Crow Power Animal Symbol Of Sacred Law Change

By Ina Woolcott

Many cultures consider crows to be the keepers of the Sacred Law, for nothing escapes their keen sight. To have a Crow as a power animal is extremely powerful stuff. When we meditate on the crow and align with it, we are instilled with the wisdom to know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking and laws. We are taught to appreciate the many dimensions of both reality and ourselves, and to learn to trust our intuition and personal integrity.

Crows often appear in groups, and though there seems to be no variation in their caw-ing to each other, each caw actually has a different meaning. Their complex vocabulary is one sign of their intelligence, and is also a sign of their significance as power animals. When a crow explores something new, others watch closely to see what happens and then learn from it. They often make great noise when hunters are around, warning deer and other birds. Crows recognise potential danger and hence always post lookouts when feeding. This is their most vulnerable time. This helps us understand that we must watch what we believe, to test our habitual ideas about reality against a more universal standard.

Without paying careful attention, we are unable to understand the language of crows, this signifies the fact that we can’t always see beyond our own cultural limitations. These limitations include certain moral codes of right and wrong, along with ‘rules’ that accompany these codes.

Throughout history there have been many (unnecessary) conflicts and wars between humans due to differing moral and religious beliefs. To truly create a new age of love, peace and harmony it is of high importance for us to be able to transcend our particular cultural limitations and to hold in our hearts and souls what we share as spiritual beings in human form. We are all connected, infinitely and composed of the same ‘stuff’. We need to realise that hurting others only hurts ourselves. Crow is the bird which represents this transcendence.

Crow can also teach us to be mindful about judging people automatically. Be mindful of your opinions and actions. You need to walk your talk, to speak your truth and to know your life’s mission. Again, trust your intuition and personal integrity, to create your own standards, whether or not they matc those of the world around you. Be an individual, think for yourself, don’t necessarily follow the crowd!

In the courting process the male crow’s voice takes on a singing quality. This lets us see what the basis of sacred law is, unconditional love, the one unfailing principle by which we can test our own principles.

Crow is an omen of change. Crows live in the void and have no sense of time, therefore being able to see past, present and future simultaneously. They unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer. Crow is the totem of the Great Spirit and must be held with utmost respected. They are representations of creation and spiritual strength.

Crows are messengers, telling us about the creation and magic all around us, that is available to us just for the asking. Look for opportunities to bring into being the magic of life. The striking black colour of the crow represents the colour of creation. It is the womb out of which the new comes into existence. Black is the colour of the night, giving birth to the light of a new day.

Crows are sly and can be deceptive in their actions. They have been known to build false nests high in treetops to confuse predators. Their nests are built very high up, giving them the chance to watch everything that is going on around them.

As crows are adaptable to all environments and will eat almost anything, they can survive in almost any situation. Crow is surrounded by magic, unseen forces and spiritual strength. If crow enters your life, get out of your familiar nest, look beyond your present range of vision, listen to the message(s) in its caw and act accordingly.

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  1. I was one day walking out of a grocery store when suddenly a crow flew by me and landed on a grocery cart containing section. I have noticed crows all my life but for some reason this one I was completely fixeatted on this one. As it perched it looked in my direction, cawed a few times then flew off. I knew it had to mean something so I go home and start researching EVERYTHING about crows, but still wasn’t convinced. Giving up I decided to go take a shower, as I was showering suddenly a face of the crow showed so strongly in my mind as a vision that I thought it was physically there. Suddenly I felt empowered and enlightened. Then I saw a bright light and I was then in a vision… Darkness all around except for one bright light… And a voice coming from the light saying that I had received a gift granted to few, a spirit animal uniting with me, the crow. The voice then told me the crow was to take me on a spiritual journey to strengthen myself in the higher spiritual plains ( all this I was completely unaware of ) and that though I rely on my intellect, that I still have much to learn from my heart and spirit… It said to always keep seeking knowledge but don’t shun my emotions( of which I usually do )and that I start improving myself spiritually. The voice disappeared and of course feeling enlightened I still wanted to do research, finally I found this site explaining about Shamanism and spiritual animals of which mine even on description turned out to be… The crow. Now I will seek out more answers while relying on this spirit guide to help me get to higher spiritual levels.

