Navajo At Hweeldi

This video tells the TRUE HISTORY of how Navajos were forced to leave their home land and take ‘The Long Walk’, to Hweeldi (Land of Suffering). Many died along the way, women and children were forced into slavery and women were raped. The Navajos had EVERYTHING taken from them. In the end however, they were given back their homeland and once again flourished. Today, the Navajo Nation is the largest Native American Tribe in the USA.

World Peace Day Opening Prayer Huichol Story And Chant

Dr. Tom Pinkson starts this performance honouring the memory and teachings of his teacher, Huichol shaman Grandmother Guadelupe de La Cruz. He then recounts a story she told 15 years ago that may be a Huichol premonition-prediction about global warming, she said “you gringos from the North have forgotten how to live with respect for Mother Earth, you’ve forgotten how to live with respect for the spirits of Nature and the Great Spirit, so it’s creating disharmony and violence in the world. If you don’t wake up and remember how to live from your heart and in harmony with all of nature, the Huichol people believe that Father Sun is coming closer to mother earth and can come so close that the sun will burn her up…” Considering all the talk these days about global warming, perhaps we should pay heed to this potentially prophetic story.