Cat Power Animal Symbol Of Wholeness Independence Curiosity Many Lives Cleverness Love Mystery Magic

By Ina Woolcott

In Egypt cats were treated like royalty and were always given special privileges. The Egyptian Goddess Bastet takes the form of a cat.

Due to their x-ray vision, acute hearing and high intelligence they were used throughout history as guardians and protectors. In ancient Egypt, cats guarded the temple gates and were used to fend off evil. In Scandinavia the cat was used to represent fertility. The cat is associated with the Norse Goddess of Fertility Freya, and the Hindu Goddess of Childbirth, Shasthi. It is also a symbol of childbirth in India. Witches, in days long gone, were believed to have the ability to shape shift into cats. It was also believed that cats were their familiars.

Cats are extremely independent and combine a high degree of sensuality with a deeply psychic and spiritual nature. It is impossible to own a cat. They may allow you to take care of them and give them love, but only on their terms. Cats come and go as and when they wish to.

Cat’s medicine includes independence, unpredictability, healing, curiosity, many lives, magic, mystery, cleverness, the ability to fight when cornered, seeing the unseen, Allows us to dream its dreams and protection. Love is represented by the cat.

Cats have more rods in the retinas of their eyes which enable them to see very well in the dark. Darkness is often associated with mankind’s fears. Since the cat is at home in the dark, it is a highly valuable ally into the world of the supernatural and the unknown. If cat is your power animal, you may have found an excellent assistant in moving through your fears.

If cat appears in your life the blending of magic and mystery is close by. Like the cat, you too are independent and a free thinker. At night you probably feel energized. You will stay with a person or situation until you are bored – and then you’re off again looking for something more interesting. Cat encourages agility in both body and mind. You will be presented with new ideas and places. The cat gives you clearer perception. You have good organisational skills. The cat teaches us that the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate, but one, and is a good assistant for meditation. A resourceful, strong and fearless spirit guide lending you courage and confidence. Examine the colours, character and behaviour of the cat that has entered your life. Everything about it will be mirrored in your own life.

The energy field of a cat rotates is a counter-clockwise direction, which is the opposite of a human energy field. Thus, cats have the ability to absorb and neutralise energy that affects humans in a negative way. This is part of the cats healing medicine. If something is affecting you in a negative way, place a cat on your lap or find a cat to pet. Your energy field will be realigned immediately and inner balance will be restored.

Cat is a trustworthy teacher, guiding you into the world of self discovery and transformation.

4 thoughts on “Cat Power Animal Symbol Of Wholeness Independence Curiosity Many Lives Cleverness Love Mystery Magic”

  1. Help. Started reading up. Have reason to believe i have reclaimed my soul in the period of a month. The most painful for me. On record. I am by no means trapped in sadnesslike touchersome hell. I passed really quickly out the other side and emerged with full blown mania. I understand the concept of soul borrowing lending and stealing. I let alto of that shit go on subconsciously for most my life. My current totem is cat. I have two powerful ones. In fact I am now forced to barricade myself away from the world. I’m too sensitive and defensive. Sad happy to extremes. Easily distracted and rageful on the drop of a dime. I’m pretty much like a blind man staring at the sun right now. All sorts of insights and realization made at hypetspeed. I barely sleep n feel better in so many ways. I kind of feel like a newborn at times. What do i do now? This shit won’t stop. I’m really charged a thing vie always been able to feel traces of…but I’m an emotionally charged fire that began by lightning strike. Will this slowly pass? I’m trying to avoid impatient hospitalization. Vie been forced to take a la from work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m also very hungry and in spite of eating alto. I also am UN able to talk with many people on the phone. At the height of my mania I was running wide open with language but only written. If u cannot help. Please share this with your best guess. Many thanks brian c

    1. Hey Bryan, this is a time of immense transition here on the planet and you are not alone in this rapid awakening. It may seem very uncomfortable right now but trust and respect the processes at hand. Know your part in the transformation is immense, and for that i want to thank you for going through this for us. There are a few ways to balance these sensitivities. First of all meditate at least three times a day. You can email me personally if you need any advice on specifics with meditation ( Secondly get some physical exercise, that part is vital for balancing out. Even if it is just a 5 minute jog around the block daily, you will feel the difference. And thirdly you have to eat!! The less you eat the more sensitive you will become. Try to eat healthy foods, lots of fruits and veggies as well as potatoes nuts seeds and maybe some meat for energy. Trust that everything is happening in divine order and you have a special place here which will soon become more clear and evident. It also helps to call in help from the archangels, they are just waiting to be of assistance but cannot intervene until you ask for their help. Michael Raphael (healing) and Gabriel (communication) will help you through the process. Also, if you are already working with the cat, call in the lynx specifically. She will help you adapt to your new sensitivities, which are in fact gifts (: so much love and support to you during this time Bryan!

  2. Thank you for the info on cats. I get visited by lots of animals these days.
    Danno, I suppose there are spirit animals that can give clarity/help with curses placed on people. I will greatly appreciate it if you can help me with info in this regard if you have any.

    Positive energy all the way, Brian…

  3. Hi, liked your info on cats. Can you shed any light on Cat protecting “their” humans and passing into spirit as a consequence of a negative attack ????? which they intercepted, which caused them to leave their bodies….???? is this possible, and how can one trace such an attack back to the attacker To bring in divine Justice for the Cat and “their” human ?????? hope you can offer some insight on this rather nebulous issue…. thankyou

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