    1. I had a crow fly down to a glass door look straight at me and peck on it and then fly away. Since then I’ve had hundreds of them flying around my house. I believe there’s potentially a connection with my ability to lucid dream possibly during a lucid dream having direct conversation with Gaia. So I guess the first comment was right on!

    2. I have been seeing crows and hawks lately a LOT. The hawks are usually in the air but the crows are on the path I walk, on the neighbor’s house, in my backyard. I am at a time in my life where I feel the need to change but don’t know how to do it. The financial security of a job is comforting. the unknown is scary.

      1. In 2015 my mother and son were both admitted to the ICU both were dieing , life support was failing. The crow or raven that has not left my balcony didn’t appear before the deaths of my mom and son, it appeared AFTER. My other son told me it’s not here when I’m not home, only when I am. I’d have to say I’m in times of dispair I can’t describe , felt suicidal but I’d never do that, and this crow won’t stop, it’s going on on on to point even my other son said that birds saying something to the world. I thought is this bad news warning , how can that be, what more bad news can I possibly get. Then I lost my job. It’s OK didn’t like the job anyway.
        Long story short this crow is around me more AFTER bad has happened. I finally took lot pictures because my friends think I’m in mourning over my son, mom and imagining things out of depression. I’m not imagining a damn thing. Its been 5 months since the tragedy of my mother and son, it’s taken every bit of this time to even feel secure again , I don’t Im just adjusting little bit better than I was. Now the crow is back again yesterday was all day night never ending noise, then today. I’d like to think it’s a protector but I know that can’t be right, I’d like to think it’s just singing the message damn this girls got lot bad happening, I’d like to think it’s simply waking me up to snap out of my depression. I want to know, is this good or is more bad coming ?

          1. My mother passed away Jan.26, 2016. This week at work, everyday a crow has came to my window and is on the ground under it. I first hear it’s loud caw. It will caw several times very loudly until I get up and look out the window and acknowledge it. 5 days in a row this crow has came to visit. It is majestic and beautiful. It was the 3rd day when I realized this was a visitor. It has definitely got my attention.

          2. I just attended my favorite Aunty home going yesterday. This morning as I was pulling out the hotel room a bird landed right in my path and block me from turning. Thank you for your comment. Confirmation that she is alright.
            Love n Light

          3. This is very true!! I once had a dream about my deceased friend and she told me things were ok that she was ok…then she said when I saw a crow to tell our other friends what she had told me. A month or so later we went to her grave site and as I was leaving a crow came and sat on her head stone cawed at me then flew away so I knew it was her and I was to deliever my message. pretty cool to read this and relate it to an exact experience.

        1. Listen to your heart and your initial gut feeling when it comes to you. Find what feels right to you in the moment.

        2. Your not alone. That is them in spirit. Crows follow me all the time especially since my dad passed. Its their way to help you grieve and help give you the strength you need at that time. Crow is part of your totem poll an asian lady once told me. She told me to feed them, so I do. Just because they are black does not mean they are bad news. They are very powerful spirits. So, when your depressed just remember your not alone, they were able to come see you inspirit which is a gift to some of us..I hope this was helpful to you. I took lots of videos and pics because people were calling me nuts 😉

  2. After maditating with the crow, grounding my self and becoming part of the one, I was a part of every blade of grass, every tree and everything that is. I could feel the healing energy enter it all, and had the thought, it’s ok Grandpa. At this moment in no-time my Grandfather, smoking his pipe, emerged from the ground the plants and the animals. I could feel the Earth heal and I felt a calm fall upon everything that is.
    The message I received was; the Earth Spirit and our Spirits need to interact to live and grow and heal, we should become as a child and expolre what is……….

    1. What does a crow staring at a black candle symbolize . I seen these in a antique store recently but cannot find out the meaning behind this crow or Raven staring at a black candle statue. Any clues ???

