Salmon Power Animal Symbol Of Wisdom

By Ina Woolcott

The salmon’s wisdom includes – value of returning home to regenerate, swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight, understanding divination messages, rebirth of spiritual knowledge, wisdom.

The Salmon’s aim is to overcome all obstacles that may present themselves. Its aim is to be reunited with All That Is. We are assisted by salmon in developing the necessary wisdom needed to find the meaning and purpose of our lives, and also to move steadily on our spiritual journey.

Celtic tales tell of legendary salmon that lived in a sacred well, which was the source of the river Boyne which flowed past ancient Druid temples. These salmon would feed on hazelnuts, the source of wisdom. The salmon was considered the oldest and wisest of animals.

Comparing the salmons journey to our own life journey helps us comprehend why the salmon was regarded as the wisest of animals. In our life we frequently seem to be face low times, be it external or internal hindrances. Generally the internal state of affairs are most difficult – resistance and fear of change. Taking salmon as an example can make life a lot easier!

It may seem that the salmons up-river journey to the spawning grounds appears a struggle, similar to a humans journey. However, the truth is very different. Difficulties are present, but when jumping upstream the salmon in fact does NOT fight the current, rather it travels with the reverse current flowing beneath the surface. The word summersault was inspired by the salmons leaping and in fact stems from the word salmon – sault. Somersaulting children are being playful and nimble. Being able to be childlike is yet another lesson to be learned from salmon.

The salmons long upstream journey every 5-7 years takes it to the place where it was spawned. If this is your power animal, then life changes often take place in this time period. The end of each cycle means a new start. Salmons have an acute sense of smell, assisting them in finding their way home to spawn – they can smell the one stream where they were hatched! They have unbreakable bonds with their past. Because the salmons origins are so important to them we are reminded to honour our true heritage.

They are extremely determined and even jump 10 foot waterfalls to reach their destinations. They may struggle past many predators, including birds of prey, bears and humans to reach their home waters. They have an admirable drive to get to their place of origin, hardly eating along the way and display hardly any interest in anything but getting there. Once they arrive they spawn and die.

When the salmon lays its eggs in the coarse gravel and sand beds of streams it implies that the birth of a new idea is close. However – for us humans there is a warning here to ensure that a new idea is not laid on a rough foundation.

So we are able to complete our journey, we must understand our own history, we must frequently go back in our minds to our childhood for that understanding – and not just in our minds. We can learn from the salmon how to leap with joy and anticipation at the prospect of a new day, and also to know that no matter where we are we are always on our way home. Being light-hearted, open, innocent and childlike is not the aid to reaching the goal, but the goal itself. Flow with the currents beneath the surface. If you don’t know how to incorporate this medicine you may have to stop battling the currents of life.

In general people with this power animal are tough and can persevere when others arent able to. Often they pick a life filled with challenges knowing that within each challenge lies positive-ness and the opportunity for growth.

They also have strong spiritual desires and work tirelessly to manifest them. Studying genealogy is important..

Black Panther Power Animal Symbol Of Astral Travel Feminine Energy Death And Rebirth

By Ina Woolcott

Black Panther’s Power Includes astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence, reclaiming Power.

The Panther is a very ancient and powerful spirit guide. Their power is lunar (moon). In Egyptian rites a panther tail was worn around the neck or waist to help protect and strengthen the individual. Panther has been a symbol of the “Argos of a Thousand Eyes,” who protected the heifer IO whom Zeus loved. After his death, the eyes were moved to the feathers of the peacock.

The name panther is frequently linked with a certain species of leopard or jaguar and sometimes the cougar. Black panthers are smaller but more fierce than lions and tigers. They are also brilliant swimmers and agile climbers. Because they have the ability to sprint with great speed, they hold the teachings of quick decisive action. Panthers are not the best long distant runners though, so those with this power animal should take part in movement therapies that improve endurance, e.g. swimming, martial arts. It is necessary to learn how to pace oneself, to not push to fast or hard on any one task.

