Cheetah Power Animal Symbol Of Focus Accelerating Time

By Ina Woolcott

Cheetah’s medicine includes – speed and focus, brotherhood, elusiveness, ability to focus intently on something for a short period of time, swiftness, self-esteem, accelerating time, keenness of sight.

Different to other felines, who stalk, then swiftly jump on their prey for the kill, cheetahs, the fastest animals alive, run down their prey.

The lesson to be learned here, the inspiration, is to fulfil our goals with speed and focus. When we feel stuck, cheetah energy can help us spring into motion. If we are moving with great speed but with little direction, cheetah medicine can help us to keep our eyes on our goals, to focus, and to find the most direct way of achieving them.

Sometimes we must carefully consider all aspects of a plan to reach a goal. At other times, it may be necessary to be flexible and adaptable in rehashing plans. However, sometimes the most important thing to do is to act with both speed and focus. The goal is almost reached, but continually putting something off, or lack of clarity keeps one from accomplishing it. It is at times like this that cheetah medicine is extremely valuable.

There is more wisdom to be taken from the cheetah’s actions – there are those who want to accomplish their goals but who may take on too many goals at one time. Though the cheetah is able to reach speeds of up to 63miles per hour, it can only maintain this incredible speed for a short period of time. Afterwards, it must rest for around 15 minutes.

The cheetah period of rest teaches us that intense activity should always be followed by a time of rest, relaxation, and contemplation.

3 thoughts on “Cheetah Power Animal Symbol Of Focus Accelerating Time”

  1. I had a dream of 3 cheetahs guarding my home. From me leaving the house. But they wouldnt charge after anyone near by. What does this mean? But at the same time my youngest neice was playing hide and go seek with a friend. At this time some how i was out of the house grabbed her and her friend and directed them away from the cheetahs.

      1. Me too, cassy! One of then was inverted. Like white fur black spots then the other was black fur and white spots! It was confusing. But I felt to be their mother?

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