  3. At one time a few years ago when I was quite shaken up mentally/spiritually and had experimented with psilocybin mushrooms for quite a while- some crows started cawing at me from two trees, following me a few meters, flying a bit lower above my head and then landing on the next tree- just to fly down on me again and landing on the next nearby tree. Like a group of 4 or 5 crows I think. I hadn’t ingested any mushrooms that day, but was, as I said, in a quite shaken up inner state. Frightened by the changes in my general perception (or conception) of reality that had started happening. I felt like in a psycho thriller or horror movie when the crows behaved in that odd way towards me, somehow it pleased me- as if proving that I am entering into a more shamanic frame of mind- but at the same time unsettled me deeply. A few meters ahead, JUST a few seconds afterwards, a young woman leaned out of a window of a particularly run down looking house (apart from which the neighborhood actuslly consisted of very nice houses). It was a side lane and just some metres near a Jewish synagogue. Anyway she grinned at me secretively and started speaking to me in a luring cheeky tone of voice, laughing but somehow mocking me with a cynical undertone. She said something like: Hey fella, where you headed- wanna join me in here? I want to show you something (btw…I am fairly sure that she wasn’t a prostitute 😀 ). I think she wore something black, I am nit sure vut she had that gothic style look or vibe. I was a quite startled and babbled something meaningless. I dudnt trust the whole thing at all- especially with the criw shirtly before and all- no ten horses would drag me in that strange ugly house. She tried it again and I went something like: No can do a girlfriend!..Then she sniffed at me, and said, still in a cynical mocking voice: What are you- a small child?! I have boyfriend too- what’s that got to do with anything, stupid??’ abd closed the window while I waved in a fashion which u hoped seemed witty and self confident. It was really unsettling, especially the striking syncronicity of it all (to very odd and shady occurrences coinciding like that). I still don’t know what to make of it all really, now after about 4 years. I have walked through that side lane and by the house on purpose a few times since then, but apart from feeling just some slight anxiety from the above memory I didn’t really expect it to repeat. I can’t lose the feeling that I was in a particularly vulnerable state if mind (mentally/ energetically) and drew or attracted those very strange incidents to myself accordingly. Because all of it wouldn’t have shook me up like that if I had been in my ‘normal state’ of mind. But then such things usually don’t happen to you and I guess that’s not by accident. Maybe on the other hand I was particularly open that day to learn an intersting spiritual lesson, which is what that mysterious girl perhaps was trying to offer me; like a test. And I failed by being all timid and ‘leave me alone, I’m just a regular nice guy’. But in the end, I’m glad I reacted as I did, following my spontaneous intuition.

    What do you guys think of all thus (apart from it being somewhat of a lengthy story 😀 )

    1. One afternoon, during prayers I called upon all my ancestors to bless me .then I had a short nap after lunch. Then after few minutes I was woken by the voice of cawing crows. There were a huge crowd of say 15-20 crows right out of my window and cawing at me. I felt like saying thanks for there presence and when I thanked them they flew away. But ever since I see crows at my window daily . They caw and wait till I see them and then they move. moreover I see 2 crows always by the window and looking for though they are guarding me and trying to give a message . I don’t know how to communicate with them.but I feel like some power animals or my ancestors spirits are trying to guide me with some message. I would like to know the ways of communicating with spirit guides or power animals.

      1. I feel the same way right now. There are many crows visiting daily on the eastern pine trees, but this one comes and perches on the electric line daily and claws & peeks in the window. He sits exactly where I can see him from my chair. Beauties.
        But I feel stuck as to what I’m to learn

    2. It’s often said that when one is awakening spiritually a woman may appear as a test. Everything I have read says the woman is a distraction and will lead to your undoing. So it sounds like you actually passed this test of spirituality.

  4. Btw the crows were cawing at me all the time while one of them would fly a bit lower above my head. They were about five as I said. They really kind of circled and followed me in a very persistent way.

    1. I been seeing them everyday & my Father is sick with cancer. For about a year now. Before my Father found out he had cancer, he was in the hospital, & two black birds flew onto my window sill & pecked. A year later still seeing & hearing them. One huge one flew past me when I was getting ready to go into a diner & cawed at me & then flew away.

  5. I’ve experienced this exactly as well… it happens to me quite a lot actually. you are not crazy. the crows are speaking to you. i get scared too. If you need to talk about it call me : 9496365659

    1. Hey, I have been visited by crows too. I’m finding it very frustrating to try to understand their message and i,d love to connect! Any info you have on this would be so welcome

  6. I encountered my Crow way back in 2006/7 when I was hit by their droppings that sent me bedridden 5 days and nights with a terrible flu. By then Bird-flu was in the news so I could easily conclude my condition as same. Very life-sucking flu: complete weakness, painful cough, loss of appetite… you name it.

    But the Crow declared their dedication when in my latter years at the university, the pair would not leave the vantage point where I could see them through my window – rain or shine, day and night!