Panthers are generally loners, extremely comfortable with themselves and are often drawn to other solitary people. Women with Panther, Leopard or Jaguar power animals frequently find themselves raising their children alone, whether it be through divorce or circumstance. People with this power animal can develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life or dimensions. They must trust their thoughts and inner voice/visions as they are based in reality. This is an animal guide to assist you on your path, sometimes in the form of a real person such a mentor or teacher. The Black Panther is endowed with great magic and power, which will increasingly be experienced.

Panthers have over 400 voluntary muscles that can be used at will when required. Panthers are able to move gracefully in and out of situations, as well as freeze and not be noticed. This is a symbol of the ability to shapeshift realities, using all parts of the body to perform a task. The gift of Panther is the power of silence. They are near silent when hunting or stalking prey, and know when to make themselves seen and when to become unseen.

Panther holds the secrets of worlds that are unseen and are associated with lunar energies. Within the darkness of night resides the truth of creation. Black panthers have great mysticism associated with them. They represent the life and power of the night. They can show us how to welcome the darkness and rouse the light within it. Those with this power animal contain knowledge of a galactic origin, and have a responsibility to look after and respect this knowledge. Caution must be used when sharing it with others. When the student is ready the teacher appears, and vice versa. If the student isn’t ripe the information given could trigger negative consequences.

Panthers possess acute sensitivity. The hairs that cover their lithe bodies, especially on the face, pick up subtle vibrations. This is symbolic for those with this guide. It is an indication of a need to pay attention to their feelings and honour the messages those feelings transmit.

Touch can be a significant path to explore to awaken ones concealed gifts. The black panthers sleek, smooth and sensual coat has been linked to sexuality. If panther comes into your life it may be asking you to resolve old sexual issues, or to embrace your sexuality fully.

When experiencing the presence of panther, one of their most striking features is their unblinking stare. It seems to see right through the body. Those with panther medicine can use their eyes as a healing tool and have the potential to heal on a cellular level.

Panther is a powerful guide to have, always bringing a guardian energy to those to whom it comes.

Eagle Power Animal Symbol Of Spirit Vision And Strength

By Ina Woolcott

Eagle’s medicine includes swiftness, strength, courage, wisdom, keen sight, illumination of Spirit, healing, creation, knowledge of magic, ability to see hidden spiritual truths, rising above the material to see the spiritual, ability to see the overall pattern/big picture, connection to spirit guides and teachers and higher truths, great power and balance, dignity with grace, intuitive and creative spirit, respect for the boundaries of the regions, grace achieved through knowledge and hard work.

Us earthbound humans have for time unknown been inspired by the sight of eagles soaring high in the sky. In ancient Greece the eagle was associated with Zeus, who sometimes shape shifted into one so he could hurl his thunderbolts. In some Native American belief systems the eagle symbolises the Thunderbird, also associated with thunder and lightning. The eagle is a sacred messenger, carrying our prayers on its wings to the Creator/All That Is/Spirit, and returning with gifts and visions for the people. Eagle feathers assist medicine people/shamans in connecting with Spirit for healing. They are deemed the most sacred healing tools, a symbol of power, healing and wisdom. The eagle is also linked to the sun in Gaelic lore, having been called in the Gaelic language Suil-na-Greine, Eye of the Sun.

As well as its ties with the powerful energies of the sky, Eagle holds a deeper meaning. From eagle we learn that life looks different from an aerial perspective. We need to take a new view on the challenges in our lives. If we don’t readily find solutions it may be because our vision is too limited to see the solutions that are so glaringly obvious.

Tying in with this thread of thought, one of the lessons to be learned from eagle is not to depend exclusively on intellectual solutions. Through its connection to the air element, eagle is connected to intelligence, but also to Spirit, the knowing that goes far beyond intellect.

Some of Eagles powers are independence, vision and strength. We can see why the eagle has been, and still is, revered. The eagles home is the freedom of the sky. He spends most of his time fearlessly flying high above, bridging heaven and earth, scanning below carefully. Their vision is 8 times stronger than humans, enabling them to see prey miles off. Weighing less than a domestic cat, Eagles strength has nothing to do with his size. Their feet and talons are stronger than a human hand, able to soar down with precision grabbing hold of their prey, mid-flight.

