternal instincts. Many with this power animal will experience unsettling childhood’s and will be consistently challenged to help gain a solid and secure foundation in all areas of their lives.

Dove teaches us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace is always a touch away – within us, and always available. Meditation and practicing deep breathing can help us to find inner peace, assisting us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose2

The dove embodies maternal instinct and is connected to Mother Earth and her creative energies. Their mournful coo speaks to our deepest self and stirs our emotions. The voice of dove is a rain song bringing us hope of a new beginning. Listen for their call with your soul.

As doves are ground feeders, mostly consuming seeds, those with this power animal would do well on a diet rich in wholesome seeds, nuts and grains. They would also be successful in any health profession relating to nutrition.

If dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony, be it of the past or the present. Dove helps us to rid trauma stored within our cellular memory. Humming can help you with this release.

Doves carry the energy of promise. When inner agitation is banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, the goodness awaits us. So we are able to receive the gifts doves present us, healing on all levels – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually – is of utmost importance.

17 thoughts on “Dove Pigeon Power Animal Symbol Of Peace Love Maternity Gentleness Spirit Messenger”

    1. I received 2 doves this morning as God knew I was anxious. I received an accept this medicine with thanks to Our Lord, savior Jesus and God Creator of ALL and Everything.

      God Bless

      Love and Light

      ~ Indigo Thunderbird

  1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful insight. It has touched my soul on its deepest levels. Peace Love and Prosperity to U and yours

  2. Whilst chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo this morning for a new home, we have one week to move out and havent anything suitable yet, I noticed a wood pigeon on the tree oitside. I was admiring its markings when two more wood pigeons flew onto the balcony railing right in front of me. I carried on chanting and to my surprise they didnt fly off. They stayed there for about five mins bobbing in rythmn to my chant. I had look up what the symbolism was and reading this makes perfect sense. Thank you for the insight!

  3. A mourning dove came to visit me today on my window sill. I was putting on a shirt and not paying attention when I heard the call of the dove and it startled me out of my thoughts. I stood and watched for five minutes as it cooed and sang until it flew out into the world. It seems he or she specifically found me and came to soothe my soul. I was moving around and making noise only feet away with the window open when it landed and began its song with such conviction and certainty of its duty. Time almost stood still in a profoundly simple moment. Beautiful reminder of my maternal goddess and to live free of past conditioning. Gratitude to the dove and her medicine.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful insight!! I take care of several children, and the white doves seem to love us and hang around the yard all the time while we are playing. We cherish the blessings they bring, and thank them for encouraging our group to be peaceful and harmonious!!!

  5. I’ve had a white pigeon/dove hanging around my house for little over a week. At first I thought it was injured but it has tried to fly to me on several occasions. It really is nice having it around. I don’t know if there is any meaning behind it. But it’s definitely a welcome guest. I do feel at peace with it around. I like how it gets all excited when I come home. Do these birds usually hang around for so long?

  6. I had just had a difficult morning discovering my husband was still in contact with a past affair – I was lost, defeated, full of self judgment and blame, not knowing where to put my next foot. A white dove came and tried to get into my home and then just sat for a while on the balcony. On reading this and other posts on the meaning of doves, the visit has given me renewed belief in starting afresh, moving forward, forgiving, believing, allowing my own naivity to keep my innocence in tact, whatever my husband may do or think. It has brought a ray of peace to my troubled mind! God is good!

  7. I was sitting in my backyard, watching a movie on my iPad when a young white wing flew over, perched on the head rest of my chair. Then onto my grey head. Then onto my finger. He sat quietly looking at me, let me move him down to the arm rest. Was very content to move to my palm and nestled down. He started doing the sleepy-eye blink and stayed with me for about 1/2 hour. We watched Mame on the iPad. He only left when my dogs came out to see why we hadn’t come inside yet.

  8. 3 weeks ago I was at the lake and saw a baby pigeon fell from a nest. The nest was very high. So I took the Pigeon home, when I was feeding the pigeon I always made a sound to imitate her parents,I got so attached to her. my daughter named her flappy because she flaps every time we see her. I believe that every in counter that we have in our life, come to show us a play about our life, so Today I wanted to know about the energy of a pigeon, Learning that the sound that I was making was a mourning sound not realizing that I was holding so much pain from loosing my mom in a very young age. A day Before my mom passed away,she had given me a gold bracelet,that I kept and cherished,And I realized that it was missing I was looking for it and all of a sudden the pain of loss came over me,and I started to cry feeling the exact mourning feeling the day my mom passed away. Now I understand that all these pain had been locked for longtime. my little daughter come to me holding the bracelet, with joy, mom I found it. To her surprise,mom are you crying? We hugged and We both laughed.

  9. I lost my best friend and better half in dec. I miss him sooo very much. my granddaughters lost their only papa also. ….yesterday i came home and there were 2 doves on our roof…..i didnt think too much of it.This morning i went out to go to the store and one was sitting on the hood of my .car….no im wondering if this is my better half coming to say “hi”

  10. My life partner and I have lived in our house for 27 years. This year is the first year I’ve ever heard mourning doves in our neighborhood. They have been in our trees but I’ve not seen them until today. The sun had come up and just as I was looking out my window into the distance, 2 doves flew onto the top a evergreen close by, just for a second, then flew over my house.. They were so beautiful as they tried to land together. I’ve never seen or felt anything like it. It was a sign of peace like no other. I too, worried over possible indiscretions. Now I will remember their beauty and the awesome feeling that washed over me when I saw them. I knew what it meant..Their coupleness at that time in that space was like a flashing neon sign. As I write this I am overcome with emotion and will forever remember this experience.
    I always wondered about their significance and have longed to see them since first hearing them.
    I give thanks to the Universe for this blessing..

  11. Two days ago I was standing outside on my tea break when a wild rock dove randomly landed on my arm made its way to my shoulder & starting cooing. I stroked its chest while it just sat & looked back at me. After approx 5 min when I walked back to the office I had to actually lift it & send it on its way. The most EVER unusual & random thing that I cannot explain.

  12. I have had the privilege of witnessing a set of doves bring two little babies into this world. They made a nest on my bedroom air conditioner. I listen to their sounds in the morning and throughout the day. Her two babies were finally big enough to fly off. But just a short week later I was blessed with another two eggs. I get to witness for the second time how wonderful mother nature is. How loving she can really be. And how messed up our world is. How defunct and broken our relationships are. When I see this family nurture and take care of each other in such an innocent,pure loving way, it gives me hope. I will certainly miss my friends when they fly away for the winter. They have been keeping me company since june. I never knew a dove could lay eggs twice in a season. A true miracle.

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