    The love-affair has been ongoing since then but I am still yet to come to terms with their exact message being delivered. Not even those inordinate amounts of time spent reading everything crow have brought me a complete grasp of their messages. Yes there have been tremendous jumps high and low in my life, I still feel there’s something more to the caws that they keep calling out to/flying along with me than I can presently comprehend.

    I need more clarity with their message.

  7. my dream last night was of me and my family raising a crow. I could feel love and familiarness for this animal in the dream it felt a happy and colourful dream.I could see the crow aging throughout the dream seeing a fully grown crow held by my mother at some point in the dream..anyone have any insight on this please.

  8. I am working at a Hardware Store, I can not say where. But I am recently got into Shamanism.While I was in the Lott getting Baskets. You know where you put the baskets after you are done right? A Crow landed two or four feet from me at the end of the Railer. Just glanced at me, they usually fly away when you are moving and making heavy vibration noise with the basket. Then the next day, I had one flew downwards by me then upwards on the Store.

    1. My story begins in the Summer of 2009. My father had passed away in March of that year & I was spending more time with my sister at her place. It was a frightening, yet confusing dream. I dreamed that a black crow was between my sister & I. Being the very superstitious person that I am, it was told to me to never reveal bad dreams because they would come true. I panicked and not said a word to her. I did look up the meaning of the dream(illness). It wasn’t until March-April in 2014 that my sister’s abdomen started blowing up like if she was pregnant. She went to see a doctor turned out she had a tumor. Up to this date, I see crows everywhere, I go. Just a couple of months ago, I had a crow in my dream following me, while I was driving. Weird thing is I’ve gone twice to renew my drivers license ..both times I’ve have had trouble doing so. Certain circumstances haven’t allowed it. I don’t understand. Soon I probably will.

  9. I have always lived in the country. We moved into a new house 7 months ago, a house on the lake. I have noticed a number of crows outside, hanging out at a tree outside the house and flying by the lake, etc. They seem to have a nest nearby as they are always here, not just at times. I didn’t realize crows have nests and hang out so closely to people. My husband seems to think our house may have been an old grave site because of it? Any thoughts?? (P.S> I don’t believe they are bad luck or bad omens, am just curious about thoughts to a flock/murder of crows living right near a house).

  10. my brother is dead in a car accident 2 years ago,from that time a black crow is all ways in touch in my life ,when ever i keep food no other crows will come and eat only the black one will come and eat ,after that only other crows will come and eat.recently for past 1 month that crow will wake up me in the morning by shouting and i feed it with food which i have, it will come near me and eat from my hand i see no fear in it,if am not there my wife notice the crow search me in the balcony but never eat any thing what my family members it any thing that my dead brother trying to tell me some thing in life ,plz if some one knows about this plz mes me

    1. I think it’s your brother telling you that if you look closer…. Real close and pay attention, you can see him trying to communicate with you

  11. I’ve always seen crows
    But today I saw one single brown crow. I was I’m shock. That amazed me, And now I’m wondering what it means?

  12. Lately I have had this strange thing happening. Every time I see a Crow I hear it’s name, if there is a group/murder of them I hear so many names it is hard to pick one out. Sometimes while driving on routes I take many times I will see the same crow, I know this only because I hear their name. Some will sit on a fence and just stare at me.

    I have three that visit the feeder or sit behind the gazebo, they are quite vocal.
    This started happening about February of this year……I do feel honored that they tell me their name….even more so if they are my totem. I also feel they are trying to guide me to the earth people..
    All my life I have noticed the nearness of crows but just never thought of them as my totem…

  13. Stephen .. do you think that the crows were warning you about what was to follow ie the invitation into the house?

    Brenda h

  14. Crows have made presence into my life some time back…I do understand that there is a deeper meaning, but am still to figure it out!
    What intrigued me was, it was out cawing in the night, hasn’t happened before ….
    Do es anyone have any clue as to what is the meaning….
    any info will be great!
    Thanks and take care all!