Eagles beak is connected to his jaw and the strongest part of his body. It is designed for breaking and crushing. We are reminded to pay attention to our speech and how it affects others. What we say and tone of our voice should be examined. We mainly use our jaws for speaking. The lesson here is to control what we say, how much and when. Uncontrolled talk makes it easy to hurt someone verbally, to break or crush them with your words.

The vision they posses helps us learn to take a step back and view the bigger picture. We need to view the past and the present objectively, whilst looking towards the future. We need to open our minds and hearts to see past old, restricting beliefs that are holding us back. Eagle teaches us to courageously face our fear of the unknown, so we are then able to fly as high as our heart’s joy can take us. Your strengths need to be utilised wisely and remember, to soar like Eagle you must view things with caution, being confident and trusting your abilities.

Eagle is also linked with courage. To give up our limited perspectives, to release ourselves from comfortable, familiar thought patterns, even when they don’t appear to be working, and fly into a larger world requires that we are brave enough to enter unknown realms. This is further emphasised by Native American and Celtic tales, of shamans and druids who shapeshifted into eagles.

Mental and emotional shapeshifting is sometimes necessary if we want to grow and learn. As with all things there are risks involved in allowing our beings to assume new forms, however the rewards are greater. Eagle asks us to recognise that the earth is not our only home, as well for us to join it in the flight to our true home – the world of Spirit.

Eagles are majestic and bear a powerful presence. They can be social birds, but they do need isolation from human intrusion to breed in the wild. If a human comes to close or touches their nest, they are very likely to abandon it. Both the male and female eagles incubate the eggs and share the duties of raising their young.

The eagle is an incredibly patient being, often perching in a tree, holding the same position for hours on end. Those with this power animal are shown how to master the art of patience in every area of their life. For within the energy of patience all things are possible.

Eagle teaches us how to go through life without becoming attached to anything, how to accept what comes our way and see everything as a gift from the universe. With their acute hearing they hunt as much by ear as by sight. If eagle soars into your life, the ability to hear spiritually and psychically will awaken.

Eagle reminds us to communicate with All That Is on a daily basis, so the gifts offered you can be utilised fully. Keeping this up removes judgement from our consciousness. When we cease to judge, we speak with encouragement and kindness towards others. Lessons that are linked with judgement are part of this medicine and sure to be coming your way.

If Eagle is your power animal, you feel the need to have an involvement with creation, a willingness to experience extremes, a willingness to use your abilities, a willingness to seek out your true emotions. You must become much more than you ever imagined would be possible.

Eagle symbolises a state of being that is reached through inner work, understanding and passing the initiation tests that come about from reclaiming our personal power. Eagle is the gift of clear vision with which one can truly see, to live in balance with heaven and Earth. Eagle shows you how to look above so you are able to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart, to love the Shadow as much as the Light. You are being asked to give yourself permission to be free in order to reach the joy that your heart longs for.

Horse Pony Mustang Power Animal Symbol Of True Power Love Loyalty Freedom And Mobility

By Ina Woolcott

The Horse turns up in near enough all mythology – whether in writing, folklore or reality. For example the eight legged horse of the Norse god Odin, Pegasus with the wings, Unicorns, the stallions of the Hindu sun god, the stallions of Apollo. A lot of legends depict Horse as being psychic and able to sense humans with magical powers. There is no other animal that has given man the freedom of mobility like the horse. Celtic tradition holds the horse goddess as having power over life – the cycle of birth – death – afterlife – and rebirth. Therefore having horse medicine provides the means to mentally prepare us with all these stages. Doing so helps us discover true spiritual power – that we are immortal souls using the body as a vehicle temporarily. In the Celtic tradition Horse is also associated with the power of the land itself.

