Jacques Mabit Ayahuasca Shamanism And Foreigners Part 1

This is the first part of an interesting interview with Jacques Mabit, the founder of Takiwasi which translates to hanting house. He says “The idea was the result of my experience as a medical doctor, when I saw how limited traditional treatments were. I met spiritual healers – Shamans – and realised they had resources unknown in the West.” He wanted to connect the spiritual healing of traditional practices with the rationalism of Western medicine.

He is very intrigued by the ritual use of a sacred plant called ayahuasca, which creates altered states of consciousness, but which he says is non-addictive. Ayahuasca gives visions in which users can engage with the underlying causes of their drug addiction. Strong physical reactions such as vomiting can also occur.

For the Takiwasi website click here: Takiwasi.Com

The Lakota Way 1

The Oyate Lakota, The Lakota Nation, were the western-most group of the Great Sioux Nation. The other 2 groups were the Nakota and Dakota. The Lakota’s were made up of many bands that formed 7 large groups. This video is based on the writings of Luther Standing Bear who lived the traditional Lakota way until age 11 in a band within Oglala group, when they were forced onto Pine Ridge Reservation.

Blueberry Ayahuasca

“Blueberry” is probably the most expensive to make film in French history, and probably the most psychedelic piece of art that the film industry has managed to produce in some time. Without doubt it is the most visually stunning and realistic portrayals of psychedelic trips ever, founded on director Jan Kounen’s personal ayahuasca trips.

Native American Indian Rights John Echohawk Pawnee

Native American Indian Rights | John Echohawk, Pawnee

EMBEZZLEMENT is the fraudulent appropriation by a person to his or her own use of property or money entrusted to that person’s care but owned by someone else. This is all it is – blatant theft that continues to go on day after day after day. Now, if these CRIMES were committed by anyone else – other than the US government – they’d be doing time.

John Echohawk is a Pawnee Native American and he’s also an attorney. Aside from that, he’s a hero and a leader.

Check these very interesting sites out:

Native American Rights Fund Celebrating 38 years of standing firm for justice.


Native American Rights Fund – Current Cases & Projects Index

National Indian Law Library The National Indian Law Library (NILL) is a public law library devoted to federal Indian and tribal law. Our mission is to develop and make accessible a unique and valuable collection of Indian law resources and other information relating to Native Americans.

A Guide for Tribal Court Law Clerks and Judges – there’s a free download there

Pawnee Nation College

Attorney: Walter Echo-Hawk

Case Update

NARF is participating in the historic birth of a tribal college. Walter Echo-Hawk is serving on the Board of Trustees of the Pawnee Nation Academy. During its first year of operation, in which twenty-one courses were offered to 99 enrolled students, NARF assisted the College in developing a fund-raising strategy and in securing pro bono counsel to obtain 501(c)(3) non-profit status for the new college. As the second year commences, the college is focusing on completing work necessary to obtain accreditation and it continues fund-raising efforts for that purpose.

The Tribal Education Departments National Assembly, Co. (TEDNA)

Native American College Fund Individual Indian Money (IIM) Accounts Cobell v. Kempthorne

United National Indian Tribal Youth

The Legend Of Atlantis It’s Time To Wake Up

Part 1 of 25. The further 24 parts are to be found on www.youtube.com

Posted By Ina Woolcott

Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to begin a genesis. Human civilisation was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis. A dark age began and the battle of Atlantean gods paved the way for its fall. Before this fall, a secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings to Egypt. Through all civilisations, and with inspiration from extraterrestrial guards, the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission. Part 1 of 25 of this thrilling documentations, starts you off on a journey that shows for the first time the secret activities of a brotherhood in relation with invisible masters from Shambhala and Agharta and the secret about the hollow earth.

Preceding the catastrophe in Atlantis all nations were dispersed. A part of the Atlantean brotherhood’s secret knowledge survived in Egypt, India and Tibet. The heirs of these secret brotherhoods led mankind during the dark age, through Atlantean knowledge and through all ages. In modern times, the Freemasons, Templars and Illuminati brotherhoods were formed. After World War I the Neutemplerorden and Thule society emerged in Munich and Vienna. These were new occult sects which saw ‘satan’ in the old Freemason lodges. Under Hitler these occult sects came into power. This thrilling documentation shows for the first time the background of the Third Reich and its intellect which led to the catastrophe of World War II.

Atlantean secret knowledge tells us the legend of mankind and those souls who have to undergo cycles. With the fall of Atlantis a high civilisation cycle had ended. All prophecies and more recent Earth changes point out that modern mankind has reached the end of the next experience cycle. Up to the year 2011, the most serious Earth and climate changes, earthquakes, social and political changes have been predicted. Within this documentation the prophecies of ELIA the returned prophet and his message on the last days will be revealed as well as Christ’s return and the space Brotherhood

Millenia have passed since the high culture of Atlantis sank with a catastrophe through power abuse of some corrupt scientists. All humans of that time, who experienced the descent into the dark age, are being reincarnated today. This docu shows the return of the Atlantean light children and allows deep insight into the role of the light-workers and brotherhoods of Atlantis. It shows why some souls reincarnate today and act as environmental protectionists, therapists, artists, esoterics etc. for the healing of the earth and its inhabitants.

Animal Wisdom By Jessica Palmer


The Archive Book Reviews.” Another one of those books that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves, this is a superb animal totem dictionary. By far one of the best books on the topic of animal magic I’ve read. Palmer’s writing style is excellent . . . overall this is a high-quality piece of work. It’s a superior reference when researching totems, and a definite change of pace from the same old stuff.”

“This helpful guidebook looks at power animals, spirit animals, totems and some of the deeper meanings that particular animals bring to our lives, whether through dreams, unusual meetings or in a Shamanic capacity.

The author explores 70 animals from the Northern Hemisphere in a variety of ways-from physical descriptions and biological characteristics to the varied cultural legends and stories told about each animal; from traditional views of the animal’s “medicine” and power to a more modern take on the gifts each animal presents.

This is yet another very handy reference, especially for those who work on deeper levels with animal guidance.”

“This book is excellent if you want to find out every thing about one certain animal – its characteristics, traits, healing powers and the myths and legends which surround it. Well written. All in all a very interesting read.”

The Man Who Drank The Universe

A film by Brown Eyed Boy & Alistair Appleton


A 30 min documentary following Alistair’s experiences with Ayahuasca, a powerful plant medicine used for thousands of years by the Amazonian shaman.

In October 2004, Alistair, a British TV presenter and till then, tee-total Buddhist, agreed to drink this hallucinogenic tea with 10 other participants under the watchful eye of Argentinian psychotherapist Silvia Polivoy. www.Ayahuasca-Healing.net

His life was about to change for good…


Native American World

The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we out into the ground she returns to us

Old Indian saying:
“Certain things catch your eye,
But pursue only those that capture your heart”

Black Elk, Oglala Sioux:
“The growing and dying of the moon reminds us of our ignorance which comes and goes, but when the moon is full it is as if the Great Spirit were upon the whole world”

This is a beautiful video with beautiful music by Enigma and Enya. The images of the Native American people, for me certainly, stirred something deep inside and made me tingle all over. I felt an infinite feeling of being connected to them as well as a sense of longing and nostalgia to go back in time and be one of them, living as they did, so connected to nature, each other, and mother earth. I especially love the images of the Native Americans and the animals together, showing us how connected we truly are to animals.

Please watch and enjoy !