  15. I had a drem last night that I was facing a muddy sort of walled forest. When I looked closer dried mud was hanging down rather like an upside down termite mound. Then hanging down from the mud were clear strings which grew bigger until eventually out popped a head a body which suddenly righted itself and stood on its two feet. I was so shocked I didn’t know what it’s was but then I realised I was standing in the middle of a gigantic crows nest. I knew I had to make a quick get away as the mother would be coming back soon to protect her young. Didn’t know what to make of the dream. Any advice welcome … Thanks

  16. Sitting on the beach, watching the clouds. Nobody around, few surfers in the water. As I am listening to thunder, contemplating the clouds and rain and life, a crow flies over me cawing, then lands a few feet from me, walking toward me cawing. He kept walking a half circle around me back and forth, all the time looking at me, cawing, and shuffling samd with its beak off and on. Then we moseyed off quietly. Curious!

  17. In Sept/Oct 2013, I dropped 2 passenger s at a Minot, ND hotel. Whrn I got out of the cab, a crow cawd. The cab key buzzer went off. I couldnt see why. I walked inside to the ground floor bathroom. Then I opened the door I froze for 4 sexonds as I saw a 25 yr old white man wearing white long sleved shirt, vest docker walk out of rhw stall towords the sicks/mirror. He took his second step turning intoca white ghost tje shrunk smaller moving into the corner. I had a tape recorder on me. The three soinds click click click echoed whenbhe apeared then.faded as he turned into a vaper and disappeared. I have decendent in Chaote.
    What does this mean?

  18. i had a dream in which a black crow awaited for on parapet wall and followed me and said come with me i will take…..what does this strange dream mean?….im really worried about this dream…!!!

  19. Sacred Law/crow woman, tarot card drawn today. Walk out of my front door and there’s a big ass crow on the telephone wire staring at me. I just walked away from a relationship that wasn’t serving me well. Was questioning myself and then I draw his card, and the Crow is in my face. Spirit has been speaking to me so loudly lately. I love spirit spirit rocks my world

  20. Today while pulling into a coffee shop a black crow landed in front of my car and wouldn’t move, I waited for a little bit and it didn’t move, inched my car forward a little, it didn’t move, inched a little more and it flew away and landed on top of the light pole, there were two others on a different light pole and a bunch of other small birds on the electric wires. I lost my son in May and I feel like this is a bad sign that more bad is going to happen. Six weeks before he passed there was a Robin that pecked at my sliding glass doors every morning. After I lost my son the Robin only did it a few more times and never came back. I’m very superstitious, not sure what the crow thing means and it’s also Friday the 13th. Very anxious.

  21. one day I was going out to pick up my sister from the kindergarden. I was too early of course and started to walk arround. After half an Hour or so my eye started to hurt (I have eye issues btw. I had it often) So I sat down on a bench and waited till it has gone. Suddenly many crows were in front of me but only one recognized me. I stood up and went a bit forward. The Crow started to walk arround me like it was analyzing me. He caw at me three times and I felt like he was talking to me. I picked up my Sister and went home. As I went to sleep I had like a strange dream (I am luzid dreamer but on this one Icouldn’t controll anything). In the dream I was in the place where I saw the crows. There was only one crow. He wanted that I follow him. I did. The crow picked up something I did it too. Then the crow went upstairs. When I arrived upstairs I saw myself, where the crow stood before.

    What does it mean? (sorry for bad english but I’m European ^^”)

  22. For the last several days crows have been showing up in my front yard in mass. For a while I was wondering if there was a dead animal nearby or if there was some leftover food accidentally dropped on the ground, but I realized that they were picking at pine cones falling from the trees. Not being a stranger to synchronicities I decided to inquire as to what the significance of their presence meant for my life. I knew that it was an omen for something but was unsure if it was good or bad. Thanks for the insight! This was all very helpful.

  23. I was climbing the stairs to light candles at mother Mary’s shrine when a crow brushed my head and sat on a tree and began cawing loudly . I was a little upset and did not pay attention .. But intuitively I feel it was telling me something was about to change … I am not very sure though crows symbolically mean transformation , looking at things objectively ..
    Freaky though ..

  24. I just finished eating Christmas dinner at my daughters place, and went outside to sit on the porch and smoke a cigarette. Across the street sitting on a branch at the top of a tree was 1 crow. It looked like I was cawing at me and making different noises. I remembered that cries were a symbol of something, so I Googled it. I believe the crow was sending me a message about a change or like a rebirth of my life. I wish I knew what change but I’m sure I will know in time. Going to embrace the new and do away with the old.