When the horse came into native peoples lives and was domesticated the distance of journeys was shortened, travel and hunting was made easier. The horse enabled Natives to move their villages quickly, carrying them and their belongings to new territory and the challenges awaiting them there. They were given a new found freedom. Horses helped turn Native tribes into the powerful mounted warriors and nomads they became, although taming the horse wasn’t easy, as their spirit for freedom was a fire burning within them. The People were able to discover places further afield, and not just stay close to home. Also, visiting far away clans strengthened communication and relationships. Therefore, horse is connected to sincere, meaningful relationships and valuing what our spiritual paths hold for us. This influences Native Americans customs to view Horse as the symbol of True Power, which comes when opening up to others with compassion and love, sharing their gifts with their communities.

Power is an energy which can be used on many levels. It is our servant and should not be used in a negative fashion, abused, wasted or kept to ourselves. By sharing our power with others and showing them how to develop their power and make it flourish, speeds up our journey and makes it more joyful.

At the ego level power may be used for personal gain, with complete disregard of others needs. At worst it may be used at the cost of others. As there are misuses of power to be seen and found all around us, those on the spiritual path frequently have negative emotions toward it. But being powerless is not the answer here. One must learn to use power correctly. This is an important lesson to learn and horse is a powerful teacher.

If Horse enters your life, you will probably feel a power within you that is sometimes hard to control, a bit wild and fiery! You probably love to travel. People with Horse as power animal are fiercely independent and have little tolerance for anything or anyone that limits their free expression. They give us the safety of speed and the promise of adventure.

Horse symbolises the wind, loyalty, devotion, unconditional love, friendship and companionship. Horse has faith in his master. His medicine includes power, stamina, endurance, loyalty, freedom of mobility, control of the environment, awareness of power achieved with true compliance, interspecies communication, expanding one’s own latent abilities, friendship and cooperation, astral travel, guardian of travellers, warns of possible danger, guide to overcoming obstacles. He is also your warrior spirit, giving safety in your physical and metaphysical journeys.

If a wild or domestic horse has ‘galloped’ into your life ask yourself whether you are feeling constricted? Do you need to move on? Do you need to allow others to move on? Are you pushing boundaries that may have unpleasant consequences? Carefully consider the course your actions may lead to. You are being presented with a gift of safe movement. Do you need to get somewhere physical or spiritual? Horse will assist you. Are you afraid of a situation in your life? Horse helps awaken your inner power and bravery to get through it. If Horse is your power animal, you are a teacher to your family, partner and friends demonstrating how to be strong within themselves. Those who pick a relationship with a ‘horse’ person, feel a desire for self empowerment. They are searching for the horse and the power it possesses. Rather than the horse searching for them.

Horse is there to teach us how to ride into new directions, to awaken and discover our own freedom and power.

Mockingbird Power Animal Symbol Of Overcoming Fear

By Ina Woolcott

Mockingbird’s gifts include finding your sacred song, recognizing your innate abilities, using knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside, learning through experience, curiosity, attitude, territoriality, overcoming fear, intelligence, power of song, confidence, master imitator.

The Northern mockingbird is around 10 inches long with a long tail that twitches vigorously when excited. Their long legs are perfect for looking through dead leaves and undergrowth for insects. Their dull grey colour certainly doesn’t grab ones attention, however, their various calls definitely do! The mockingbird is well known for its ability to copy the calls of other birds – and even cats and dogs – they are master imitators. The mockingbirds song is a combination of the calls of many other birds. Usually they repeat an imitation a few times before going onto other songs in quick succession. They have up to 30 songs in their repertory. Mockingbird is Latin for ‘many tongued mimic’. This is one of the few birds who sing whilst flying.

Mockingbird teaches many things – the power of song and voice is one. It can assist in learning new languages easily and to speak them fluently. People with this power animal often make excellent spokespersons and interpreters. They also help you find your ’sacred song’, your life’s purpose and inner talents. You will be given the strength to act on these fearlessly. Never forget that your inner song is always there, it cant be lost. If you miss one opportunity, another will always appear and that is just how it is meant to be or it wouldn’t have happened! You should ask for assistance in connecting with your personal sound frequency, for then healing will take place on all levels.