  25. There are a lot of Crows in my area and usually I don’t pay much attention, but today as I came out from shopping, two flew down and landed with wings spread out pretty much right in front of me as I was walking down the parking lot. I thought it was odd since usually birds will launch when you approach.

  26. Crows have chosen me for however long. I wasn’t particularly aware before, but the first one came one day cawing on my outdoor terrace, as if trying to get my attention. As soon as she did, she flew away. Got word that someone passed later that day. In the months that passed, I saw more crows, but when they landed a certain way or REALLY got my attention, someone passed. Happened last week, cousin passed. Happened today, friend lost her baby. But today was very unique. Whereas that first day, the crow really cawed to seemingly get my attention, today I knew exactly what the crow was saying. She cawed and cawed, and I – getting irritated because I didn’t want it to mean death – told her to hush. She kept on. With an attitude I finally asked what she wanted. Her head turned and she cawed different and I knew what she was saying. My friend was having complications, but the crow told me she would need me now. I instantly freaked when I texted and she confirmed what I already knew. I’m intuitive, and growing more in that area, but I instantly resisted. Like, who wants to know when DEATH is coming all the time. But the crow herself, in this post tells me to embrace change and to relinquish my attachments to old mindsets. Now I know the crow is assigned to me somehow to guide and protect. Instant tears when I read this. Now I’m not afraid when she comes to me. I don’t have to resist it. The crow comes to help, and protect. Now I’m grateful for what I loathed this morning. Thank you!!!!

  27. Crows visited my home in mass walking on the road and cawing when my mum was sick and a few months later she passed on . I hadnt known that crows were an omen.
    Since then they sometimes walk on my roof and cawing. It disturbs me a lot. Have been moving from one residence to another and they still come.
    Am so confused. What could be the meaning of this? Someone help here.

  28. One day I was feeding nuts to squrial and a crow landed in my yard watching me crunch up peanuts the crow it landed in my front yard and hopped close to me watching me and I put a little nuts down on a piece of wood cause I didn’t want it to eat curt and it looked at me as if to say is this for me I bowed my head and it ate the nuts flew above me and went away. Another day a crow pooped on me. So what does this all mean? Is it goog or bad or both? Thanks for listening.

  29. I was camping in Arches National park. I left my crystals out at night, since it was a full moon. After a bit of tequila I fell asleep, forgetting about the crystals.
    When I woke up they were gone, not all but most. As I stared at the patch where they were taken I saw a crow land and dig around. I eventually chased him until he flew down a canyon squawking all the while. Another crow appeared and they chased each other around a while, eventually I saw one fly out with my Honey Calcite in its beak. After some squealing from the other crow he dropped it.

    It was December and there was snow everywhere, I Tried to make it to the nest and the landing spot of the calcite but ice and snow made it too dangerous.

    The rest of my time there the crows would constantly taunt me, flying close and staying near.

    One day, with no snow, I’ll return to get my stones!

  30. This all happoned about 5 years ago. I was in the middle of a very tumultuous period of my life filled with much doubt and uncertainty. I was on my way to take my emergency medical tech test and was driving down the interstate to the testing center when a crow flew into the road. I was expecting it to fly away as I got closer, but it turned and looked at me and stood as still as a statue as I ran it over. I was upset about the incident, but didn’t give it much thought.
    I had recently left my job and school in preparation to spend the summer hiking the Appalachian trail. One day early in my hiking journey I met an old man setting under a tree in the wilderness. We started talking. On tge AT every hiker goes by a pseudonym known as their trail name. I was always told you couldn’t pick your trail name but that it had to come to you. This old man told me his name was bird man and he was a giver of names. As we sat and talked our conversation somehow moved to me telling him about my interstate incident with the crow. He sat strait up and became very serious and looking me in the eye he said, “that crow is part of you now. He gave his life so you can live.” He then gave me the name crow.
    I went by that name the rest of the summer. After hearing about this my family members even started to refer to me as crow. Now I see crows everywhere and I can almost walk right up to them and touch them. People are cobstantly/randomly giving me crow/raven moment is, and I even discovered that my astrological sign of very early scorpio is linked with the native totem of the crow/raven.
    I dont know what really happened that day on the interstate, but I do know my life has completely changed in every way since then. Every day I feel less fear and more awareness.