Mockingbird people are more known for their talents than how they look. Appearances are not important to people with this power animal. They are heard before they are seen – if they are seen at all. The mockingbird helps you to leave people and events that hurt you behind by seeing who and what they REALLY are. Everything in life is a lesson to help you grow, and even if you were hurt, this is but another lesson to learn and grow. Everything that happened to us in the past builds our character and who we are today. You will hear the true song of others and will follow your own path. Take what you can from a situation but always in a respectful and un-spiteful way. What goes around comes around. We are all here to learn form each other. Apply your creative imagination and intuition to all you do and you will live a life of harmony. On a subtle level, mockingbird shows us how to imitate ourselves, what we imitate reflects back to us and helps us see who we truly are. This can be a powerful transformational experience.

The fearless mockingbird defend their nests and territory, diving at and attacking predators and those who come too close. They teach us to develop self-confidence, to speak our truth and stand up for what is ours by right.

Seal Sea Lion Power Animal Symbol Of Inner Voice

By Ina Woolcott

Seal’s medicine includes protection during change, dreaming and lucid dreaming, imagination, creativity, protection from danger, movement through emotions, the inner voice

Celtic beliefs imply the human connection to animals is literal. It is believed that animals have the power to change into human form, and that entire clans are descended from the union of these animal people and humans. Dogs, wolves and cats are some of these animals, and one of the most common associations is with seal-people (selchies).Whether one believes this to be literally true or not, this is a powerful suggestion that we are more closely linked to the animals than we may think, and may inspire us to look into these connections in more depth.

Seals spend much of their lives in the sea, but they give birth on land. This shows us that there are 2 necessary things that help fulfil our dreams and visions. These are formed deep within us, and are nurtured through the power of our ability to envision them using all our senses. They are most easily made ‘real’ by us when we implement practical and material acts. a lot of the time when us humans are ‘creating’ something, the feeling side of things is absent.

During the mating season, males can partake in extremely savage battles one minute and be playful and amusing the next. Seals have the agility to move from anger to complete calm.

Seals are (obviously) sea mammals, and are highly symbolic of our feeling, sensual selves. The seal helps us to remember our connection to our deep inner rhythms, feelings, and knowing, as represented by the sea. As humans generally believe themselves to be apart from ‘animals’, when really we are a-part of them, we often fight giving in to these deep rhythms and are afraid of ‘losing’ what we consider to be ourselves. When we are afraid of drowning in these depths, Seal being a good swimmer and knowing how to flow with the ever changing current, reminds us how to swim with the current. When we do this the negative feelings we have created such as worry, fear and anxiety are released from our minds. If seal enters your life, you are being asked to review the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions and find and keep up a point of balance.

Water is a creative element and symbolises the feminine imagination and intuition. If the seal appears in your life, pay close attention to your imagination and insight – in the waking state and in dreamtime. A lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far-off it may seem. People with seal as a power animal are generally highly imaginative and very creative. They will need activities that channel and direct this. The Seal/Sea Lion can show you how to develop and focus your imagination.

Rather than having external ears, seals have small openings. This shows their deep affinity with their inner voice, and can show you how to listen to your inner self, balance your life to it. Your dreams will become more vivid and significant.

Seals swim both below and above water, giving them the ability to experience both the inner and outer worlds.

They teach those with this totem how to flow, how to hear, and how to discover the deeper mysteries of their true nature. Seals are keepers of wisdom. They reveal to us what is hidden deep within ourselves, and teach us how to integrate our imagination with the reasoning power of the intellect. This will give balance and harmony on all levels.

The seal which is so sleek and gorgeous in the water, teaches us how to feel at home in our bodies, and to uncover our inner beauty.

Buffalo Bison Power Animal Symbol Of Abundance

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Rumbling like thunder o’er the prairie,
Great herds of abundance, sharing with man,
I need your knowledge to meet life’s challenges,
To survive and move on with my plans.

Buffalo/Bison’s medicine includes manifestation, protection, earth creativity, feminine courage, abundance, knowledge, generosity, hospitality, sharing work, courage, strength, challenge, survival, giving for the greater good, formulating beneficial plans.

Those with buffalo as power animal must walk a sacred path, honouring every walk of life. Buffalo will assist you in establishing a deep connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky. and will ask that you help the endangered species in the world. Pray/meditate/focus on harmony and peace amongst all beings. Ask the universe for help, and be thankful for the gifts brought to you. Don’t be forceful or pushy, follow the easiest path. Buffalo will bestow you with strength of character and an free independent spirit.

Buffalo teaches us that true prosperity comes when we are grateful for what we have and when we live in harmony and love with every body and being contained within the universe. You will live like buffalo when you know that abundance is present and when ALL relations are honoured and known as sacred, when you express gratitude for all parts, all aspects of creation.

The story of the White Buffalo Woman originates from the Lakota people, she taught them that all things are inter connected and that it is not necessary to struggle to have abundance. The one thing that is necessary, however, is to be connected with Spirit. Buffalo’s relationship to the Native American People of the USA highlights these lessons. Every part of this animal was used, right down to the hooves, which were used to make glue. Buffalo gave others the gift of life by sacrificing its own. Food and hides for clothing and shelter were provided. Prior to a buffalo hunt, prayers of gratitude were offered up to great spirit by the tribes. Post hunt, ceremonies were performed that honoured the buffalo’s spirit. Without the buffalo these tribes would not have survived the harsh winters. This is just one lesson of abundance – use whatever resources are available. On a deeper level, one must appreciate what one already has. How often do you focus on what is lacking in your life rather than counting your blessings? How much richer are our lives when we are truly thankful MEANINGFULLY for what we have? This sends out a powerful message to the universe.

Our beliefs and attitude towards our connectedness to every-thing also sends out powerful messages to the universe. When we realise that we are all part of a One, each individually unique, each absolutely necessary for the whole, but a drop in the ocean, we will realise that abundance – which refers not only to health, happiness, friendships, and much more – does not have to come from our individual striving. Once we are open to receive, miracles can come from the most unexpected sources. Buffalo shows us how to stop focusing on problems and how to instead concentrate on how much we have and on how rich we are in terms of our connectedness to every-thing.

Buffalos have large heads that symbolise intelligence of a higher order, their strong bodies ground them to the earth. They are the uniting force between things earthly un un-earthly. Both the male and female buffalo possess horns and humped shoulders. In humans, the shoulders store our personal energy which expresses itself through our hands. Anything we physically touch or hold on to is linked to our personal energy. Shoulders bear responsibility as well as positive or negative emotions. Whatever is felt inside is projected to the outside. Im sure you are familiar with the saying, and maybe have even said it yourselves – ‘I feel like im carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.’ There is often truth in old sayings… buffalo will show you how to free yourself from your burdens by focusing your energy in a balanced way. The horns grow toward the sky, hinting at a connection with a higher intelligence. Humps are often symbolic of stored energy kept within the body.

When protecting themselves against danger, the females will form a defensive circle around the calves, and the males will form a circle around the cows. This symbolises the buffalo’s mutual respect for all, their communal family sense, and their natural instinct to protect, defend and honour life.

When provoked, the buffalo can be unpredictable and dangerous. Buffalo people need to be reminded to see the good in all things and not to let their frustration store up inside of them. Tai Chi or martial arts would be beneficial on a daily basis to let of steam, de-stress, maintain balance, find focus and peace of mind. I know martial arts used to help me de-stress and find inner peace. After a 4 year break after travelling and my daughter being old enough, I am looking forward to taking up kick boxing again. CANT WAIT 🙂 I have also done some Tai Chi. Personally I prefer the hands on side of Kick Boxing, although Tai Chi speeded up is great for self defence…

Elephant Power Animal Symbol Of Commitment Royalty Strength

By Ina Woolcott

Elephant’s medicine includes strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience, using education opportunities, commitment, gentleness, communicating in relationships, discernment, intelligence, compassion. If this is your animal guide, these virtues are a part of your natural character. By applying them in your life soul evolution is accomplished.

Throughout history elephants have been revered. They are most intelligent creatures, and honoured by many cultures. As well as being the largest land animals, they are also among the longest lived, with life spans of 60+ years. In Buddhist tradition, the Buddha picked the form of a white elephant as one of his many incarnations, thus the rare appearance of a white elephant is still heralded as a manifestation of the gods. The Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, has the head of an elephant.