  31. I being through rough situation with my old boss, she refused to pay me the hrs that I have worked. I wrote her a couple certified letters, reminding her her past due obligation. One day I got a certified receipt from the post office, her acc had send it to me. I got a little worried about it!
    It was around 8:30 pm…Suddenly I hear a crow on my back yard and got scare. Them I searched the meaning of it!
    I say to my self… I hope the crow was trying to tell me that it’s my pay on that certified letter.

  32. For about a month now ive had several hundred crows landing in trees around my house in a half circle what do you think its telling me i an an empath this is all new to me ive had alot of spirt experiences and spirts around me constantly what does this mean?

  33. When I was a kid, I was sent to India for a year. I was told once when I was sleeping outside, there was a snake which was just only watching me sleep. Until my uncle killed it. I also seen a shooting star one night there. I’ve seen a girl in all white as a ghost. Then just yesterday, I just wanted to open my bathroom window and I seen a crow on a wire. It did that kaw kaw and then started to fly away. So 2 hours later. I just left my house to I can look for it. As I walked I kept on seeing theses normal birds like 3 or 2 fly by and seemed like a path. Btw I live in New York. So I followed the paths they flow. So I made lefts and rights. Then I heard the crow but I couldn’t find it.

  34. On the summer solstice 2015, I remember reading that summer officially started at 3:30p. On that day, I was doing some yard work in the back and I started noticing crows flying in from all over. From about 3-3:30 I watched as a hundred or so of crows flew in and perched themselves in the ceder trees. roughly around 3:45p they all started leaving. By 4:30p they were all gone. It was an interesting moment and and I still think about that often. I still wonder what was going on, I figure it had to be an important event.

  35. today, three crows squandered along my back yard… first I saw one… Then two more meandered along. walking slowly thru the yard. one looked straight at me… I was struck with calmness and wonderment. I didn’t sense “death” or any negative vibes. I simply watched them… Then my dogs barked.. And off they flew to a branched tree where they looked down at my home. So maybe these crows were there for positive reasons… And I did not sense any eminent danger… If anything it was a lovely exchange.. As brief though as it was…

  36. A couple years ago I has the strangest thing happen to me. Today the memory came back because I had a bunch of crows flying back n forth over my head. So about 3 years ago I saw a massive amount of crows swarming in the sky like darkness and then they all landed in my yard on my house and in the street in front of my house. I got scared and ran into the house. Of course everyone was at work so I am the only one that saw it. I stay at home with my kids. We are talking 1000s of crows!!!

  37. I have been having a tough time with life & visit my mother 2yrs & fathers 10yrs joint grave when I feel the need, after a rant to my passed parents about life I asked for help, I sat in my car by the grave & within 5mins I watched a crow go directly to the gravestone & sat on top of it, it seemed so unbelievable so I took a picture on my phone, I told a few people that are close to me it seemed so unreal with so many graves at this cemetery it went directly to my parents. I was Driving to work yesterday & had a real urge to visit the cemetery I was by the grave for about 5 mins & after another rant & Moan about life, again sat in my car & after my last experience I was aware of anything unusual I looked up & watched a crow land in the tree it stayed there for approx 2mins then I watched it fly to the ground about 20-25ft from my parents grave I was intrigued & I carried on watching this bird & I watched this bird walk not fly to explain this is a very occupied cemetery with graves all around it walked with what it seemed like more purpose directly to my parents grave & sat right on top & looked at me while I couldn’t believe this was happening again I got my camera phone out & took more pictures when the crow flew off… I didn’t know what to feel? I was a little freaked it seemed unreal I’m so confused what can this mean?

  38. As a child i had a crow dream repeadatly.. I come from a very insecure child hood and the crows eyes always scared me as the crow always started to scream and almost attack me before I woke up.. I still sense that the crow means something more to me until this day…

  39. my son going through spiritual battle in this life ever since I realized what’ was going on with him how these crows will hang around my house my son behaviour will change I feel like they torment his mind, soul because he will always say mom those blk crows back they will just sit on tree look dwn at my son I was told by my pastor pray over them use oil he gave me and pray so once I left up my hands starting pray the crows got very angry started flying around landed on tree looked straight at me started making loud evil sound I felt afraid kept praying asking god if these are sent by you why am I afraid I still don’t understand did sum1 put witchcraft over my son for his his behaviour change,? Dark look in his eyes how can this be normal I don’t understand I need answers 😢

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