Elephants can teach us that gentleness, commitment, and communication in relationships is very powerful and necessary to keep relationships alive, trusting and loving, whether it be friends, family or partner. Deeply committed to all creatures with whom they have relationships, elephants are tough when protecting others and gentle when nurturing them. The matriarch (the oldest, most experienced female leader of a herd) leads in a way that is both gentle and inclusive. Elephants are able to communicate telepathically. This can teach us how to truly listen to others.

Elephants are so similar, yet so different to our own species. We have so much to learn from them! Elephants have emotions that are comparable to human – love, joy, jealousy, rage.

Just like humans, young elephants are dependent on their mums, until they reach adulthood. The general lifespan of an elephant also closely parallels that of humans. When a baby is born, the entire community gathers around the mother and newborn and rumble with joy. This is equivalent to tears rolling down their faces. Just like human babies, elephants learn about getting along in the physical environment. For instance, elephant calves have to learn the many ways in which their trunks can be used. The newborn elephant is born into a community of love. Calves have more than one mother so to speak, as all are willing, eager teachers, from the matriarch, to her offspring and their young. They want to nurture, protect and help the youngest among them develop. They also teach first time mothers how to develop their own nurturing skills. Loyal and affectionate elephants would risk their lives for the sake of others in a family group. Wild elephants have been known to grieve and even shed tears when a family member has passed away. Elephants have amazing memories and when mistreated they often seek revenge.

Elephants show us that by supporting and loving one another, our own ability to thrive in the physical world is enhanced. We learn from them to pass on the gift of nurturing we received in our early years, be it from our biological family or others who helped us grow into who we are now. We must honour the elders of our community and nurture the young. Like the elephant, we need to help ease the transitions of those who are going into adulthood with gentle love, wisdom, patience and compassion. By having open hearts and minds, we can create strong relationships within the community, therefore building a strong community.

Elephants communicate telepathically with herd members as well as other elephants. As we choose to become closer and more open with those dear to us, our ability to understand them can deepen to a level that transcends speech.

Having an elephant totem gives you ancient wisdom and power to draw upon. They are the embodiment of strength and power. People with this power animal often have a very strong sex drive. Through using fragrances and incense, elephant can take you to new energies and power. Generally speaking elephant people are very affectionate toward family, caring for the young and the elderly. They also usually have an inborn knowledge about plants and roots. Elephants give us insights into the power of the three feminine energies – child, mother and old wise woman.

Although elephants weigh A LOT, they walk almost noiselessly, with exceptionally graceful and rhythmic striding. Their hearing, smell, touch and taste is very keen/sensitive. This makes up for their poor eyesight. In relation to their big heads, their eyes are very small and can only turn slightly from side to side. This results in restricted side vision. Those with this power animal feel things deeply and respond to those feelings from a place of inner knowing. Because their vision is limited they tend to look straight ahead and cant always see what going on around them. Learning to shift our focus to view the whole is helpful.

Elephants have just 4 teeth, all molars, 2 toward the front of the mouth and 2 toward the back. When the front ones wear down, they drop out and the 2 at the back come forward. Then 2 new molars grow in the back of the mouth to replace those that have moved forward. The back molars are able to be replaced 6 times throughout their life. When the last set wear out, they can no longer chew and die of starvation. Teeth are very symbolic, and are considered receivers and transmitters of energy linked by connecting paths throughout the astral body.

As the elephant is extremely intelligent, those with this power animal would make excellent researchers and alternative scientists.

Elephant tusks point backwards. They use them as weapons and for digging edible roots. From a spiritual point of view this hints at an ability to uncover the hidden memories and bring them to the fore for evaluation and healing. Let go.

Hummingbird Power Animal Messenger Of Joy

Hummingbirds gifts include the ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth, endurance over long journeys, ability to fly into small places to heal, joy, happiness, love, timelessness,

The hummingbird brings special messages for us. It is a teacher of joy, and their lessons are many.

Hummingbird is the smallest of all birds. It is the only creature able to stop dead in its tracks whilst travelling at full speed. It is also unique in that it is able to fly backward and sideways, and can also hover, go forward, up or down.

The hummingbird also possesses an unusual hovering pattern, and is able to move its wings in a figure of eight pattern, a symbol for infinity. This holds a message for us – often we find ourselves stuck in time, regretting or longing for the past, or hoping that the future will bring better things, building castles in the sky. We are shown how to view the past and then let go, rather than be continuously caught up in it, we learn how to appreciate that the past creates are future, and that even at the time some lessons were harsh and hurtful ones, we wouldn’t be who we are without these lessons today. We need the past to create the future, but mustn’t dwell in it, yet we may reflect on it bur not in a bitter cant-let-go manner. If we become the observer of our lives by moving back a step, our lives will be viewed differently.

Hummingbird teaches us to go beyond time and to see that what happened in the past and what may happen in the future is not nearly as important as what is occurring now. Remember to hover in the moment, and to appreciate its sweetness. Drink deeply of the nectar of life.

As well as living off small insects, the hummingbird lives on nectar and it is always searching for the sweetness of life. With its long tongue it is able to get past the often tough and bitter outer layer only to discover the sweetness below. Flowers and plants love the hummingbird – as it sucks the nectar from the flower it pollinates. Because of this, many cultures link the hummingbird to the healing properties of flowers and herbs. In many traditions, hummingbird feathers have been revered for their almost magical qualities. It is said that the hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer.

The vibrating hum of this birds wings and their lightness seem to symbolise the subtle energetic healing which essences can provide. Their physical lightness is a powerful reminder for us to lighten up. When weighed down with worries, our spirits cannot soar. The hummingbird further deepens this message with its rainbow-iridescent feathers which have caused some species to be named after precious stones, such as the ruby-throated species.

People with this power animal, adapt easily to whatever situation they come into, and make the most of their new circumstances.

Also, they could never become addicted to any artificial stimulants, for they find joy in their own heart, and are happy and find even more joy in spreading joy, love and beauty to all around them. They also have the ability of taking their inner joy into new and different surroundings. They have a knack for seeing the good in people, and aren’t put off by a gruff or hard front, as they know that below this surface goodness and beauty reside.

They may also be naturals at working with flowers, perhaps growing them to share with others, or using flower essences for healing such as aromatherapy. If this is your guide, you have high energy and a spirit that must be free. If you become caged, restricted, your wonderful, free, loving energy suffers great depressions and feelings of uselessness.

Monkey Chimpanzee Power Animal Symbol Of Living In Harmony

By Ina Woolcott

Chimpanzee’s medicine includes intelligence, understanding societal complexity, language skills, dexterity, connection to the forest spirits, problem solving, ability to balance compassion and aggression.

Chimpanzees come close to humans on the evolutionary scale, and the gifts they bring when they enter our lives can help to remind of the simple ways of life that create joy. They are highly intelligent beings. In us they can awaken our playfulness, curiosity, and self-expression. Chimp’s can also cultivate our ability to be full, active members of the human and natural community.

Understanding the qualities of chimpanzees can bring us new views of our own place on this planet. They are toolmakers, using the resources available to fulfil tasks. They eat fruits bearing poisonous seeds without crushing those seeds. They also treat themselves with medicinal herbs – little homeopaths! They are also emotionally complex animals, displaying almost as wide a range of feelings as humans.

When the details of modern life make us feel uncertain or doubtful, it may be useful to remind ourselves that every complexity in life is a human creation. We can always choose to simplify our lives, we are the creators of our lives and destiny.

Chimpanzees also give us another very important lesson to be learned. So often, human beings consider themselves to be superior to all beings – the masters of the physical world. The great intelligence and emotional range of the chimpanzee and also other beings can help to gently put us in our place. When he have a less egotistical, self-important view on life, we are finally able to appreciate and wonder at the unique gifts of EVERY being inhabiting this planet and experience ourselves not as apart from the natural community, but as A-PART of the whole, in harmony with all of life.